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  1. fmcandrew

    Time to say goodbye

    Well, after 7 years of ownership it is time to say goodbye to my 1995 Vmax. I reluctantly sold it yesterday, the first person to see it snatched it up at full asking price (I was kinda hoping they would try to lowball me and I could hold onto it a bit longer, but unfortunately not). I want...
  2. M

    Goodbye Arizona, Hello California

    SO LONG ARIZONA Illegal immigrants are boycotting Arizona by the thousands, showing their outrage with Arizona 's controversial new SB-1070 law by moving elsewhere. In the small town of Guadalupe, AZ, south of Phoenix, Manuel Renaldo is one of...

    Goodbye Cyrus

    Cyrus was one of our dogs but was loved like he was one of our kids. He was 8 years old. I haven't got a good answer for what breed he was... Best guess was newfoundland mix. My wife and I have had a few dogs over the years. We have received dogs from the shelter, or from families...
  4. M


    I sold my 98 Max Saturday, and I just wanted to say thank you to all of the members that have helped me. Also, the general wealth of knowledge I gained from reading threads was awesome. I've been on 3 different forums, and this by far is the best.
  5. Lotsokids

    Goodbye, Mr. Max - SOLD

    It's a sad day today. I sold my V-Max. There's a guy coming to pick it up today. I love the bike, but I live overseas and it just rots in storage and I ride it only once per year. It's my favorite and the best bike I've owned. I suppose I'll own another Max one day. I regret not getting a video...
  6. W

    Goodbye V-Max

    Well.... I hate to say it, but my second V-Max was short lived, bought it last fall and just traded it for an M109R yesterday. I needed something a big guy like me could stretch out on, and a Gen II was more than I wanted to spend. Though I've not posted much, this forum has been a great...
  7. thundermax

    Goodbye Black Vmax, Hello Anniversary Vmax

    Introducing my new ride, picked up last week. 2005 Anniversary Edition, #502 of 2,000. Goodbye my old friend, 1998 Black Max, my first, bought December 15, 2011 and sold April 12, 2012. Everyone say hello to #502!
  8. Noxx72

    Goodbye's are for pussies.....

    Sorry to say I haven't chatted with you folks (or ridden with the locals) in quite a while, and I'm afraid it will be a while longer. Mounting medical associated with my arrhythmia forces me to sell my pet monster, she's up in the Vmax classifieds section. Just wanted to thank you guys for all...
  9. bigrubbers4x4

    goodbye chrome dipping, hello spray on.

    you guys have got to check this stuff out. no more dipping parts plus you can add a tint of whatever color you want to the chrome. i spent over an hour looking at this website and lemme tell ya, this shit is cool. if i had the money i would buy a system tomorrow to do this. i might just have to...
  10. L

    Had My Fun, Time To Say Goodbye

    Buster, you're a cool dude, you didn't take the bait. Well done for setting this up and I wish you well. I love the smileys you have on here shame their not available on vmaxchat G Man, looks like you found your sense of humour, pleas visit vmaxchat again, you will be sure of a warm welcome...