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  1. Jaoteay

    Is 80mph Wobble a low speed or high speed?

    When I'm switching lanes on the highway if their's any difference in the two lanes my front end wobbles a few times and then calms down. Would this be from too tight or too lose on those bolts? (I'll do the furbur fix next week - but since that's the only problem hated to mess with what was...
  2. Shuriken

    WOT Throttle - carb woes. High elevation?

    Well, the bike has seemed to run fine for quite some time. But today I did a little 70 mile hop from the bike's primary location (5700ft) to where I am now (6700ft). I noticed along the way that I can't go WOT - the bike stumbles like it's only running on 2 or 3 cylinders the minute I whack the...
  3. 4gasem

    High beams/brights

    Hey all, Remember that for safety reasons you should be running with your high beams on during the day time. It makes you a ton more visible. I've ridden with quite a few bikers in the last few weeks and I see a lot of them not doing this. Another great tip for bikers is to use hand...
  4. H

    mile high tuning

    Hi guys: I've been riding since '79, but just got my first V-Max. I've done as much research as I can stand, and still can't figure out what's best for me. I'm in the Denver area, 5000-5200 feet usually. I have an '06 with Supertrapps & 8 discs, and after just a week of ownership, it's apparent...
  5. Lordofwyr

    Engine sometimes dies on cutting the throttle after high speed

    Any help here would be appreciated. Background - When I got her, she had set up in a garage for a long time, so I had to have the local Yamaha shop clean the tank of rust, clean the carbs and reset the RPM's to 1.100. Since then, if I am running her a tad over the posted speed limits on the...
  6. lankeeyankee

    High Temp after motor build

    Ok I just got done building my motor. The bike fired up fine but measuring temp the right rear cyl ran hot went up to 380F. All the other cyl are fine running at 180 220 at idle. I checked cam timing which is good. What may this be or what do I need to check? Thanks Yankee
  7. M

    High Speed Wobble

    I have never experienced a high speed wobble until this weekend. I was out on the bike on a stretch of highway when I opened her up and off I went at one point the bike started to wobble, scared the shit out of me. I have never experienced this before, I rode most of the day cruising between...
  8. K

    high beam flash/pass switch

    I have just fitted a TRX850 LH switchgear to supercede the original .THE reason to fit it was it has a hi beam flash switch so you can flash oncoming riders of hazards you have passed:whistlin:and for night time cornering .It was almost plug and play except I had to join the black wire to the...
  9. zombie6513

    high altitude riding

    wiil i have to do any carb tuning for colorado touring......
  10. H

    High speed wobble?

    I have an 06 v-max ,since new at 160 Km I have a bad high speed wobble .I have tightened the fork bearing and still a wobble .Any suggestions would be great thanks Keith
  11. B

    High pitched whine

    I have a high pitched whine that I first thought was comeing from the valve gear, [shims cam chain etc] but now I think it is comeing from the clutch. If I am going along under 80-kmh and pull in the clutch, the noise stops. Could this be the bearing in the clutch plate I wonder????
  12. Jayhawk

    Friday, sunny, with a high of 81F....

    I'll be thinking of you guys unfortunate enough to be stuck at work this afternoon. I'm playing hookey. :whistlin: :rocket bike: Tom
  13. Lew L

    High speed miss

    I took the "Y" off my Max today and after the bike was warmed up, it would miss at about 6000 RPM. It ran fine just a day ago. It didn't matter which position the T-boost switch was in. Low speed is just as normal---- very good. So I've put the "Y" back on, checked the plugs and replaced the...
  14. G Man

    Poll: Dial Up or High Speed?

    Well, this topic has popped up once or twice. I'm curious how the membership accesses the 'net and this forum. No need to explain your choice, so don't feel out of place one way or the other. Just vote on the poll. I'm sure we all have valid reasons why we use what we use. Your choice of ISP...