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  1. N

    Cannot rev past 6500 RPM under load

    So, I'm a brand new European member but I've roamed around this forum and still I'm unable to fix my bike: I've bought an cursed 85 restricted French Vmax, site unseen, and worst of all, sent a buddy of mine to check and bring the bike (since he was a veteran rider and I've assumed he would...
  2. R

    Maximum engine speed. How high rpm limit?

    Hello, Last year I'd install Ignitech TCIP4 v88 module on my Vmax. I'm wondering how high rpm is safe for my engine. Now rpm limit is 10200 rmp. What do you think about it?
  3. T

    Stumble at high RPM, popping, and cool header

    Hello all, Well I finally started to troubleshoot my 85' Max (29,000 miles) and could use some advice. It was great a year ago when I bought it, now it gradually got to this point. Bike is completely stock except drilled muffs. It hesitates at WOT. (when i'm expecting the boost to kick in...
  4. one2dmax

    Carr Wheels, Engines, High End Suspension

    Carr Wheels, Engines, Seats, High End Suspension Email me at [email protected] Call/Text 316-619-8411 $2500 - Green Carr wheels. The only green set ever made for the Vmax. They can be recolored, chromed, or coated if so desired. Includes the Shinko Verge tires (which are in great condition)...
  5. O

    Riding my 04 at high elevation

    Doing a Colorado trip next month with a friend and wondered what to expect at 9000 to 10000 ft. in terms of how bad it might run. It has a Marks Performance full exhaust and a Sean Morley jet kit,( not sure what #jets) and runs great in Kansas City. Thanks Jack
  6. vmax2extreme

    High Idle

    Hello fellow maxers, I've combed through the postings here and havent found anything to address my high idle issue. I recently swapped out my old stock upper throttle cables for the Motion Pro stainless steel upper lines. My bike is sync'd and the idle stays up around 1200 - 1400 rpm. The...
  7. T

    Fuel pump goes into high speed chatter when hot

    Hello guys, was hoping someone has ran into this before. When the max gets up to temp and the fuel pump is hot as well, it starts hyper cycling and doesn't supply enough fuel to carbs to keep idling. This happens with fuel cap off and I checked filter is clear. Only happens when fuel pump is hot...
  8. V

    Strange high idling. please help.

    Hi everyone. Im new here and i already love the information thats here. I bought a 1988 vmax a month ago with 79k kilometers on it. Since then ive done an oil change, coolant flush, water pump seal replacement and drain cock o-ring replacement (leaking), replaced the push throttle cable (snapped...
  9. Bill Seward

    List of the High Milers.

    Post your mileages here.. I'll tabulate them and record them in this thread.
  10. G

    high milage on 2005

    I'm looking at a 2005 max with 42000 miles. Bike is extremely clean and appears well maintained. Should I be concerned with this high milage. Adult owned, original owner, clean as I've seen
  11. M

    Carb Tuning at altitude

    I found an archived article related to carb tuning for people in Denver, however it appears to be for stock exhaust setups. I have a single K&N filter and UFO 4-2-1, I upped my main jets to 155 after putting the exhaust on. Does anyone have modification suggestions based on this document for...
  12. A

    idle stuck high after reinstalling carbs

    obike ran great last year and every time I started it this winter. Maybe a slightly low idle but not the 5k I have now. One carb started recently spewing gas from the top.vent hose. I removed the carbs but did not fully separate them. I removed enough brackets to rotate the offending carb...
  13. N

    Made some high way pegs

    Founds kits online for $90 for a set decided to make my own $20 in Harley pegs and free scrap aluminum from work and I have a set now I do CNC routing at work so it makes things a little easier.[/URL][/IMG]
  14. M

    Overly high fuel consumption

    Hey all! I'm currently getting around 100kms (about 60miles) out of a full tank before the fuel light comes on, which I thought might have been pretty normal given the mods, but then I looked more into it and discovered that something must be wrong She's an '04, with stage 7, UFO 4-2-1...
  15. frank5079

    Female rider high sides on a Gixxer 1000

  16. F

    Ignition Coils Testin High

    Ignition Coils Testing High I've had a nagging problem for awhile where the bike will run great until it reaches 5 or 6K rpm then it feels like it's missing intermittently. Carbs, ignition box, charging system, pick up coils, and fuel pump all check out. Today I tested the ignition coils and...
  17. Caleb_M

    Motion Pro running really high

    Hi all! Question about the motion pro carb sync tool. I'm using the # 08-0411. I was trying to sync them today, got the bike warmed up attached the tool, but the fluid damn near goes to the top of all the meters. In some of the vids I've checked the meters only seems to be going about 3/4 up...
  18. Biker Dash

    High Speed Wobble

    I've heard of this happening, and well, on a burst up around 120mph, I felt it. Was nothing extreme, and it went away when I slowed back down to around 80 or so. It was just enough to let me know that Woona was not liking going that fast. As I mentioned, I've heard that this is common with...
  19. A

    Front End setting too high

  20. F

    Very High Idle

    Slowly fixing an old 86 Max that was not well cared for. Wiring was bad, ignition box wasn't firing on the #3 cylinder, carbs were nasty, exhaust was missing parts and wide open, etc. I've since fixed the wiring and ignition plus had the carbs cleaned by a local shop and replaced the bad...