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  1. F

    FS: highway pegs, billet exhaust inserts, tailbag

    **Generation 2 ** So the highway pegs came from that guy from Australia who sells them on Facebook - rode once with them and decided they weren’t for me (comes with all hardware). Tailbag has no hardware and previous owner polished the aluminum top plate. The muffler inserts have been used...
  2. U

    2nd Gen Highway Pegs

    Does anyone know where I can find highway pegs for my 2009. I am willing to pay for fabrication as well.
  3. Fire-medic

    Highway Patrol vs The Fireflies biker gang

    Broderick Crawford, the fastest-talking man in law enforcement, investigates the death of a motorcycle cop killed in a vehicular accident while in pursuit of two members of the notorious motorcycle club, The Fireflies. Oops, it's the Lightning Bugs. You may recognize one of the bikers. I...
  4. B

    Highway pegs

    Hello I'm new to this form I just bought a 2017 Vmax March 13, 2017. We bought this bike with 0 miles on it I received it with 2/10 of a mile and it has 4213 miles on it already. That is 41 days of riding do the math. I didn't want a sport crotch rocket excuse the term nor wanted a gold wing but...
  5. J

    highway pegs, 2nd Gen.????

    Anyone out there know of any brackets/bars made that will hold highway pegs for a 2nd Gen. ?
  6. blyoth

    crash bar or highway pegs?

    I recently purchased an 04 that came with some accessories. I assume this is some kind of crash bar or something. It's quit comfortable to put your feet on except it's slick. Has anyone ever modified one of these by adding something to keep your feet from slipping off?
  7. E

    Engine gaurds and highway pegs

    Decided not to use them. $115 shipped
  8. rusty

    Race on the HighWay

  9. rusty

    Merging motorcyclist fail

    https://www.yahoo.com/autos/s/merging-fail-motorcyclists-collides-truck-133052709.html:surprise: This guy is soooo lucky
  10. J

    Highway pegs for 2nd Gen

    Does anyone know of any highway pegs for a 2nd gen?
  11. Tommygun4u

    Bicycle pegs into highway pegs

    I was rummaging through my garage and thought I try and make some highway pegs for added comfort on long rides. I used the bicycle pegs, 5-1/2" grade 8 bolts and 18mm deep well socket. I removed the upper motor mount bolt from the motor mount on frame and it is replaced by the grade 8. Doesn't...
  12. Fire-medic

    FL Highway Patrol: 157 mph & we can't keep up

    A Honda CBR 600 rider was clocked at 157 mph while cops were pursuing him, and was caught when he ran out of gas. http://miami.cbslocal.com/2014/06/13/exclusive-motorcyclist-clocked-at-150-mph-on-i-75-speaks-out/
  13. WonkoTheSane

    Motorcycle chased down highway by elk in rut

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv91RLHcd5k Quite a thumpy-sounding bike. Harley?
  14. R

    gen 2 highway pegs

    How do I get the highway/forward peg set up for gen 2? Any crash bars/engine guards available?
  15. R

    highway pegs gen 2

    where do I get the hwy peg set up for gen 2
  16. R

    highway pegs

    How do I get the gen 2 hwy peg set up? Also any hwy/crash bars available for gen 2?
  17. M

    Highway Pegs??

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone offers a set of highway pegs/mounts for a vmax? I love my bike but lately long trips im cramping up, it would be nice to have my legs stretched out a bit. Maybe engine guards?
  18. P

    highway / foot pegs

    I have an '06 with factory engine guards / crash bars. I'm looking for a set of foot pegs I can add on to them for long ride comfort. Partly it's because I just got a Maxgasser seat, and it causes you to sit a little farther forward which causes your knees to bend a little more which my 56 year...
  19. Fire-medic

    FL Highway Patrol trooper sues cop agencies

    Even the cops get arrested for speeding. A FL Highway Patrol (FHP) officer stopped a City of Miami L.E.O. in his squad car for 120 mph on the expressway as he was off duty & en-route to a side job detail. She has had problems since the episode and has decided to fight back...
  20. thundermax

    Forward Highway Pegs

    Looking for suggestions. Do not want to spend more than $20-$40. Thanks