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  1. B

    HMF Carbon 4-2

    Hey everyone, I recently came across a guy who has a compete set of HMF Carbon exhaust. I wasn't able to find much info regarding HMF and what the pipes were like for the vmax (I might also be terrible at using the forum search function haha) but they sure do look nice, and a couple of the...
  2. K

    HMF 4-2 Carbon Fiber Exhaust on ebay!

    Saw this on ebay and thought I would pass it along.
  3. yukonerdave

    Sportmax exhaust = HMF 2D9S???

    Blue Ridge Mtn. Sportmax offers an exhaust system on their site which, they claim, is "made for Sportmax by HMF". It also labels them as "2D9S 4-2". Anyone know if these are just identical with HMF 2D9S pipes? I thought that HMF wasn't making them anymore; or at least that they were otherwise...
  4. odieoh24

    HMF 4-2 and Otec 250 swingarm

    does or has anyone here used the otec 250 swingarm with an HMF 4-2 exhaust? will it work? thinking of getting a little crazy but i gotta do my research first and then get some steady work. figure i can at least start the legwork for future plans. thanks odieoh24
  5. odieoh24

    stage 7 carbs, hmf, and clear diaphram covers

    here are a few pics of the last of this years mods. hybrid stage 7 carbs with the clear diaphram covers-show polished (from jai at motoboutique, rebuilt by joe at boxenstopp), and the hmf 4-2 exhaust (courtesy of ny1max). this thing flys now. if the weather holds up i'll try to get to the dyno...
  6. M


    hey guys, another question which has probably been asked before, however here it is again. Can i purchase HMF cans only or must i get the whole exhaust system from the headers back? What would be the biggest benefit if i were to go with the whole system opposed to just the cans? Will i lose...
  7. S

    HMF VS Stock exhaust

    Hi guys, I have to say I'm really happy with my new HMF for the sound and fit....But i have to say the vmax just don't seem as powerful in the low,mid,top with the new HMF's . It seems like to me that while I had the stock exhaust on on roads that I could never WOT, with the new HMF I can WOT...
  8. S

    HMF / My spark plugs

    Hi folks, I just installed my new HMF on my 06 max, it has 100 % STOCK carbs, with a K & N replacement filter. It seems to run fine. However I am unsure if she is running rich or''s really hard to tell I snapped a picture of one of my plugs for all the Carb Air/fuel Guru's out...
  9. S

    Just purchased an HMF ( polished )...questions for the HMF owners

    Anyone purchase this system and leave the Carb setting stock? I really don't wanna be messing with the inside of the carbs. I have a T-boost, K&N Filter, and I ride with the t-boost on 90 % of the time . My stock jet sizes are 152.5 for 2,4 and 155 for 1,3. and I'm at Sea-level...
  10. S

    HMF or Supertrapp?

    Hi guys, I'm about to order an exhaust setup for my mostly stock 06 vmax. the only thing it has in way of modifications are 1: t-boost 2: k&N filter. Here are some points to take into consideration: 1:) I would really like to leave my carbs completely stock, with the exception of maybee...
  11. ShazMax

    HMF Exhasut

    What can I say except hell yea. You guy's couldn't have been more right, you have to hear the HMF to truely enjoy how it sounds. Python MotorSport did a little tinkering with my Max over the weekend. Orgasmic is about the best way to describe my max now. Major Kudos to Tom & Tom at Python...
  12. vmaxx05stud

    supertrapps vs. hmf sound

    give you a sample of the 2 sounds. super trapps- and hmf p.s. dont mind the burn out or bad video.
  13. vmaxx05stud

    who sells hmf?

    looking for dealers who sells the hmf.
  14. vmaxinID

    HMF Install

    Hi Everybody!!! I picked up an HMF "2D9S" full system, nearly new and I'm about to do the install. What else do I need to install it, all I got was the pipes and cans with mounting bands and clamps. Exhaust gaskets? Where should I buy them if needed? Sealant? for where they slip...
  15. S

    Holeshot or Hmf????

    Just wondering what most or you would choose between these two: Dale walker's or HmF with (carbon cans ) decisions based on Overall fit and finish, Deepest note, and power increase would be helpful. thanks again. P.S I have a brand new 2006 Vmax...less than 1000 km's so far....I...
  16. L

    HMF Oval

    Does anyone have the HMF exhaust with Oval cans? If so can you send a picture or 3? I am probably going to get an HMF exhaust but I wanted to see an Oval system on a Max first. Thanks!
  17. Jason


    Took the bike out for the second ride so far this season. At a stop light a guy in a cage sitting next to me rolled his window down and asked about the pipes, "those stock?" he asks. After explaining they were not he asked for a rev. I obliged with a quick snap of the throttle. Got a thumbs up...