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  1. K

    Thermostat housing with elbow

    Leak/Crack free! $25 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. K

    Headlight housing "adjustment"

    So I picked up a really cool headlight from Amazon knowing I would need to do some modification to the original housing 5-3/4 5.75 Inch Daymaker Projector LED Headlight for Harley Davidson Motorcycles Headlamp 45W Chrome https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019ETNZD6/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_bz3WxbJ3TWE57...
  3. R

    LED blinker bulbs in stock housing

    Does anybody know where I can get LED bulbs to replace my stock ones? I just ordered some smoked lenses and do not want to alter the stock look. They need to be amber colored too. Thoughts?
  4. Hellboy

    float needle housing replacement

    Hi Guys, I've removed my carbs and rebuilding and cleaning. In my rebuild kit, the float needle comes with a new brass housing as well but I don't see how to get the old one out??? It looks like it pushes down in from the top but it is capped off. Should I remove and replace or just use the...
  5. leecifer

    Breather housing oil leak

    Is it common to get an oil leak where the breather housing spacer meets the block? Is there a gasket I need to replace and do I have to pull the carbs to do it? Thanks.
  6. D

    Bounce in housing for indicator lights

    Hello again, Third and final question. I knew before buying the bike that the housing for the indicator light, sorry don't know the parts name, just above the carbon fiber cover for the air box was replaced as it was newer than the surrounding parts and a fellow Vmax rider pointed this...
  7. M

    Fuel pump housing

    Looking for the plastic housing (black plastic part) that attaches to the pump motor. If you have a broken fuel pump that doesn't have any cracks email me with a price. Thanks
  8. CrackerRican

    cooling pump housing

    Any body know any trick to get cooling pump housing off. Without destroying it. Mine seem to be bonded on. My manual just say it held on by the gasket & 2 dowels
  9. M

    Carb body diaphragm housing stripped

    I guess I used a little more force then necessary and stripped the threads on the body of the carb for the diaphragm cover. Has anyone tried to fill up the hole and re tap? I thought about using JB weld but read alot of poor reviews on the products performance.:ummm: If all else fails..... let...
  10. Sniper Predator

    V-Max to GSXR Conversion for Left Switch Housing

    Have you ever wanted the GSXR's Emergency Switch and Pass function to work on your V-Max? Here is a tutorial to make it happen. It took me a long time and I wanted to ensure I was able to keep my original female fittings so if or when I disconnect the switch housing; I was able to keep my...
  11. slowpoke

    tighten up speedo housing?

    ok, the speedo and housing on my bike seem loose.(theres the speedo, rubber oring, then housing.) how the heck do you tighten the two pcs together? i havent removed it from the bike but i dont see any screws to tighten... they arent just clamped together are they?
  12. ninjaneer

    How To: Overhaul Crankcase Breather Housing

    So you pull in from your joyride with a stupid ass grin that your Max stretched across your grill. Another satisfactory run. You look at your machine with awe and delight, but it quickly morphs into disappointment when your peepers spy oil splattered across your stator or clutch cover. Upon...
  13. U

    Crack in rear housing?

    If this needs to be moved to a different thread by all means please do. Just wasn't sure where to put it, since it's not real technical. Anyway I have some what seem to be cracks in the rear housing , and was wondering if anyone has seen similar? It certainly has me a little concerned, but it...
  14. S

    Crankcase Breather Housing - Leaking Coolant?

    Apparently coolant is leaking from the crankcase breather housing. If I ride like this, is it possible for air and oil to mix in there somehow?
  15. 82ndCowboy

    Oil leaking out of hole on waterpump housing.

    Hey guys... The last 3 nights I have had a small oil puddle under my bike. Nothing major, just a small wet spot really. I tracked it down to the hole on the bottom of the water pump housing. It is definitely oil, not water. And as if that wasn't baffling enough. It only does it at night. I let...
  16. R

    Oil in Air Filter Housing?

    Got my Vmax last Sunday and decided to check the fluid levels and clean out the filter. When I took off the cover I could see some oil at the bottom of the housing. Not puddles but enough for me to dirty up a rag a bunch getting it out. there was no oil on the filter itself. Is there something I...
  17. firefly

    Looking for a headlight housing

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