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  1. K

    Looking for scoop grill insert for gen 1 right side

  2. HyperPete

    WTB: right side aluminum insert for Gen 1 radiator shroud

    It seems I lost the aluminum insert for the right side radiator shroud on my Gen 1. I'm looking for that or the right side shroud if I cannot find just the insert. Thanks in advance!
  3. C

    Clutch cover insert installation video :biglaugh:
  4. C

    My new clutch cover insert.....

    Well I wanted to show this off at the track tomorrow. But doesn't look like its going to happen. This is the rough prototype, have a few changes to make. But it bolts on and goes now, just cosmetically and in the program I have to alter a few things to make it easier and faster to machine...
  5. Z

    How do you remove the Insert?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question, but I need to know how to remove the middle gear cover insert. Thanks
  6. dmax1

    Clutch cover insert

    How hard is it to change the clutch cover insert? Mine is cracked but not leaking yet. I am going to do the DD mod to the clutch as I have the parts. I was thinking of going and buying a polished set of inserts. The one side is just two screws holding it on. The clutch side I don't know know how...
  7. gamorg02

    slightly longer bolts for stator cover insert?

    hardware store didn't have any of the bolts that came off of the stator cover insert, how much room do I have behind it? Ok to put a bolt that has maybe 5mm longer length on it?
  8. gamorg02

    engine cover insert removal

    okay so i shouldn't probably even be asking but hey, what the hell.. anyways, so part numbers 25 and 10 in the following picture. basically the clutch and stator cover inserts. can they be removed without taking the whole case covers off? it looks to me the stator one could be with just two...
  9. Jdk203

    Air scoop insert dwg...for lack of a better description

    Does anyone have a Cad file or Drawing...hell even a sketch of the inserts for the air scoops. Im just looking to save a little time here. Guess I could just trace them and get a pretty close templet but just wanted to ask. I have plans for them and dont wanna hack up the stock ones if I can...
  10. HDKILA

    Rubber insert for footpegs..

    My driver footpegs are both pretty worn. Is there rubber inserts they sell to replace these or is there a good place I can buy some stock ones. I like how wide and soft they are and would like to replace them if possible... Anyone selling some of there slightly used stockers?
  11. red98vmax

    Where do you get chrome buttons that insert into the hex bolts to cover them?

    I have them in various locations on the bike, like the four hex bolts in the head part of the handle bar clamp. The back rest has a number of different sized buttons covering up the bolt heads. I looked in a few hardware stores and an auto parts store and couldn't find them. They break pretty...
  12. firefly

    How to insert a photo

    Do not click on insert image but instead scroll down this page to manage attachments and click on it , this will enable you to upload photos from your computer:clapping: Can anyone tell me how to reduce photo size to become within the limits needed? Thanks Ibrahim ________ Kawasaki ZL1000A