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WTB: right side aluminum insert for Gen 1 radiator shroud

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Aug 25, 2013
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Adams County, PA
It seems I lost the aluminum insert for the right side radiator shroud on my Gen 1. I'm looking for that or the right side shroud if I cannot find just the insert. Thanks in advance!
Why don't you look at a hobby store for some sheet goods, they have carbon fiber, aluminum, & other stuff you may be able to shape to fit that space. A c-f insert there would be something no one else has, or perhaps an aluminum panel w/some-sort of a design, & c-f in the back as a filler? A stacked-vertical "VMax" is a natural, w/the letters showing thru in c-f.
We make a stainless version to replace the stock set.


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I cut some out of brushed aluminum sheet, like the kind they use in industry when insulating vessels, piping and whatnot.
Stuff is probably 26-29 gauge or close.
I cut it with one of those old school horror movie looking paper cutters like we has back in the 60's, 70's
That way it was a single continuous cut that didn't deform the metal.

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