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  1. V-V

    Radiator side cover reflector LED turn signal

    I embedded LED inside of radiator side cover refactor. Works good!
  2. L

    Flasher unit for LED turn signals.

    I am planning to convert my '92 to LED turn signals and noticed the flasher unit is a rectangular unit with maybe 5 wires. I've converted a 650 Honda and 650 Kawasaki in the past and they used the common automotive style round 3 wire flasher unit. I was able to buy an LED flasher unit for those...
  3. intruder

    beware LED instrument bulbs.

    Hi, my last post had me pondering on the verge of pulling out my gas tank to fix the permenantly on reserve fuel light and switch, HOWEVER!, I read a thread on here saying that the fuel res light is part of the circuit, so I thought about it and wondered if the voltage difference using led...
  4. Bill Seward

    5.75 Daymaker LED conversion.

    I've been thinking of putting one of the Amazon clones into the stock headlight bucket on my 85. Question is, will it fit with little or no modification to the light or bucket. I'm happy with the H4 I have in there, but like the look, and reliability of LED. Anyone do this, and how much of a...
  5. M

    Moving to LED

    Hi all, I've replaced my rear lollypops with LEDs some time ago without any inline resistors. The little side effect, to be expected, is that the indicators flash more rapidly. Now I've also replaced the front lollypops with LEDs. Again, trying to get away without the resistors (because they...
  6. Fire-medic

    LED light fixtures for your shop at Costco

    I bought four of these last time they were on-sale at Costco, in early Dec, then they sold-out. They now have these online, I haven't been to the store to see if they are in-stock there. I am very pleased with the light output and ease of installation. They come with plug-in typical 120 volt...
  7. vmaxed1989

    Vmax 1200 LED headlight

    Hi anyone done a day maker install on the max? I have an led bulb with cambus fitted but would like to go the whole way Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. P

    Brand New LED signals & two resistors.

    Looked a long time to find some LED signals bigger than a quarter.:rofl_200: These came OE on Fischer motorcycle's, remember those? Anyway, high quality and bright. Sold the Vmax before I installed them. Includes two lightly used resistors. $50 shipped to cont US.
  9. 912er

    LED Headlight

    Just swapped the headlight out for LED’s. I chose the GENSSI 5 3/4 Inch Round Projector LED Headlight DOT 80 Watt, link below. This light got good reviews and in anticipation of having to fab up a way to mount it the flat back panel on the light held on with four screws looked like an...
  10. 95spfldmax

    LED Lighting Choices

    Who's using what for LED headlights? How do you like the performance, reliability, cost? I'm having my 2nd failure with my HID setup. I love the performance but reliability seems to be a problem for me. Looks like I may need to bail on it. What are you guys using? and how do you think they...
  11. V

    Added some LED s today...

    Spent a few hours cutting and soldering the strips together, running them under stuff on the bike and figuring out the wiring. Got done except for wrapping some wires with black stuff... ran battery down in the process. I think it's was weak due to lack of use anyway.
  12. T

    LED turn signal help please

    Hello chaps Further to this thread http://www.vmaxforum.net/showthread.php?t=43505 I'v fitted similar (single colour) blinkers to the rear of my max. the problem i'v got is all four blinkers are now flashing simultaneously, like hazard warning lights If i re-fit the stock blinkers to...
  13. vmaxed1989

    Led stop and tail light

    Taken seat reflector off my max and put in a led stop/tail and virtually plug and play Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. mundmc

    CBR tail light, LED's, diodes, oh my

    Sorry in advance if this should be in the electrical sub-forum. After reading many, many posts about LED turn indicators and tail light mods, I noticed a lack of electrical work in installing, say, a CBR or cat eye tail light. I suppose my question is this: (prelude) I want to have an...
  15. J

    '09 Honda CBR 600RR LED tailight

    Hello, I ordered the wrong tailight to custom install onto my '06 vmax. I was supposed to get an '06! LOL Anyways, I decided to go ahead and use it. I'm very impressed with how it turned out. Here's a few pictures of it installed onto my bike. I only paid $20 for it off of Ebay. Sent from my...
  16. Poolio

    Aftermarket turn signals non led

    I bought a set of jap crap lights that look cool. Back went on no problems. Front only has two wires. Have everything working but no running lights now. How can I get them to work? That extra wire I'm left with for each side because I only used two, can it be spliced into somewhere?
  17. liptoss

    Rear LED brake

    Has anyone removed the red reflector behind the passenger seat and replaced it with something like this? http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Vmax-Yamaha-L-E-D-Brake-Light-Tail-Light-DOT-Clear-w-red-leds-/131857603724?hash=item1eb3535c8c:m:mAHgwA-2MQPgf8Y-hL1xDIQ Anyone found a better "plug-n-play" unit?
  18. Roodillom

    LED headlight bulb in 2007?

    I bought an LED headlight bulb for my 2007 but the wire going to the fan kept making the light go on and off, it had a bad connection. So I got another one just like it and as soon as I plugged it in it fried. Do LED headlight bulbs work on a 2007? I might have been unlucky and got two defective...
  19. Roodillom

    Changing turn signals to LED need help please

    I have a 2007. I am trying to install LED turn signals on it. All of the info that I have found shows the wires from the bike to be colored. Bur mine are black. Two are formed together and one is separate. I think one has a stripe. What's worse is that the signals came with no color codes. The...
  20. Roodillom

    Where to get a VMAX 1200 flasher for use with LED signals?

    I am putting LED turn signals on my 2007. They will probably blink fast with the stock flasher. I know you can use resistors but that negates a lot of the power savings over incandescent lights. I found one that was recommended but it was only for 2nd gen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. R