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  1. Johnc1go

    PlanetVmax/UFO Cycles in legal trouble?

    I just got this on my FB from a fellow rider and he quotes. "Just spoke with the head mechanic from UFO.... Doors are shackled shut with rent a cops in place... Cease and desist order has been issued....." I just went to the website and tried to buy something and the link to the store...
  2. Z

    Xr650r Street Legal Frame

    I've been to most of the XR sites and they don't seem to have too much recent activity and you guys always seem to have the answers.:clapping: So I was wondering if anyone on here has any idea where a guy could purchase a street legal frame for a Xr650r. Just bought a really clean '01 and would...
  3. Rollie

    Joe Legal Vs. Jose Illegal

    If asked about illegal immigration , try using this comparison. You have two families: "Joe Legal" and "Jose Illegal." Both families have two parents, two children, and live in California . Joe Legal works in construction, has a Social Security Number and makes $25.00 per hour with taxes...
  4. Fire-medic

    Home gun range legal in FL

    In FL you can have your own shooting range in your residential neighborhood. Statutory info enclosed. Title XLVI CRIMES Chapter 790 WEAPONS AND FIREARMS View Entire Chapter 790.15 Discharging firearm...
  5. Blackjack

    It this legal?

    Is this legal? Just had to share :biglaugh:
  6. J

    street legal tires for dragracing?

    Hi all, i would like to know whits rear tire you use for dragracing, but it has to be street legal, and my rim is 6*17 ? Now i run Full Bore USA M1 street sport 190/50zr17, and i like it, but is there something better ?
  7. dannymax

    Can the legal community survive this??

    I guess this is the end for "The Twinkie Defense"!!
  8. C

    Is it legal to lane split in your state? Not here in Michigan. But I always wondered how you guys that are legally able to do so, get treated? Todd
  9. tothemax93

    Legal prostitution

    Just clicked on a local radio show. The topic was that, Ontario, Canada is now voting on making prostitution legal. Sounds like Buster might have a chance at some new sponsors.:rofl_200:
  10. H

    How light are the *lightest* street legal Vmax's coming in?

    Gotta be legal. And please, nothing in the $1B range, y'know .. keep it reasonable in cost. No titanium spokes on chaindrive converted /no front brakes drag bikes here. I'm just curious as to how light one of these can be made? Some parameters to stay inside of are: *** Single seat = YES...
  11. KJShover

    Legal Drags on the highway

    Labor day drags 6th and 7th on the Richardson Hwy in Fairbanks, Alaska.
  12. Waylander

    Interesting... (supposed picture of road legal 09 Vmax)

    Was looking t pictures of Buells when I ran across this little article.
  13. Redux

    1000 miles done. Now I'm legal!

    I've had my '06 Max for right at 2 months now. I have logged in 1000 miles (maybe 1/2 that on my FZ in the same time). Anyway, the "break-in" period is over. I'm curious how many different approaches to break in a new bike there are here? Here is roughly how my Max was treated: I made it to...