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  1. vmax_detroit

    Gen 1 Shorty Levers

    Spoke to someone last year here in the forum that sells Gen 1 shorty levers. Can y’all remind who that is? He said he was getting some in, but I haven’t heard from him. Hoping for red levers with black attachment. Thank you for this forum!!!!
  2. P

    Brand new adjustable clutch/brake levers.

    Brand new, never installed. $35 shipped to cont us.
  3. P

    Levers. -SOLD-

    $20 shipped to cont us.
  4. 912er

    Aluminum Clutch & Brake Levers - Beware!

    I couple months ago I purchased a pair of “CNC Brake Clutch Levers For Yamaha V-Max VMAX” on ebay for my 85 Max. The brake lever was no problem, you do need to use the stock reducer bushing to install. The aluminum clutch lever comes with a .392 or 9.95mm diameter aluminum insert which has a...
  5. D

    Shift lever, left mirror and aftermarket clutch/front brake levers

    Need these parts ASAP, let me know if you have them!
  6. P

    Black levers -SOLD-

    Good condition. $25 shipped to cont US.
  7. Traumahawk

    Aftermarket levers making clutch slip

    This has been discussed a bit on other threads but like I'd said earlier, I would post details as to what I found when I got home and got everything fixed. So, A bit of history Several years ago, I bought these levers.....and didnt have any issue from them...
  8. Barry barker

    chrome stock levers

    SOLD chrome stock levers Found one more item that needs a good home. most likely off the 97. $25.00 delivered to the lower 48 Sold
  9. Biker Dash

    Clutch and Brake levers

    It seems the one thing left that is blocking me mounting the windshield I want is clutch and brake levers. The stock ones contact the windshield. I have seen several different clutch and brake levers offered, but I am not certain which ones out there will fit what I need. (also need them to...
  10. E

    Clutch and Brake Levers

    Okay, here's the deal. It's ridding season again in my lovely town. Over this winter I seem to have forgotten I have small hands... I'm a big fella with a size medium paw. Now the clutch lever is very heavy on this bike I don't mind that. But I'm reaching for both my clutch and my brake. It...
  11. K

    brake/clutch levers

    i need to change my levers as they are to far out from the grips.I've looked on e-bay but cannot seem to find any that do ones for an 89 model only later.Anyone bought any and got an address for me would be good.thanks
  12. gr8vmax

    levers compatibility

    boxenstopp doesnt carry chrome wide levers anymore. do any kurakyn wide levers fit vmax ie maybe the vstar custom 650\1100 matches. cant find any compatiblity for this. thanks for help
  13. R

    Quality adjustable levers?

    I'm trying to find a nice set as my stock levers have way too much throw, especially the clutch. I found a few cheap ones on ebay but I want some that feel the part. Anybody know of any?
  14. B

    Anodized clutch and brake levers

    Anyone have any ideas where I might be able to purchase different colored anodized clutch and brake levers? All I've been running across are ones made for the 2nd Gen Max. Thanks.
  15. R

    Cheapo Adjustable Levers?

    Any levers I can buy for the stock master cylinder? Found some cheap ones on ebay, supposed CnC cut aluminum, just wondering if anybody has installed these. Don't want to spend $300+ on levers. The throws on my levers are just too much and would rather not change MCs. Let me know, Thanks all.
  16. Biker Dash

    Source for aftermarket control levers

    I would like to get new levers all around. Topside, I would love to find a wide style clutch lever. The stock clutch is a bit heavy, and I was thinking a wider lever might be more comfortable. (At least until Kuryakin comes out with Zombie levers for the Max, then who cares about comfort after...
  17. Karmakatt

    Gen 1 Aftermarket Levers: Final Say..

    Ok.. There's lots of threads on levers. But lots of conflicting stories. I'm looking for a set for my '06. Any ideas? Don't mind spending the dough if their worth it. Heard lots of stories on Gen II levers being sold as Gen 1's..? Thx in advance fellas.. KarmaKatt VMOA 5652
  18. NHVmaxpower

    Drag bars n levers

    I have a new set of drag bars & clutch n break levers for sale. I had them powder coated orange ( couple small nicks from removing clamps hide most )but ended up buying another set & had them done in black. $40.00 for the set or $25.00 each.
  19. D

    aftermarket brake and clutch levers

    I had my frame hanging from the ceiling the other day sitting on the front wheel while i was cutting the frame and modifying it for the chain drive and it tipped over and busted my brake lever. Just wondering if you guys have any suggestions on good looking aftermarket pieces that are fairly...
  20. C

    Clutch/Brake Reservoirs & Levers Kit

    My '98 Vmax clutch & Bracke reservoirs leak or sweat even though I installed new gaskets. The paint is almost gone and I would like to install something new but don't want to go back to OEM. I've seen sets similar to the picture below but they seem to only fit second gen Vmax. They leak and...