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  1. Bushwacker

    Automotive Replacement for stock signal lights

    Hey Guy's, So just wondering is there an automotive replacement for front turn signal/running lights on the Gen 1 or do/should I stick with the OEM bulbs? I ask because I don't have a bike shop around here that has parts for a 01 Vmax. Sux...
  2. Vrooom

    Modified,upgraded lights

    I know there's a lot of different styles of lights being used just looking for something different I have a 85 wanting to clean up the rear taillight area and put a light where the seat reflector is any ideas and turn singles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. V

    These are cool... wireless brake lights
  4. Foxviewnet

    Running Lights

    Alright guys, the mod monkey would not leave me alone so I got a new set of mirrors that have turn signals built-in. I wired them up with my existing front LED signals and signals work great. The only issue is that my running lights were fine on the existing LED turn signals until I did the...
  5. radley

    Want New Easy Mods, Mirrors, Lights...

    I'm looking for new mirrors to put on my 85 Vmax. Does anyone have recommendations? I have a stock looking Vmax, original purple color, nothing's been done aesthetically outside of some chroming done on side covers (scoops?) and couple other things here and there., What are the covers called...
  6. Shredder

    HID lights

    Searched old threads and didnt find much. Anyone running hids? If so how hard is it to hide all the wiring. Id like to have the high beam/low beam one from ddm but theres alot of wiring and boxes to hide. I know its doable jus wondering if anyone had a pain hiding everything.
  7. Lotsokids

    Fog / Running Lights

    I just added these last night. I didn't ride it on the road at night yet, but they should be easily adjusted. They are very bright LED lights, but seem to be a sharper beam than I like. But they are good. Here's the website where I purchased them from. BE ADVISED - These are sold...
  8. rex4x4

    fuse is good but no headlight or dash lights

    checked my fuse and its fine . my headlight (high n low) doesnt work and neither do my dash lights . turn signals still work . anybody have an idea ? thanks
  9. D

    lights dim with the idle

    hey guys quick question I have a 2000 vmax stock except for the delkevic 8 inch slip ons my lights are moving with my idle which fluctuates slightly so as the idle goes low the lights dim and then as the idle goes up the lights brighten it has never done this before has anyone else ever had a...
  10. blaxmax

    Bright lights flashing

    So i purchased aftermarket blinkers and plugged all 4 into the connectors and now when i hit the bright light switch it blinks. Only with the bright lights on though. I thought i may leave it that way as it does get cars completely out of the way and i'm sure illegal. I am changing them today...
  11. E

    Deleting rear fender - Lights under grab bar, How??

    Need some help here. Bought myself a Vmax 2 months ago (yay!!). Loving it. The tail section of the bike just isn't...what I like. I really like this look: Has anyone tried this? I'm struggling with fitting rear lights inside the grab bar in a nice way and deleting the complete rear...
  12. Conman

    Vmax Fog Lights?

    Just wondering if anyone knows what these are. I've seen them in more than one photo.
  13. S

    Knee plates and cleaned up the tail lights

    Picked up the bike from the doctor yesterday, she's still sick:( but her meds are on the way Knee plates arrived early this morning and most of the day was spent just adding layers of flat black enamel between installing lights. Pulled off the tail section and fabbed up a nice steel guard for...
  14. M

    Warining Lights

    Good day, I have a 2006 with about 8000 miles. I have a situation here. Turning the key "on" I do not get the oil or fuel warning lights as stated in owners manual. Engaging the starter these two light flicker as the starter cranks, once engine starts lights go out per normal operations. All...
  15. F

    Lights dim when using turn signals or brakes.

    When I use the turn signals or brakes should the instrument lights, speedometer light, and headlight dim? I recently noticed this while riding one night (I don't normally ride at night) and it doesn't seem right. All the signals flash at their normal speed and the brake light works as it...
  16. ImCannibal

    Key on, no forward lights...

    I went to start my max, turned in the key, then turned my kill switch to on. All of the sudden my headlight, speedo light, and tach/temp lights go off with this *click* noise like a power surge relay being tripped... Any suggestions guys?
  17. U

    rear lights

    Hey guys I have a quick question. The rear turn signal lights, are they just turn signals or are they also running lights. I thought they were both and last night I noticed that they were not on.:ummm: The turn signals still work. If they are both what could be some possible solutions...
  18. timscues

    LED Driving lights

    Is anyone running any led driving lights, thing about adding a set to my engine guards how many watts with the charging system handle??
  19. CrackerRican

    DDM Tuning HID lights

    Anybody using the DDM Tuning HID lighting. My ballast seems to have died, so I put a replacement in and the light turns on for a second and then off. I got it to turn on a few time and stay on, but that's only a few times. The rest of time it turns off after a second.
  20. D

    Bounce in housing for indicator lights

    Hello again, Third and final question. I knew before buying the bike that the housing for the indicator light, sorry don't know the parts name, just above the carbon fiber cover for the air box was replaced as it was newer than the surrounding parts and a fellow Vmax rider pointed this...