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  1. M

    Black stock exhaust from low miles 98

    Upgraded to a muscle exhaust and have no need for this anymore. Asking $200+shipping for all. Would prefer to not ship. Live by Edwardsville, IL. If you'd pick up, I'd be willing to give a discount. Text Justin 314-312-3142
  2. B

    Excellent condition, low miles, black 85 for sale

    I've got an 85 in excellent condition with only 8600 miles for sale. San Jose, CA. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/mcy/d/1200cc-yamaha-max/6585779109.html
  3. K

    Problem with low idle speed

    Can someone give me any hints, from where should I start, if motor running at speed ~1000-1500 rpm and making those strange puffing hedgehog noises (from 0:15)? Those hickups are coming from somewhere above the motor, below airfilter box.. Is there problem with carburetor seals between carb...
  4. A

    Possible Low VIN 85 Vmax in VA $150

    https://danville.craigslist.org/mpo/d/1985-yamaha-max-kerker-parts/6341047302.html "Lots of useable parts, all seems to be decent shape. Trades considered, what you see is it. Thanks" Haven't contacted the guy although tempting. Most likely no title. HARD to make out the VIN. Last four...
  5. Falaholic

    What can I do to get more voltage at low RPMs?

    Ran into a low battery voltage not too long ago. Reason; putting around, using the Vmax like a scooter, and not like God intended. I honestly see myself staying more local and off the HWY, so low rpms are what I am envisioning in the future. So I was wondering if there is an option to allow...
  6. J

    Low mileage 2007 v max

    2007 vmax with 14xx miles. Gonna need the carbs done. Hasn't been risen in a while. Nice clean low mileage bike that deserves to be rode. Looking for a fair offer for a low mileage bike. Thanks Jay
  7. E

    Mint Low milage Yamaha FZ1 Retro edition, rare

    http://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/mcy/6233463414.html Bike is Really clean if anyone's interested
  8. F

    Low speed / idle engine miss

    Need some good advice. And I KNOW this is the place to get it. Very knowledgeable and helpful folks here! '89 V-Max (my 3rd one), 24K miles, all stock as far as I can tell. Had been sitting a year w/o starting, and only 250 miles in last 3 years. New battery. Drained fuel tank and carbs...

    Vmax 1700 low profile backrest with luggage rack

    2015 Vmax low profile backrest with luggage rack I have the following backrest/luggage rack, red stitching for sale, it is in mint condition. $350. Or Best Offer,includes shipping to USA http://www.cyberpi.com/images/backrest1.jpg http://www.cyberpi.com/images/backrest2.jpg...
  10. S

    low end bogging

    Hi folks, I rescued a 2003 VMX12 from a guy's barn a last year with 6k miles on it, and have fixed all it's problems but the following: When I first start it and lean back on the throttle, it bogs, and I have to rev it up to get it out of this funk to be able to go forward. If not it...
  11. tinman22

    Low vin bike

    Found on Craigslist 10 miles from home,http://toledo.craigslist.org/mcy/5578999248.html
  12. dannymax

    '85 low production number 1FK-000407 for sale

    For Sale--Sold- Rare, low production number (#1FK-000407) 1985 Yamaha Vmax1200 Matching numbers 32,700 miles All original, unmolested and complete, bike has been stored for a number of years...
  13. N

    Stock exhaust from a low mile 2002

    I have an excellent condition take off OEM exhaust for sale. Complete, with all hardware except for (1) 5mm x 0.8 bolt that broke off in the flange. I extracted the broken off portion of the bolt and chased the threads in the flange. If I can locate the bolt before it gets shipped out I'll...
  14. Y

    Low engine compression.

    I was changing out my sparkplugs today and decided to check my compression while I was at it. The numbers I got seem pretty low, 125-130psi. This is 97 vmax with 29k miles. The minimum according to the manual I have is 170psi. Wondering what I can expect on an engine with this mileage, any...

    1996 Yamaha V-Max - low miles, execllent condition

    Hi all, Terrific bike, not a thing needed, and in excellent condition. Enjoyed the heck out of it, but my current riding puts me on on my K1600GT or my 990 AdvR far, far more often. Thus, this V-Max that gets ridden 1-2x/mo is going up for sale. Bike is located in Sloughhouse, CA (just...
  16. W

    Gen 2 low profile backrest pad.

    :punk:Anyone have a gen 2 low profile back rest pad only they want to sell?? Hit me up at [email protected] :punk:
  17. S

    1998 Vmax with Low Miles

    Hi All I'm looking at buying a vmax for sale near me. It's a 1998 and looks like its in excellent shape. Guy says it has always been garaged. Only 8,5xx miles. Anything I should be worried about? I'm afraid it will start up and run great, only to have a bunch of problems once I really start...
  18. L

    Low vacuum across all carbs

    1986 Venture all stock. Has 80K miles. Cylinders showing 170 or better on compression. Using a Morgan Carbtune 2. All 4 carbs at the bottom of the glass. Just barely visible. Cleaned the carbtune and a few drops of light oil applied. Bike used to pull rods about halfway up. Running well. I...
  19. one2dmax

    Muscle Low Rise Backrest Pad

    Just got the first batch of low rise bars ready with the new pads. This can be done on an exchange or outright. Email me for more details. This will require the OEM backrest and the low bar can be used in place of the tall bar. Will get a pic of one mounted up when I can. Sean
  20. Poolio

    Popping under the airbox at low rpms

    Bike stalled today, has done it a few times. It happens in traffic at idle. The bike has had a popping sound I believe is from the carbs as soon as you bring the rpms up a touch. Bike restarts and when on the throttle or just cruising runs flawlessly. Im pulling it apart this weekend. Any ideas...