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  1. jdeitz1979

    Clutch mod

    So, I was tipped to a mod for the vmax clutch. Haven’t tried it yet, but this post will hopefully sort out the pros vs cons and opinions of the mod. When installing the Barnett pressure plate and new friction discs if you’re installing those as well, you can remove the clutch boss ring, clutch...
  2. capymotiv

    Seat Mod questions and thoughts.

    I am a big guy. I keep seeing the mod to make the seats more comfy. Also seems like it would change (raise) peg position slightly. I would love to move the pegs down and back at least an inch or more to make it more comfortable with stock seat now. Does the seat mod make that huge a difference...
  3. Vmax54

    Air Box Mod

    Do you have to remove the entire box or does it come apart in the middle? Can you just remove the top part to do the mod, remove the panel. Also did you notice a big difference in performance. I had the gen 1's many years ago but this is my first gen 2 and I love it. It's a beast. Thanks for...
  4. 98VMax71

    New here, 98Vmax MOD questions

    Hi all! I have a 98 runs great and I am ready to do some mods. I just ordered VooDoo exhaust and I am considering doing a carb kit and K&N filters. I live in Colorado and have been told to not do the carb kit.... due to our elevation. Any Ideas??? :ummm:
  5. racerboy

    An old Mod

    I did this mod yrs ago to my 2002. I swapped out the brake and clutch reservoirs for round ones (FZR1000 type). The OEM are ugly and alrdy etched from seeping fluid, anyway, what are folks using now adays for a replacement? I do know that you need to match up the correct master cylinder for...
  6. D-Max2012

    What has been your personal best upgrade / project / mod and why?

    I'm sure that different people have different things they've done to the Max, (and are still doing, for that matter :biglaugh:), but what has been your personal best upgrade /project / mod and why? For instance, In my case. My 91 was neglected, barely covered, left out in the elements...
  7. Lotsokids

    V-Max #4 Purchased: Basic Maintenance / Mod List

    Like the title says, this is the fourth V-Max I've owned in my life. It's a 1993. I've nailed the throttle a few times and it feels much more stable than the 1999 I just sold. Strange. Anyway, I'm doing the basics with limited funds. I've purchased: - New clutch disk set and gasket ordered, but...
  8. V

    Not a mod but an add on

    Could be useful to some...
  9. GothamNY

    Gen 2 - Will stock rear tire fit on the front w/ tree mod?

    I am looking to widen my front tire to match my 240 rear tire. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Could a good fabricator make a mod for a center stand for Gen 2

    I was wondering with the things that people can make nowadays with plasma cutters just good old welders and knowledge, I was wondering if it would be possible to have a center stand made for a Gen 2. Every Gen 1 I had I used them religiously and I love them. At first it took a little bit to...

    Hid / halogen -20$ vmax mod traffic/cop freindly

    97 Vmax 24k ; Ive looked for a 1st gen Vmax specific headlamp hid conversion mod for a while and truthfully I did find only one for 50$. I had some misc parts laying round from my 04 Vtx 1300c as it turns out the oem lamp type are exactly the same h4 9003. So I wondered if a old hid kit i had...
  12. Lotsokids

    Worst Mod?

    I found this picture today. If this belongs to someone on the forum, I'm sorry for what I'm about to say. In MY opinion, this is the worst thing possible to do to a V-Max. I think a 1977 Honda Gold Wing would have been a better choice. :confused2:

    Installing the fan mod that Tim Nash does

    I'm trying to do the fan mod that Tim Nash does. I'm having a problem that I hope someone can help me with. I know that in the molex the fan wire that you have to connect the wire to should come out of the molex connector when you slide a thin object down to push down the clip that is locking...
  14. R

    Tail light mod

    Here's a tail light mod that was so easy a caveman could do it. Did not have to cut any thing off the bike so I can put the old lovely tail light back on. Found the led cateye on Ebay for $10 took some 1/16 sheet aluminum to make the bracket bolted it all up then just moved the license plate...
  15. D

    What is the Best Mod Ever on a Vmax?

  16. I

    HELP DD mod gone wrong!

    Hey guys, followed every step of the DD clutch mod but now can't pull in the clutch lever at all.What did I miss?
  17. Zeus36

    Simple Clutch/Brake Lever bearing Mod for $5

    Got this off VmaxChat: There was a mod here on the forum (it came from another forum) that used a needle bearing to be pressed into a modified clutch lever and machine the pivot pin bolt...
  18. G

    2006 V-Max nicely mod for sale $7500.

    One of a kind showroom condition, NEEDS NOTHING, 9K mi, NEVER DROP, Original owner, Registration's up to date AND CLEAN TITLE IN HAND. V-MAX 1200cc VMX 1200 Liquid cooled Shaft drive Custom exhaust (Supertrapp) Custom T-Boost installed (Opens the V-Boost at 3000 or 6000 RPM) Low temperature...
  19. Sweatysac

    Easy Rear tail light and licence plate mod

    Here is a little mod that I find beautiful, costs only 30$ and takes 30 minutes to do!
  20. Poolio

    Headlight Mod

    Thinking of modding the front headlight. Would like to do a side by side with a smaller headlamp. I'm sure someone's done this. Is this something I'm gonna have to fab up myself or is there a kit available? Thanks for any help. Go fast! Brake early lol