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  1. S

    upgrading 1989 with 1997 motor

    Hi guys, first post here. Here is the deal, I got a 89 that turned out to have motor siezed, and sat for long time. I cleaned carbs, got it running, and it had horrible noise in it, sort of like major piston slap. When I rode it, it was just too much noise louder on acceleration, same on...
  2. rick67ca

    Motor swap

    Hi Guys, I have an 85 with a bad 2nd gear. I have a line on a 2000 motor with a good trans at a decent price. Will this swap work? Thanks.
  3. E

    Faster cooling fan motor?

    Hi all: I'm wondering if there are any products/mods out there to achieve a faster spin on the radiator fan. Is there any way to accomplish this? Thanks for your help! Elimax
  4. K

    Choke kills motor

    I live in a warm climate and my 1986 Vmax starts straight up, every time without using the choke, even after several days not used. If I use the choke the bike will not start and if I use the choke after the engine has started, the bike immediately cuts out. Any ideas. The bike runs great, but...
  5. N

    Motor free spin

    Hi guys, went for a ride on the weekend and noticed on most occasions when the Vboost kicked in I was getting a free spinning in the gearbox(?) rather then getting the power to the wheel. First thought was clutch slipping though I thought I'd run it past the experts... any other possible...
  6. Fire-medic

    Building a Motor Cycle in the early 1900's

    Watch this film of a Rover Imperial being built. It starts with the foundry work, shows time-lapse assembly of the engine and then the "motor cycle," and finally some road time by what I assume to be factory test riders. The engine footage is very interesting, casting the cores, where the...
  7. S

    Exhaust servo motor

    I keep seeing on Ebay exhaust servo motors for sale, I have a 2002 Vmax, I can't find this on my bike! Do all maxs have this? or, just certain years?
  8. J

    WTB: Venture 1300 motor

    97 Vmav is knocking...time for an upgrade..let me know
  9. M

    Servo motor mounting brackets

    Hi everyone Could anybody send me a picture of servo motor mounting brackets? From all sides? I'm asking cause I'm finally unlocking vmax and today I wanted to mount vboost servo and I realized that there is no way to do that ;d So I have two options:buy somewhere original brackets (and...
  10. N

    venture motor for my vmax

    Ok so it seems a previous owner ran water without rust inhibitor in my bike somI need a new motor. Cant find a vmax motor in Australia but have found a venture motor. Is this the answer to getting me back on the road or is the venture motor too different internally to be of any worth to me?:ummm:
  11. N

    venture motor for my vmax

    At some point a previous owner has ru water in stead of coolqnt in my vmax and the water jackets are rusted out. I need a new motor. Vmax motors are hard to come by in Australia but I saw one advertised which turned out to be a 1300 venture motor. Will this replace my vmax motor or am I wasting...
  12. 9

    Engine hoist to pull motor?

    I need to pull the motor on my Vmax. Do I need a hoist to do it? For the guys who have done this, are there any other special tools I would need? I would like to be prepared before I get started. Thanks in advance.
  13. 9

    Cracked Crankcase. Now what?

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum and the Vmax as well. I got a hold of an 85 Vmax with 24K miles that had been sitting for at least 6 years. I spent the last two months rebuilding the carbs, brake cylinders, clutch cylinders and fuel system. I finally got it running again, and on the maiden...
  14. S

    Is this an early max or a venture motor ??

    Found this cheap in local adds website...
  15. bkuberek

    My motor seems broken after I overrev'd

    It's a 1991 vmax and it's my first ever bike. I finally got comfortable with it and started exploring the vboost. I think I hit 11+ on the tach on first gear for a few seconds. The day after my engine sounds weird and has a clicking sound in front right cylinder. Once the bike warms up the sound...
  16. maximus speedicus

    Radiator fan motor short circuit

    Recently my max had been blowing fuses on the radiator fan circuit. I installed my own cheap hardware toggle switch to bypass the thermostat so I could kick on the fan whenever I felt like it. That was my first suspect. After going through the circuit, everything seemed to have solid...
  17. mvmccreary

    Engine problem

    On my way home from thunder my bike shut down about 40 miles from home. I stopped for gas and it was running fine, when I started it up ten minutes later and went to take off, there was no power at all. I felt like I was riding a scooter. I couldn't figure it out, it wasn't making a bunch of...
  18. R

    will a gen2 motor fit?

    I apologize in advance if this has been covered before But, will a gen2 motor fit in a gen1 frame? Has anyone done this?
  19. G

    VMax motor

  20. B

    List of motor work that can be done in frame

    Hi I was just wondering if there is a list of things that can be done to the motor while it is in the frame.I have to change a con rod and can't find out if it can be done with the engine in the frame and if there is a procedure on here for doing it.thanks