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  1. dij0674

    Motorycle For Sale Custom Gen 1 V-Max Blackout For Sale

    Hi All, I have a Blacked Out V-Max for sale. I've had some medical issues and can't ride anymore. The bike needs an owner that can ride and is ready for many miles. A word of warning, this is fast and powerful bike, 105 lb of torque and ~160 HP. I've added a few pictures, and have a full album...
  2. dij0674

    Motorycle For Sale 1985 (1st year #444) Vmax For Sale Price Drop $6750

    Hi All, I haven't been very active on the forum for a few years, hope everyone is doing well, I've had some medical (low back and neck) issues that have stopped me from riding. My father in law is at a point where he can't ride anymore either, he's asked me to sell his V-Max for him. He's the...
  3. Slavetotheroad

    Motorycle For Sale Beautiful 1988 V Max for sale

    Beautiful bike with 39000 kilometres on the clock and a few nice accessories, Oxford heated grips, Givi flyscreen, crash bars and highway pegs. Mechanically A1 and cosmetically 9/10. Rides great and needs nothing. Located in Campbell River, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Call or text...
  4. Zeus36

    BMW has revealed a self driving motorcycle that can even park itself.

    On YouTube:
  5. frank5079

    Better the dumptruck than a motorcycle.... I shudder to think if that happened to a motorcyclist instead....
  6. Fire-medic

    Antique Motorcycle show Dania Beach FL Jan.27

    By Ft. Lauderdale International Airport Hundreds of old bikes, a swap meet, food, a rock band, it's an AMCA meet. For you guys on the west coast of FL, cross Alligator Alley/I-75 & when it turns into I-595, stay on it until it ends in Ft. Lauderdale, the...
  7. Fire-medic

    Broderick Crawford chases motorcycle riding robbers

    Another cool Highway Patrol story, but this time the bad guys are on motorcycles, Harley Panheads. Dan Mathews (Crawford) drives a cool Mercury. The robbers use a truck to hide the bikes after the heist, and to make their getaway.
  8. Fire-medic

    History of motorcycle radial tires

    A very interesting article. See what multiple time world champion Freddy Spencer has to say about the importance of radial motorcycle tires. According to the article 1987 is claimed as the first year of available to the public...
  9. Traumahawk

    Motorcycle crashes into Cop car

    Here is a video that I saw this morning. A VERY BIG OOPS. Doesnt look like he was paying attention, when the officer was stopping and turning left.
  10. Eugene Brad

    Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

    A friend just gave me this book to read. I haven't started it yet, haven't read a full book in at least two years. Anyone ever read this? And is it worth the time? Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  11. T

    3-5 Motorcycle Trip Question

    Ok, here is the idea.... I am planning a year ahead here. I am wanting to transport 3-5 motorcycles with motorcycle camping gear/kits to a 8-10 hour destination. (Yes I know most would ride there, but we have some old pharts in the group.) Then we would unload and do the riding/camping...
  12. frank5079

    Yamaha unwraps super cruiser Venture motorcycle I wonder why they didn't use the second gen Vmax's 1700cc V4 motor? After all, it was the Venture V4 that spawned the first gen Vmax originally...
  13. Zeus36

    Very simple motorcycle turntable

    Perfect if you have a center stand:
  14. rusty

    Man beheaded in freak motorcycle
  15. Fire-medic

    John Surtees dies, F1 & motorcycle world champion

    John Surtees died, the oldest Formula 1 driver's champion, and the only F1 and world motorcycle roadracing champion. I saw him race at Watkins Glen the year...
  16. Regular Guy

    Motorcycle Stand

    Hey Guys, what's a good (cheap) motorcycle stand? I found some on Amazon but I am not sure if it'll work with our bikes since the exhaust rides below the frame. Here's the ones I've been looking at this morning ...
  17. rusty

    Denver police destory motorcycle
  18. R

    buying 1st motorcycle jacket

    I wouldst mind hearing any input on a jacket. this is the first one im buying and i would like it to be a nice one that will hold up over time and I can use most of the year. currently im looking at the Cortech GX Sport Air 3...
  19. N

    I think the kids caught the motorcycle bug!

    The little guy was all about the throttle on the Max, and my 12 year old actually fits on the Buell. Good times :biglaugh:
  20. Traumahawk

    Motorcycle lift

    With the additionj of another Vmax (hey I only have I'm looking at getting a motorcycle lift table simular to this one. Does anyone have any plus' or minus' on various tables? I'm also looking at this one...