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  1. rusty

    Victory Octane $10,400

  2. N

    91 Octane needed?

    ive come across several stations that did not carry or did not have the premium fuel that Yamaha says is needed for the Gen2. What are the consequences of running 87 octane? I have not noticed any difference at all in the handful of times it was used.
  3. K

    Octane question

    I filled my tank up with Shell 95 octane. I went for s ride but whenever tried to go above 4500 rpm, the bike would bog down. After running the bike dry, filled up with 93 octane and ran fine. Then refilled with 91 oct and didnt run as well but no bogging down. Did i get a tank of bad gas...
  4. rebeltaz83

    87 octane vs. 93 octane

    read on here when i joined most everybody runs 87, i also ran 87...... one day a month ago i decided to fill up with 93, seems yamaha calls for a min. of 91...... not sure about anybody else, but i bet i gained atleast 5 horse by switching to higher octane.... the throttle response, and the...
  5. R

    Higher octane means more ignition advance?

    Hi, From reading a lot of articles on the internet, it seems the higher octane fuel you run, the farther you can advance your ignition. Normally the lowest octane you can put in the Vmax is 86. Since I live in the Netherlands and we have only 95 and 98 octane (nothing lower), it seems to make...
  6. mavgrab302

    Octane and idle screws

    First of I usually use the mid grade gasoline, with the idle screws pretty much all set at or around 5 turns out. Over the weekend not paying attention I had put in high grade gas. Going in stop and go traffic I started having a really hard time taking off and keeping the bike idling, it was...
  7. davidon

    Octane on bigger engines?

    Is it required to run 92 or 93 octane in 1500 engines or can you get away with midgrade (89)?

    93 Octane for the Max....

    I have never once put high octane in my Max. I always put 87, but after reading the "clicking" post I decided I would see if high octane stopped my clicking in the motor. Not only did it stop the clicking metallic sound (it was very faint) that I would always have BUT dam does the bike seem...
  9. M

    88 octane verses 93 octane fuel road test.

    I rode with gbrown in the black hills today. I had 88 octane fuel in my 09 and George had 93 octane in his 09. We made two roll on pulls on about a 4% uphill grade from 3000 rpms one in 4th gear and one in fith gear. The bike with 88 octane pulled ahead both times. Rider weight is...
  10. vmax190

    high octane fuel

    anybody else out there run the 112 octane fuel, i have heard it is good to run and bad to run, advice needed. dave the retard.
  11. vmax190

    high octane fuel

    every once in awhile i run 113 octane, i have had people say it's hard on the motor and others say it's good for it every now and then, thought's?
  12. naughtyG

    Another RON thread..

    ok so as I was refitting my faux-tank after my clutch M/C escapade, I noticed some stickers on the underside: and I quote: Gasoline Specification: Regular (leaded) Research Octane : 91 min Now what do I do - I know this was back in '86, but still.. :ummm::ummm::ummm:
  13. 2stangs69-91

    Anybody ever try out 100 octane?

    I live right around the corner from a place that sells it. I also use it in my 91 mustang when I race it. I was thinking it would be a waste of money on my Vmax. Thanks Mike
  14. jon6.0

    100 Octane Low Lead Avgas in the Max

    I have 15 gallons of 100LL Avgas left over from a dunes trip with the sand rail. So instead of it going bad I'm running it in the Max. Is there anything wrong with this?
  15. firefly

    which octane grad is best for the max?

    When I bought my new 03 max I naturally wanted to put the best fuel available so I filled it with 98 octane or the highest available, but after asking the service manager at Yamaha I was surprised that he recommended the lowest grad 87 octane. So I did some research and found out the following...