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  1. T

    Where is that RPM Tach output signal

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and bought a 2000 vmax 1200 in may. Have already done some modifications and I am currently adding a digital speedo with tach. I am trying to locate the “Tach Output” or “RPM Signal Output” on the max for the Signal input for the new digital speedo with...
  2. wildweasel_pt

    Middle gear output shaft bearings

    Hi all Does anyone any good technique to remove the bigger taper bearing from the shaft without damaging it? Does anyone know the Koyo reference for that bearing? The smaller one (next to the Ujoint) is easily removed by sliding out but the other one doesn't budge from the shaft next to the...
  3. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Output shaft oil leak

    The output shaft is held into the engine block with 3 bolts. The bolts are arranged 120 degrees apart. 12, 4, and 8 o'clock. One of the bolts gets a thick washer behind the head. Anyone know the purpose of this washer? Can anyone confirm what position this washer gets installed in: 12, 4, or 8...
  4. zxjim

    fuel pump output rate

    Howdy everyone, recently came across a smokin' deal with a few glitches...89 chain drive long rod 1428 with 39 fcr keihins from pcw...been quite a while since I have played around with a carb'ed bike. Bike fuel pump does work, but only momentarily, and carbs dont really seem to supply much fuel...
  5. nstyn8

    Stator output?!?

    Can anyone tell me what the stator output is? If I am measuring right I think I am only getting 2.4VAC out of the Stator. I just want to make sure it is suppose to be AC voltage correct?? I'm thinking the stator is bad. I ohmed the leads to each other and they all read 1.3ohms. I am thinking...
  6. T

    voltage output on stator 85 vmax

    my 1985 vmax has gone though 2 R/R and 2 stator and now it has burned up my new R/R i just put in. and my output on the stator said 120 volts and i don't how much my stator should really be putting out i have heard it should be only being putting 60 to 80 volt so i need some help does anybody...
  7. C

    voltage output

    Hello all. what should the charging voltage be when the bike is at tick over and when reved to 5000 revs should the charging rate rise? my bike stays at 13.6 volts at tick over and the same when the engine is off. Thanks Crano:biglaugh:
  8. Rusty McNeil

    Cybermax light output...