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  1. V

    excessive crankcase pressure

    Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with the front rocker cover gasket blowing out.there didnt seem to be anything abnormal until it popped out and the motor quit. It restarts but im thinking i may have to do major surgery if its not a plugged breather hose.Any ideas?
  2. S

    Oil pressure slightly higher after oil pipe o-ring replacement.

    Will fixing the bulging o-ring cause a slight increase in pressure across the whole range? Before replacing, pressure would hit 60psi on a cold startup & idle at 2-4 when hot. It's hitting 65 cold & idle is 8 now. It tops out at 65 revving the motor. The fitting for the oil galley plug from...
  3. S

    Cycle one off oil pressure gauge

    Can anybody tell me if COO's gauge fitting (not the adaptors down on bottom of the motor) is a 1/8 NPT?
  4. K

    Radial tire pressure

    I have replaced the bias ply with Shinko radial on the rear. The tire says pressure is 42psi. For those on radials, is that right as I am used to running mid 30s on bias ply.
  5. J

    Oil pressure problem

    My 93 will have good oil pressure on starup, following that "10psi per 1k rpm" rule, but one it's warmed up the pressure gauge will read 0 at idle and only ever hits around 30 at 8-9k. The oil is to the full line. I do plan on doing a change soon but would like to know if this is a typical problem
  6. labargeblake

    Exhaust pressure

    This might be an odd question and a little difficult to explain but when i put my hand behind each exhaust tail pipe, the right pipe has more pressure coming out than the left. Is this normal or does this mean I am having compression problems with one of the cylinders?
  7. A

    DIY Oil pressure gauge

    Updated 3/12/18: If anyone wants to DIY the oil pressure gauge: 1. The oil galley plug - I believe this is M20x1.5 thread. So M20x1.5 w 1/8 NPT in middle to accept fitting. These are available for around $10. Exhaust Temp Temperature Sensor Adapter M20x1.5 20mmx1.5 -1/8NPT on fleebay 2. Marshall...
  8. MT Pockets

    fork air pressure

    What should a feller expect to have for air pressure in the forks on an '85 VMAX? Mine seem awfully soft. MT Pockets
  9. 42Below

    Fork air pressure

    Gidday I may be missing the obvious but I dont see much on how much (if any) air pressure you guys run in your forks. What do people run? I have mine apart for seals. They have progressive springs. One of the schrader valves in a cap is busted. The cap has had a hard time but will go back in...
  10. mundmc

    Front brake light pressure sensor question

    I finally decided to address my leaking front reservoir by buying a Shondy Shindy 17-651 Silver Body/Silver Lever Brake Master Cylinder Kit after reading good reviews. The question: it doesn't have a brake light switch. Any...
  11. D

    Right exhaust is slightly louder/has more back pressure than the left

    Could this be jetting or bad synchronization, or am I looking at something worse? When the bike is cold its a lot more obvious, but when its warm its still the same; I have factory headers with a 4-2 supertrapp open ended exhaust and the right side pipe has more back pressure/is louder than the...
  12. speedcostsmoney

    brake hose pressure

    just wondering how much pressure is in the brake hose front / back when the master cylinder is activated, just bought a new brake hose for the rear caliper, the seller says the brake hose is good for 3000 psi . how much psi is needed to stop a GEN-1
  13. D-Max2012

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System on Chrysler - Dodge vehicles

    Hi Guys, Has anyone have issues with these TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) on their Chrysler or Dodge cars / trucks / minivans? For 2 weeks, I'm seeing one of my tires going low. I went to check the pressure and noticed the valve stem has broken. Examining it more closely, I see that...
  14. Lotsokids

    Front Fork Air Pressure

    I've tried the search engine on this forum and cannot get good results for some reason. The manual says the front fork air pressure should be 5.7 - 14.2 PSI. I read that someone else is running at 0 PSI. Right now mine is 0 PSI. Thoughts? Opinions?
  15. M

    Clutch lever has no hydraulic pressure

    Hi, everybody! My 86 has 70k on it. About 10k ago, I installed a new clutch for no particular reason other than I didn't know if it had ever been done. I haven't had a problem at all. The bike has sat since last September. A month ago, I started it up and let it get warm. I went to put it...
  16. Conman

    Low Pressure in Clutch Lever

    So my bike has been sitting since Nov and when it was parked everything worked fine, but now the clutch lever has about 1/3 the resistance it usually has when I pull it in. I started the bike a week or so ago and when I pulled in the lever to shift to 1st it didn't quite stall but it took off...
  17. naughtyG

    fuel pressure loss question

    Hi all, sorry I haven't been around much - still riding my Max and loving it just not as often as I'd like! I have a question about the fuel pressure and especially the loss of it: I know that on a normal max, if it's left to sit for a few days, then upon switching the ignition back on there...
  18. adambweird

    Oil pressure gauge hose

    I need to shorten the hose on my oil pressure gauge to accomodate a new mounting location due to my belly pan. I have no experience messing with this type of line. Im guessing find someone that can make hydralic lines and get some heat shrink tube to wrap it?
  19. W

    Oil pressure tap?

    Hey guys, I would like to check the oil pressure on my newly accquired Vmax. Can someone point out where on the engine that I can tap to check oil pressure, so I can determine the condition of the oil tube o-ring. Also, what is normal oil pressure hot, idling and with some higher rpms...
  20. J

    radial pressure

    I have radials on 17s. Is 35 front, 39 rear psi still correct? Any need to deviate from factory recommendations with radials?