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  1. M

    max running problems

    Long time story here. I bought max from guy who was trying to repair it and have had enought :ummm:. Problem was that max won't run correctly. It did not rev as it should and backfired. Making things not easy, sometimes it did run quite good. First I tried to use shotgun method to clean carbs...
  2. shawnlee

    carb problems

    @001 Vmax has been sitting for 4 months in my garage. Shotgunned the carbs twice and the second time was better,occasionally she would feel like her old self, but still not running right. Heck a harley could beet me now,and that's really bad. Help me if you can. Thanks too all.

    I thought I got away with mirror problems NOT !!

    I thought I got away with minor problems NOT !! Last spring when I dropped my bike in my garage I thought I replaced the few parts that got any damage at all. I was detailing my Vmax today I found something I missed. Cover 3 got scuffed on the edge, it isn't deep at all just the paint...
  4. S

    Diagnose V-Boost problems

    Hey all... I am relatively new to this forum and thanks for having me.. This may have been discussed in here already but here goes.. I have an '86 max with virtually no top end after 6000rpm. I have gone through the manual and when testing the servo it moves when I add power at the plug...
  5. Roodillom

    100% failsafe remedy for blinker problems guaranteed

    I got fed up and just took the damn things off!
  6. blaxmax

    How to solve all vmax"s problems
  7. Traumahawk

    No wonder there are problems with race relations

    Newly uncovered internal memos reveal the Obama administration knowingly exaggerated charges of racial discrimination in probes of Ally Bank and other defendants in the $900 billion car-lending business as part of a “racial justice” campaign that’s looking more like a massive government...
  8. blaxmax

    Some good soldering points for problems
  9. timpilot

    '97 Fork Seal Replacement Problems

    I watched Sean's video of his daughter disassembling forks for seal replacement. I attempted to disassemble my ‘97 forks but ran into issues. I was using a brand-new impact gun and brand-new impact 10-mm hex bit. One lower bolt head stripped out. The other one is spinning, with some difficulty...
  10. D

    Fuel Pump Problems

    I'm working on a 85 vmax turn the key on and run i hear the vboost and fuel pump once i start the bike the fuel pump doesn't come on, i have turned the fuel switch from res to on and vice versa the fuel pump relay has power, low fuel bulb is good also the tach is not registering anything when...
  11. S

    Reserve problems

    Fuel light does not come on and bike runs out of fuel. Cleaned switch, checked globes in dash.
  12. J

    starter problems

    Help !!!!! Need help trying to understand why my starter spins. But does not engage the flywheel. 2005 VMax low miles. New battery. Is this a common problem. Do i need a new starter. Or can the bendix be rebuild ( if thats the problem). A week ago it started right up. I've got a battery charger...
  13. M

    1st And 2nd Gear Problems

    Took the the bike out for a ride on the intersate for about 13 miles, when i got to the off ramp it would not go into first gear only down to netural and then it would grind a little going into 2nd, but all other gears are fine. I was told it might be a bent shift fork? Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. J

    Tranny problems?

    I have a 2005 max with a strange problem. I'll try to give my interpretation of the problem with my limited knowledge. If I go through the gears gently the problem doesn't show up. If I nail it hard, it appears like I am tapping the clutch. The rpm goes up quickly and then it starts pulling...
  15. dewcrazzy

    idle thumb screw, running problems

    Hi I just purchased a 98 vmax and the only way it will idle is with the choke a little on. The previous owner had the carbs rebuilt over the winter. I don't think has rode it but once since. How do i adjust the idle (pic please) and is there anything I can do to help it idle better. Once it gets...
  16. 3

    Horn problems

    Ok, here's a good one. I recently noticed my v-boost servo wasn't cycling when I first go to start my Max so I was gonna do an oil change and try to trouble shoot it yesterday. I changed the oil and took it out for a ride to warm it up, check for leaks, etc. On the way back home, I pulled up to...
  17. T

    Startup problems

    I have been loving my new to me 06 Vmax since buying it last fall. Had to have the carbs redone by Kyle Clegg here in the Tampa area since I have very little mechanical background, no tools, and no real time to play with my own bike mechanically. Since Kyle got everything going smoothly...I...
  18. D

    Big problems! input?

    So I was running my 1428 Tonight riding with a buddy. So beating on it as usual it started to run poor. The bike has had an oil leak for a while but next to nothing. In 500 miles I used maybe a half court. Tonight I used almost a quart in 50 miles and the right side of the bike is covered...
  19. N

    **Oversize Battery Mod** 340-CCA, *ULTIMATE* FIX for all hot / cold start problems!**

    Hey guys, just wanted to share something with ya'll... I had the notorious starting problems- So I went the usual route of replacing the battery with the oddysey 170cca, then I soldered the R/R wires, then the "crimp”, which I removed and re-soldered those wires, and various other connections...
  20. chillcool68

    Continual clutch problems????

    hello all, maybe someone can help, clutch lever losing pressure becomes hard to shift, already rebuilt master, replaced fluid, bled system, was working for a couple of months went to ride earlier back to no lever pressure, any ideas?????:bang head: