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  1. firebolt

    What is VMF emergency response program?

    I see a lot of you with a signature line that says this, and then a list of what I assume you can provide if someone breaks down in your area. When I do a search, I think it's registering everyone's signature lines? Is there a thread for this, or how do I sign up / how does it work?
  2. rusty

    Gun Buy Back Program

    Here in SanDiego they are having another gun buy back program.This is supposed to take guns off the streets to make us feal safe. Unfortunately gang bangers & other criminals love these programs.They get to turn in there piece of shit gun,"No questions asked" for $200bucks, turn around & get a...
  3. Fire-medic

    FL tv program The Glades The A & E tv program The Glades was filming on my campus today. I watched the production going-on, the secretaries and female admin. asst's. were all acting like 13 y.o.'s and angling to get to speak to the stars and to get their pictures taken. Matt Passmore...
  4. J

    cnc program

    Hello (Im a Newby) I have been working in the thermoforming plastic industry for a long time, Im a toolmaker with some CNC experance and what I have done with my other bike is made Lowering links, and Bar risers (for my zx11) I did have a coworker help me who has programing experance. I made...
  5. 88vmx12

    forum program!

    Whatever program runs the forum is totally jacked! I have no new emails telling me that there are PM's. But when I get on here it keeps flashing "2 PM's" the dang thing is totally wacked!:bang head: G
  6. one2dmax

    Shim Kit Loaner Program

    Hey guys, I've been loaning by valve shim kit out and wanting to put together a second kit. Anyone with extra shims that want to donate to the cause or maybe trade for extra sizes I have please get in touch with me. I need shim sizes from 168 and smaller and 188 and larger. Also, any odd shim...
  7. one2dmax

    Clear Cover Exchange Program

    Hello All! We will be offering these clear covers as a set or individually purchased items starting shortly after the first of the year. Orders can be taken anytime to get in on the first batch. These will be on an exchange basis though they can be purchased outright too. We will be...
  8. one2dmax

    Spare Parts Testing Program

    Hello guys/gals, I thought I would officially post what I have offered for years. For quite a long time I have been building and fixing these great bikes and understand the frustration that occurs when you get one that doesn't quite work right. When you get one with no spark, or runs on 3...
  9. vmaxinID

    Exhaust loaner program

    Ok everybody here it goes, I am willing to do a loaner program with my old Cobra slash cuts. You pay shipping and demo them. Then either ship to whomever wants them next or return them to me. :th_signs42: It will help people decide weather or not the sound is worth the slight loss of...
  10. firefly

    I found a FREE image resizing program This program worked good on windows xp and will work with older windows . down load the program then install it, be careful of the location you store the resized image in ( I use my photos) the first option it will give you is the program file which...