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  1. Bill Seward

    Fuel pump relay.

    I've been having a few problems recently with the Roadstar. Intermittent fuel pump failure. I replaced the pump with one from EBay. Sure as shit, it turned out to be a problem with the relay. Instead of spending a hundred bucks for a stock relay, I borrowed an Eastern Beaver relay from a spare...
  2. VMAX_Dave

    Gen 2 pump

    Good evening Folks, just a general question, on My 2009 Gen 2, I notice when I first turn the key on that the fuel pump starts up and continuously runs. No problem there only on every other modern big bike like say the Hayabus and FZ1 I would turn the key on, the fuel system would pressurize...
  3. Bill Seward

    Roadstar fuel pump.

    It shit the bed a couple days ago. I bought another one of the $15.00 EBay pumps (like I have in Zilla), and it works fine. Clicks loud, just like the Max pump, but it works. You can set a Roadie up for gravity feed, but I wasn't into changing the float valve to a bigger one, and resetting the...
  4. R

    2nd eBay fuel pump dead

    I've used two of these and they have both died. One lasted about six months. This new one died after a month. What the hell? All I've seen is everyone saying they work great, etc... The first one started getting even louder than they normally are. This one just doesn't do anything. Late...
  5. racerboy

    07 Fuel pump relay

    Well, after replacing a slew of electrical components in the hopes of staving off any future issues (preventative if any), warming it up, everything seems good, heading down the road, then it starts to die as if running outta fuel. Mang!! Plenty of fuel, cant roll the throttle it will die but...
  6. cwkerr007

    hd oil pump

    Hello everyone I have a search problem maybe someone can help. I've been searching for a new and better oil pump I know they have to be out there. Can anyone supply a go to site? thanks
  7. H

    Bad Fuel Pump? Let's get some opinions

    Hey everybody, I just finished bringing my friend's 99 back to life. I adjusted the valves, rebuilt the carbs, changed all fluids, rebuilt the forks, rebuilt all of the brakes, rebuilt the clutch slave, new fuel filter, and put on new tires. I fired it up yesterday, let it get hot, and got the...
  8. Lotsokids

    450-Mile Ride Today + Possible Fuel Pump Issues

    I synced my carbs and installed new rear brake pads this morning, and headed south 200 miles to Dallas, TX - just for fun. Perfect weather! BUT... on the way back, after about 70 miles, I felt the engine lose a couple cylinders, followed by the rest. I coasted to the side of the road (in the...
  9. spottedsquirl

    Fuel pump issue

    Hey all, my '85 max's fuel pump doesn't work like it should on the factory wiring. I have eliminated the pump it's self by wiring it directly to the battery. It pulls and primes on the battery but when on the key it sounds weak and don't want to prime. Has anyone ran a bypass to a relay or...
  10. E

    Treatment of water pump gasket?

    Hi everybody. I'm replacing the gasket (part # 3JP-12449-02-00) for the water pump on my '89 Max, and I'm wondering if I should pre-soak it in coolant, install it dry, or do something else to it before installing. Any suggestions? Thanks very much. Elimax
  11. T

    Fuel pump goes into high speed chatter when hot

    Hello guys, was hoping someone has ran into this before. When the max gets up to temp and the fuel pump is hot as well, it starts hyper cycling and doesn't supply enough fuel to carbs to keep idling. This happens with fuel cap off and I checked filter is clear. Only happens when fuel pump is hot...
  12. N

    Fuel Pump voltage question

    Does the Fuel pump Voltage on my 1985 V-Max supposed to drop to zero after V-Boost is done cycling? What signals it back on? Mine does Also with the Fuel pump electrically connected the V-Boost cycles VERY slowly on Key on, Unplug the fuel pump and it goes normally My Max started acting...
  13. D

    fuel pump relay needed

    Does anyone have a reasonably priced fuel pump relay for sale or have one I can borrow to see if that's why my vmax won't start? New fuel pump (pumps gas when the hose is disconnected on the carb side) max runs if you add gas or carb cleaner to the carbs. When the key is turned on, it clicks...
  14. D

    fuel pump needed

    Does anyone have a decent used fuel pump that's willing to sell it? I found one of those 17.00 ones on fleabay but the bracket is different
  15. V

    Fuel pump

    I have a project Vmax and the fuel pump did not come on when I turned the key on for the first time It will run when hooked directly to a battery. Does anyone have any suggestions about what would cause this and also I do have the fuel pump disconnected from the fuel tank because of rust issues...
  16. A

    Need fuel pump

    New or used
  17. A

    Do I need a bigger fuel pump?

    Buying a stage 7 jet kit and wanted to know if I need a special fuel pump. I currently need one my old one gave out and don't want to make a mistake. And if anyone can forward me instructions on how the R1 upgrade R/R works it would help a lot. Thanks in advance . There's a lot of knowledgeable...
  18. D

    fuel pump

    Im pretty sure my fuel pump just took a crap! Just fired it up for the "nice weather" and warmed up fine...heard to priming. Fired it back up a few hrs later to take it for a quick spin and 1 block away it died. Tried hitting the key a few times...couldnt even hear it working. When I get a...
  19. TB99Max

    Fuel pump inlet/outlet help

    Probably a dumb question so go easy on me please. I pulled the carbs to tear apart and clean and I also replaced the fuel filter, took the tank out to clean it, and took the fuel pump out to make sure everything was good with it. Now my fuel pump has no suction! I pulled the line off of the fuel...
  20. Z

    No Power to Fuel Pump

    I have searched the threads with no luck. I know the answer is there but can't find it. My bike started fine ran for about a half mile and died. I pulled over and let it sit for about ten minutes and she fired right back up again and then died again about a half mile. I trailered it got it...