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  1. shawnlee

    r6 carbs

    Will 2004 r6 carbs work on 2001 vmax
  2. E

    2006 r6

    I was at my local stealership yesterday and they just took a 2006 R6 on trade. It's a great looking clean machine with 9033 miles. Full akrapovic exhaust and new tires. I ask the price and out comes $3695 from the sales guys mouth. In shock I asked again knowing these bike generally bring low...
  3. MeanMax

    R6 front wheel conversion

    This is my 99 R6 front wheel conversion done by PCW. Gave them my forks, that needed rebuilding anyway, triple tree and front axle. the front forks are machined to clear the wider brake rotor location, as are the brake caliper mounts. Spacers are made to fit the Vmax axle to the R6 wheel. Only...
  4. D

    R6 rotors on an 85 max

    I have a line on a couple of well priced front rotors from an '01 yamaha R6. Will they bolt on to my stock '85 Max front wheel? I'm pretty sure they will, but would like some confirmation. I already have Hyabusa calipers, pads, and the lines, so if these rotors will work for me, all I would need...
  5. bazwell

    Electric R6, 120mph, 120 mile range.

    The specs are starting to get real. Would be unusual doing 120mph with no exhaust noise. No vibrations. Nothing running when you stop at the lights, just silence. FREAKY...
  6. J

    R1 R6 Mod

    I have done all the searches. I'm needing the part number for the R1/R6 regulator mod. I need a R/R badly. I've read about the mod but cannot find the Yamaha part number. I want to get this thing running this weekend. So I have no problem paying a little extra to get it quickly. Or what years...
  7. P

    R6 Parts on the Vmax?

    I've been toying with the idea of stripping down my 04 R6 and putting some parts on my 03 Vmax. Just wanted to get an idea from the group what parts if any would be worth the swap. I was thinking the complete front end (tire, forks, brakes, mc's). Do these parts work on the Vmax? Is it a...
  8. trentsee

    R6 front end fitiment

    Hey guys I was wondering if a front end from a R6 would fit a max and how much work is it to do the conversion?Thanks!!
  9. coffee_brake

    dumbass question for R6 pads

    Now that the pads on the stock front calipers are worn out, I will finally install the R6 calipers I got months and months ago. The R6 calipers did not come with pads. When I buy pads for them, do I buy one set or two? That's a really stupid question I know, but I don't have the old pads...
  10. Jayhawk

    R6 vs. VMax

  11. G

    R1 and R6 calipers?

    I know you can use R1 calipers on a max, but can you use R6 calipers? They appear to be the same but I would like to know for sure.
  12. T

    Will R1 or R6 forks fit the VMAX

    I have a 2000 VMAX and would like to know if the forks, triple trees and brake calipers from a 2004-2006 R1 or R6 will fit. Is it more involved than a simple bolt on or will they not fit all together? If needed, I can then swap the front rim etc.
  13. turbostang

    R6 rotors

    Is it possible to use a set of front rotors from an 03 R6 on an 88 Max. If anyone has successfully done this, what parts needed to be swapped. I know some guys have used R1 rotors, but I am unsure if the R6's are a possibility. I can get a new set really cheap and hope they will fit.