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  1. S

    Intermittent 3 cylinder running

    I have a 2011 with V&H CS1 exhaust, PCV with autotune. I have plans to get the ecu sent to Mr Nash. I have the bogging just off idle & the issues with cruising surges but lately I've started having it run on 3 cylinders, usually only lasts a few seconds. I looked at all the connections for the...
  2. T

    86 Running like junk

    85 Running like junk Well my beloved but definitely abused in the past 85 is having some problems. To give everyone an idea of what I'm dealing with it looks like a blind person attacked the poor thing with sidecutters and an equally blind person tried putting the wires back together. Random...
  3. M

    max running problems

    Long time story here. I bought max from guy who was trying to repair it and have had enought :ummm:. Problem was that max won't run correctly. It did not rev as it should and backfired. Making things not easy, sometimes it did run quite good. First I tried to use shotgun method to clean carbs...
  4. Vrooom

    Running rich? Does anyone recommend a different plug, I know it's not the plugs just

    Running: NKG-DPR8EA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. A

    Lithium Polimer Battery.. Anyone running a new one?

    Hi guys I did a search and only found a few older posts... I find my Vmax when its hot and the thermo fans are running will only just start up if it stalls in traffic... I had similar issues with my XJ550 and fitted a LiPO battery and its been awesome ever since.. Anyone running a LiFePO4...
  6. Cryptorchid

    Strong smell of petrol after running.

    I have a stock '99 Carbon with 15k miles. It starts, runs and idles fine, but whenever I park it up there is a strong smell of petrol from around the dummy tank area when I get back. There is no sign of any leaks, but every time I start it up the fuel pump runs for a second even after a...
  7. H

    v max running good

    at last ive sorted the running rich issues ive had the carbs apart 4 times but even when cleaning them and being careful putting them back togeather it still ran rich i kept cleaning blowing with air measuring float heights and till finally got there i know its a pain to keep pulling them apart...
  8. P

    Vmax running on 3 (or 2??) cylinders

    Hello friends. Before I describe my issue I will add disclaimer I am extremely non-tech so pardon my rather layman (and lame) attempt of an explanation here… So I’ve got a 99 vmax in pristine condition, about 2 months ago. (Many thanks to a local member who gave the bike a once-over and...
  9. H

    V max running rich

    My 1985 v max is run nine rich on all 4 checked float heightz all are OK new main jets cleaned all other jets and carbs air filter is clean balanced carbs set air mixture screws 2and a half for from the and rear bike idles OK but just smells rich all plugs are sooty not sure where to look now...
  10. G

    Vmax Running on 3 Cylinders

    I was riding with a guy recently who tried to embarrass me in front of the group I was riding with. He was telling me that I know nothing about motorcycles (despite this being my 4th street bike, and I've had dirt bikes when I was a kid .. ) and that it was impossible for my bike to ever have...
  11. 3

    Anyone running a windshield?

    What size and brand?What difference did it make? Thanks
  12. outlaws justice

    Running Issue

    I have a new to me 2007 Vmax with 3,000 original miles. The P.O. had the bike in the shop before shipping it to me and had the Carburetors rebuilt. Bike Idles perfectly (I check the synch with a carb tune and it is almost dead on) the bike reeves up nice, no popping, no hesitation or stumble...
  13. Foxviewnet

    Running Lights

    Alright guys, the mod monkey would not leave me alone so I got a new set of mirrors that have turn signals built-in. I wired them up with my existing front LED signals and signals work great. The only issue is that my running lights were fine on the existing LED turn signals until I did the...
  14. Fire-medic

    Only running on one cylinder

    Can you help me trouble-shoot this? It started running on only one cylinder. I thnk it's a carb issue...:rofl_200: Those damn Dellortos!
  15. E

    VMAX running rich, stage1 kit

    Hi i purchased a VMAX, that had previously been set up with an aftermarket exhaust. Now the original is back on and its running a bit rich. Engine running cold and poor milage. Should i return the original pilot air screws? What main jet size would be recommended for kn filter with airbox...
  16. Poolio

    Running rough

    Drove 60+ miles bike ran fine. Left a friends and took off quick, bike started running rough and sounding different. Gonna pull plugs in a bit. Anything obvious I should look for before I over think it?
  17. A

    Vmax crash, need help getting her running again

    Hey guys I need some help. Back in November (which was about the last week I was going to ride before putting the bike, away for winter) I crashed my 2003 v max. It was out of stupidity, I knew I was riding on tires that were quickly becoming bald. I pulled out onto the street way too...
  18. D-Max2012

    Running hot on #2 and #4

    Just put the max away for winter hibernation and noticed the front 2 cylinder plugs were a bit scorched on the bottom of the rubber caps. Next season, I have to see where my AF Screws are, in relation to the back 2, and make them a bit richer. All plugs looked to have a light tan color and the...
  19. blaxmax

    1996 r/r running 18.08 volts at 2500rpm?

    Bike is 1985 and I just hardwired a 1998 r/r with a 30amp fuse to the battery. Ground went to the neg battery post. Followed RAWarriors thread to the "T" and even mounted in the same location where the old coils were. I get 12.62 when turned off but when I rev to 2500rpm I get 18.08? Sorry...
  20. Lotsokids

    Fog / Running Lights

    I just added these last night. I didn't ride it on the road at night yet, but they should be easily adjusted. They are very bright LED lights, but seem to be a sharper beam than I like. But they are good. Here's the website where I purchased them from. BE ADVISED - These are sold...