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  1. Fire-medic

    Pilot screw removal-replacement

    I got a set of carbs someone had buggered a pilot screw in, and I used a Harbor Freight left-handed drill bit set to remove the pilot screw. When the drill bit caught the brass screw, it unscrewed itself, and saved the carb body. Since partzilla shows this carb body for $649, I was happy to...
  2. cwkerr007

    fuel mix screw alternative

    i have a stuck fuel screw and before i go to digging it out with a pic and a magnifying glass "been here done this my quickest time so far 10 hours"I was hoping someone might know of a screw with a head that would extend out with a knob or one like the old 80's honda's had if anyone has a site...
  3. Osiris

    Air fuel mixture screw issues.

    I ordered replacement screw due to a stripped screw right rear carb. The carb was a bit rich and I could not adjust screw. When taking the old screw out it was very very tight. I see why it was stripped in the 1st place. When I look inside the carb I see no obstruction, but the the screw will...
  4. sdt354

    Carb sync screw.

    Does anyone know the thread pitch on the carb sync screws? I'm trying to find one for the right side linkage if they are even different. 6mm by? very fine thread. The screw is stripped but threads are ok. If had hair to pull out I'd have had at it. I finally pulled the carbs flipped them over...
  5. R

    Failed idle mixture screw?

    Hello. I am new at this forum and I am from Norway driving a 2002 Vmax PC. I have a small problems and I can´t get any further adjusting the carbs before problem is solved. 3 of the idle mixture screws seem to function as designed. As I turn them in one at a time the idle get bad. So I turn...
  6. Traumahawk

    Bolt caps for painting

    Does anyone know where I can find caps that will fit over the cap screws on the engine (so when i paint the engine, paint wont get on the cap screws) or is it even needed? Thanks Eric
  7. T

    Mixture screw adjustment w/vacuum gauge??

    Anyone here recommend or set their idle mixture screw while the vacuum gauge is hooked up, looking for peak rpm? I have tried adjusting it listening for stumble and then out for peak RPM, but I think my hearing is shot from being around turbine engines my whole life. I can't hear that...
  8. T

    Amazing Bolt / Screw Extractor

    Just thought I'd share this repair discovery with the group...I was fighting seized screws in all 4 of the carburetors. Only the security star bits screws cane out, the Phillips head screws were seized. Nothing in my 50 years of wrenching tricks would break them loose...and getting heavy handed...
  9. liptoss

    Pilot screw

    I was wondering if anyone has a "spare", (in good shape) pilot, low speed/idle adjustment screw that I could purchase? OEM 12R-14105-00-00. I don't need the spring, washer or rubber seal, just the brass screw. Just one, that's all I need... one lonely screw. (Damn that sounds bad)...
  10. T

    Stripped air mixture screw

    Can someone direct me to options to remove a stripped air mixture screw? I was given a set of carbs and I'm unable to remove one of the air mixture screws. Someone prior really smoothed the head, nothing there to bite into. Thanks. Tom
  11. Y

    Removal of bar ends with no Allen screw?

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to remove these bar ends? There is no screw at all to remove.
  12. Kronx

    Screw United Airlines

    Man this is just so effin ridiculous on so many levels.
  13. N

    A/F screw has no effect

    Hi guys (& girls), quick question... if I can screw one of the A/F screws all the way in with no effect to the rpms, does that mean the cylinder isn't firing? The bike seems to run fine (albeit normal erratic vmax behaviour). All other A/f screws make the revs fluctuate, except for cylinder...
  14. mundmc

    Broken screw in my front brake reservoir

    So I'm a jackass, and I make a lot of mistakes. Luckily I'm learning a lot along the way. A screw for my front brake reservoir was stripped, so I decided to drill a pilot hole and use my bolt extractor bit to get it out. Well, the head of the screw ripped off, and I now have an unclear amount...
  15. B

    A/F mix screw stuck. Will a 1300 Venture carb fit?

    I've been reading and trying to get the A/F mixture screw out of the right rear carb. Can't get it out. My question is this: can I buy a 34mm carb from a 1300 Venture, dusassemble both carbs, swap the jets and replace just one carb?
  16. C

    pilot screw question

    After cleaning my carbs I noticed that one of the pilot screw is missing the Oring and washer. Made sure it is not in carb. It's most likely that this occurred when I cleaned the carbs last year. With the oring and washer missing, would that show a slight leaner plug reading? I have the...
  17. maleko89

    Mixture screw o-ring info

    The o-rings can be had here for $.50 a piece. They are part OR-4632. O-ring dimensions are 2.65mm x 1.15mm. I had to go back 10+ years for this information....pre
  18. E

    A/f screw extraction results

    Has anyone successfully extracted a frozen air/fuel mixture screw out of the carburetor? I have seen a lot of people post about their future attempts but I have not seen any results or follow up on the technique used with exception to Sean's. I currently have one stripped and frozen screw...
  19. shawnlee

    sync screw

    Does anyone have their #3&#4 sync screws all the way in? When I sync with my motion pro those two are all the way in,when I back them out the idle shoots up like crazy. The bike runs great and I have 4into2 full ufo exhaust and stage 7. Is there something I need to do or what?
  20. B

    Need 1998 VMax pilot screw orings

    My 1998 Vmax is getting a little old and I'm cleaning out the carbs. Need to replace the old o'rings on my pilot screws. Anyone know of a source for just the o'rings? What size are mine from this chart? O-RINGS and U-RINGS Mikuni and Keihin MIKUNI O-Ring description Size inside...