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  1. ga_max

    SCOOPS, Handlebar, Turn Signal

    I'm selling a few parts off my 94. The scoops are in good condition with minor scuffing on the front edge of one and some clear coat issues. I did my best to show everything in the pictures. Scoops: $100 + shipping Handlebar: $25 + shipping Turn Signals: 20 + shipping Send me a PM is...
  2. D

    gen 1 turn signal bulb #

    I want to switch my turn signals to LED any idea what part # they are.. there not 1157 or 1156..
  3. R

    New guy, first vmax, turn signal issue

    I just picked up my first vmax (94, yellow, and awesome)! The left rear turn signal was broken and there were about 6 sets of new turn signal packages in one of the boxes of parts that came with the bike. They are K&S 25-8300 or something like that. They mount and work, but the stem/bolt...
  4. Bushwacker

    Automotive Replacement for stock signal lights

    Hey Guy's, So just wondering is there an automotive replacement for front turn signal/running lights on the Gen 1 or do/should I stick with the OEM bulbs? I ask because I don't have a bike shop around here that has parts for a 01 Vmax. Sux...
  5. bipick

    Turn signal lenses

    Does anybody know where I can get clear or smoked blinker lenses that fit the stock Gen 2 turn signals
  6. bipick

    Turn signal lenses

    Does any body know where I can get clear or smoked lenses to fit the stock blinkers on a Gen 2

    Anyone shorten the rear signal lamp stem

    IF it can or is their a replacement to shorten that stem a bit ?
  8. B

    non CBR Brake/Turn Signal Combo

    I did the CBR conversion on my last VMAX and I needed the turn signals and brake light combined on my second gen 1. The CBR is a nice solution but I had to find someone to weld up the inner fender for the setup I did. I wanted something this time that I didn't have to weld and this is what I...
  9. mikeinga

    Turn Signal nut

    Quick question tools are 100 miles away I need a wrench to get turn signals off can anyone tell me the nut size so I can go buy a wrench. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  10. V

    Headlight and turning signal issues

    Hello, I have a '94 Vmax and for some reason my headlight goes on and off as well as my right front turn signal stays on solid constantly when the bike is running. However when I use the turn signal it blinks along with the other three signals like it should but then goes back to a solid light...
  11. T

    LED turn signal help please

    Hello chaps Further to this thread I'v fitted similar (single colour) blinkers to the rear of my max. the problem i'v got is all four blinkers are now flashing simultaneously, like hazard warning lights If i re-fit the stock blinkers to...
  12. T

    Where is that RPM Tach output signal

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and bought a 2000 vmax 1200 in may. Have already done some modifications and I am currently adding a digital speedo with tach. I am trying to locate the “Tach Output” or “RPM Signal Output” on the max for the Signal input for the new digital speedo with...
  13. B

    Diameter of signal light stem.

    I am wanting to relocate my front signal lights on my 95 in order to put a sport shied on it.I have had a hard time finding brackets for it.I finally found some but i need to know the diameter of the stem in order to order the correct one.Anyone know the diameter of hole that I need for a bracket?
  14. B

    Front signal relocator kit for gen 1?

    Anyone know of a have a link for a front turn signal relocated kit?I purchased a National Cycle Sport Shield EX for my gen 1 only to realize after I got it that it won't work.
  15. Q

    Turn Signal replacement Help?

    I just replaced my OEM turn signals on my 2014 Gen II. I bought two wire LED lights, but planned not to use the running lights up front. I also bought the proper flasher module. So far so good. Here is the issue: If I hook the front turn signals to the flashing signal wires, the front and...
  16. ga_max

    Where Did I got Wrong ,Turn Signal Replacement)

    Feeling the mod monkey on my back but having very little $ at my disposal I thought I'd replace the lollipop turn signals with smaller ones. I wanted to stick with incandescent lights to avoid the LED issues. Found some on ebay the other in the forum used (dual filament, 3 wire) and got them...
  17. 2

    1996 Vmax turn signal relay

    Looks like my turn signal relay is gone. I am trying to wire it a Harlan shift light to the rear of the tach and there's no power to the brown wire. The gray is the tach impulse wire and the black is the ground. Does anyone know if the tach power is routed through the turn signal relay...
  18. T

    Front left turn signal

    I bought two new signals for the front, one has three wires and works great. The other only has two wires and not flashing. My question is do I have to buy a new one or is there a way to make this one work? The bulb has only one filament too!
  19. Johnc1go

    New Turn Signal Mods

    I wanted the UFO Radiance front signals, but I think I like this better. I got the idea from a member over at starvmax. I got the integrated tail late from a rider friend nearby.
  20. Roodillom

    Please help with turn signal wiring colors!

    I have a 2007. I am trying to install LED turn signals on it. All of the info that I have found shows the wires from the bike to be colored. Bur mine are black. Two are formed together and one is separate. I think one has a stripe. What's worse is that the signals came with no color codes. The...