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  1. Eric Cunningham

    Recommend turn blinkers for Givi screen mounting

    I swapped out the lollipop turn blinkers for strip blinkers in the front. The post is spongy black rubber and I am sure they are not robust enough to mount the Givi A123 windscreen in place. Is there a more robust turn signal that is a strip configuration that will anchor the windscreen? TIA
  2. L

    Flasher unit for LED turn signals.

    I am planning to convert my '92 to LED turn signals and noticed the flasher unit is a rectangular unit with maybe 5 wires. I've converted a 650 Honda and 650 Kawasaki in the past and they used the common automotive style round 3 wire flasher unit. I was able to buy an LED flasher unit for those...
  3. CaptainKyle

    smoked lens signals

    Factory turn signals with smoked lens $ 40 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email not pm [email protected]
  4. P

    Brand New LED signals & two resistors.

    Looked a long time to find some LED signals bigger than a quarter.:rofl_200: These came OE on Fischer motorcycle's, remember those? Anyway, high quality and bright. Sold the Vmax before I installed them. Includes two lightly used resistors. $50 shipped to cont US.
  5. labargeblake

    Replacing Turn Signals

    Any suggestions on how to remove the front turn signals without removing the brake lines? And also, if I dont use a relay for the aftermarket signals, will it hurt my bike?
  6. 3

    Updating Headlight & Turn Signals

    Hi.I'm new to the Vmax and want to get a more modern looking headlight and turn signals for my 2004.I'd like LED and hopefully something that performs better then stock.I have done wiring before but I would like to get something that is fairly easy to install.What is everyone using? Great...
  7. A

    How to mount turn signals on front of vmax

    Hello im from portugal, and my uncle have vmax 1200 1998 full power and don´t have the suport bar stock in front where the turn lights signals is mout. how can i mout the led turn signals in front of the bike ? i have this bike 1 week ago it has 13 mil kms...
  8. A

    Rear signals

    I have a sissy bar coming and thought I would replace the rear turn signals while I have everything off what is a good choice that is not to expensive.
  9. Foxviewnet

    Turn Signals Intermittent

    I noticed last night that my right front and rear left turn signals and running lights are intermittent. While riding, the running lights on these signals go in and out. The turn signals also do not work when they are off . They may stay on for a while while riding but I notice they tend to go...
  10. D

    Front left turn signals wont work

    My front left turn signals won't work on my '96 (one mounted on fork, one in the mirror). I just got this bike and I'm not familiar with the max's wiring; where should I start in diagnosing this? Everything looks hooked up too.
  11. Poolio

    Aftermarket turn signals non led

    I bought a set of jap crap lights that look cool. Back went on no problems. Front only has two wires. Have everything working but no running lights now. How can I get them to work? That extra wire I'm left with for each side because I only used two, can it be spliced into somewhere?
  12. Roodillom

    Changing turn signals to LED need help please

    I have a 2007. I am trying to install LED turn signals on it. All of the info that I have found shows the wires from the bike to be colored. Bur mine are black. Two are formed together and one is separate. I think one has a stripe. What's worse is that the signals came with no color codes. The...
  13. Roodillom

    Where to get a VMAX 1200 flasher for use with LED signals?

    I am putting LED turn signals on my 2007. They will probably blink fast with the stock flasher. I know you can use resistors but that negates a lot of the power savings over incandescent lights. I found one that was recommended but it was only for 2nd gen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. R
  14. Shredder

    6 pack rack, front turn signals, rear turn signals

    Thinking 90$ plus shipping for the 6 pack rack. Not sure what shipping will be but can get a price for anyone through my work if interested. Front turn signals. 20$ plus shipping Rear turn signals 20$ plus shipping.
  15. Shredder

    Led turns signals hyperflashing

    Picked up a set of smaller led turn signals for the front of my max. Installed them and of course im getting a hyperflash. I understand why its doing it. Just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to get s couple resistors. I dont know much about them and have never had to...
  16. Zeus36

    Motogadget m-Blaze Disc Turn Signals

    LED bar end mounted turn signals:
  17. T

    Replacing front turn signals with two wire assembly? How?

    Just got new turn signals for Father's Day. Rears went on fine but the front ones are three wire assemblies? Tried both ways and all I get is a solid light with a relay clicking noise when I activate turn switch? Light stays on solid with no blinking. Help please
  18. eggohead

    Wiring for mini turn signals

    Since I keep forgetting to make sure I tag the wires, here is a diagram that that might help.. Or at least I will know where to look.
  19. U

    1985 stock rear turn signals

    Does anyone have stock rear turn signals for an 85 they want to sell? Thanks, Steve
  20. T

    Wiring front LED signals and rear Clear Alternative integrated brake light/signals

    Wired the signals up and they just flash versus individually signal. Any thoughts? Fronts are the basic LEDs and I wired hot to hot, ground to ground and didn't use the blue (running light) and they both flash at the same time regardless of using left or right turn signal switch. Same in...