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  1. ga_max

    Delkevic Slipons Reviews/Pictures

    I've finally gotten tired of my Cobras. While I still love the look and sound I miss the lost power. I'm thinking about getting some Delkevic slipons. I like the look of the 9" Ovals but would like to get some of the opinions and see some pictures of some of the other options. I may be selling...
  2. Osiris

    Black Supertrapp slip-ons

    1st Gen. Black Supertrapp slip-ons with slight damage to the right side one. The left is in great shape. Both fully fuctional. $200. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  3. Lotsokids

    My Custom 4-Into-4 Slip-Ons (pics & vids)

    I decided to start this thread since there has been a lot of interest in my custom pipes. This 4-into-4 system was installed on my previous V-Max in Hungary when I bought it there. The previous owner said a friend custom made them for him. I've never seen or heard anything like it. It really...
  4. BorgBiker

    Cobra 4 into 4 Slip-ons

    When I bought my Max a year ago, it came with the Cobra 4 into 4 slash-cut mufflers. Far and away the best look IMHO for the classic musclebike look. However, the allure of the dark-side called from the bark of the Kerker 4 into 1, and the Cobras were retired to sit alone on a shelf. I planned...
  5. J

    Kerker K-Series Slipons w/(2) different sets of baffles

    Hello, I have a set of these in pretty good condition that I had on my '06 vmax for about a month. These sound awesome! I just decided to go with a different exhaust system. I'm asking $300 or best offer for them. Please let me know if you're interested. You can also call or text me at...
  6. Savage99

    Looking for cobra slipons for 2006.

    Looking to buy cobra slipons in nice condition for my 2006 vmax. Would trade my super traps for the Cobras. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  7. S


    I'm looking for a set of Kerker or SuperTrapps slip-ons for Gen 1 Vmax. I've been searching, and bidding on Ebay, just can't afford such high prices asked for or going for there. $200 range plus shipping I could afford, hard to get over that. Please, if you can help me, I'd appreciate it much...
  8. carrizog60

    custom slipons, link pipe or not?

    hello going to get price for a custom slip-ons, same look as stock. should i ask to make a link pipe or is something that is no worth the work(and price)? what does it affect? thanks
  9. J

    Cobra slash cut slipons

    Hello, has anyone ever tried to drill out the baffles on these? Everyone says that they rob the vmax of power. Can someone please let me know what they have done to there's and what kind of sound they have with them drilled out? Please let me know. Thanks, Jamie. Sent from my SM-N920T using...
  10. shawnlee

    super trapp slip-ons

    I have a set of black super trap slip ons 7 disk for sale 200.00. I also have the front exhaust pipes ,black, to go with it if needed. Asking 250.00 for set.
  11. V

    Supertrapp slip-ons for Gen 1 Vmax

    Supertrapp slip-ons - SOLD Sold! Thanks!
  12. Vmaxnewfie

    Delkevic 9" SS slip-ons

    Just installed these the other night. The fit is good, however 1 baffle had to be tapped in place. You can keep your center stand, but I removed mine (hardly use it anyway). Drove about 15 min with baffles in... Sounds nice and a little louder than stockers with 3/8" holes drilled... Nice tone...
  13. leecifer

    delkevic slipons

    Dose anyone have any experience with these I was thinking about the 9" carbon fiber ones but I am wondering about what sound do they compare to, and most important do they rob hp...
  14. Mr. Max

    Kerker slip-ons and centerstand?

    I'm about to buy Kerker slip-ons, but do they fit with centerstand?
  15. D

    Supertrapp slip-ons

    Hey everyone, Anyone out there have a set of these babies for a gen 1 they want to sell? I'm in Kitchener but travel to the Toronto area on a regular basis Thanks very much. Dave Cottrill 5195009511
  16. vmax2extreme

    GEN2 Mark slip-ons

    These look pretty nice on the GEN2, anyone have them yet?
  17. bobbybob

    Holeshot slip-ons??

    I just aquired a set of holeshot slip-ons for the ole 85 for a cheap price,and was wondering if anyone up here had ever heard of them before? Ive got them mounted up,and the power seems good,and its always good to shed some weight,..but i cant say that im very happy with the sound of them. Kinda...
  18. texas-ss-tornado

    Lost power with Supertrapp slip-ons?

    Just put some Supertrapp slip-ons on my 90 VMAX. They were used, but in excellent condition, the guy I bought them from had them on a 2005 model, and he told me he had put 4 or 5 discs in each side, they sound GOOD! However, my "seat of the pants" dyno is telling me that I have lost power. I...
  19. P

    Question for Bikes with Kerker Slipons

    Anyone with the Kerker slip on ever remove the baffle completedly for additional flow? Just curious how it sounded and what had to be done tuning wise to correct for the additional flow.
  20. V

    Recommended slip-ons

    Hi. As the title say I want to install some slipons to get the best sound possible. I like the size of the original exhaust, but not the sound. Is there any particular you would recommand me ? I would like them to be black instead of metal or polished. I'm not interested in gaining hp in the...