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  1. Fire-medic

    NJ town penalizes traffic jam software users

    Do you live near Leonia NJ, by the 'other end' of the George Washington Bridge? You will be subject to a proposed $200 fine, starting Jan. 2018, if you use their surface streets to avoid traffic on I-95. "No WAZE for you!" In mid-January, the borough’s police force will close 60 streets to...
  2. Fire-medic

    waterproof your iPhone via software upgrade

    PT Barnum was right: "there's a sucker born every minute," and once you read this, you will know it's true! "Mr. Mayhem" from the Allstate...
  3. Lotsokids

    Free AVG Antivirus Software!

    I installed this a couple weeks ago, and it seems to work very well. My Norton A/V stopped working on my Vista system, and does not install on my Windows 7 system. This is certainly better than nothing! I don't see any limits on the program at all. Oh... did I say it's FREE? :thumbs up...
  4. clintard

    Life Logging Software

    This may seem a little strange to you so bear with me. I want to find software that i can use to log/track every detail of my life. I am obese, i chain smoke, i eat extremely unhealthy, and i have a job that just amplifys all my bad decision making and bad habits through the roof. Im also...
  5. Buster Hymen

    Latest forum software upgrade

    I've finished an upgrade on the forum software. Let me know of any issues that you find. Dannymax pointed out an issue on the vbblue skin where the colour choice for the fonts did not work. This has been fixed with upgrade. :clapping: Also I've eliminated the 5 latest threads from the vbblue...
  6. Buster Hymen

    Did a software update this morning

    I did a software update this morning, let me know of any bugs you come across. I already fixed the problem when you replied or posted, it took you to a blank screen instead of your post.
  7. Buster Hymen

    Forum software upgrade tonight!

    I'm upgrading the forum software tonight, Saturday May 3rd. I'll be taking the forum down around 10 pm EST for about an hour. I'll also be adding another dark skin to choose from. The new software gives you your own photo album and the ability to create your own "social groups". The personal...
  8. Buster Hymen

    Software upgrade complete!!

    There are some differences you may notice, such a multi quote multiple replies when posting. For those that use the VMax Dark skin, the "New Posts" link is now under the Search button not the Menu button. Let me know if you come across any issues, problems, missing graphics etc.
  9. Buster Hymen

    -> Software upgrade coming up <-

    I want to upgrade the forum software which will mean some down time of the forum so I thought I'd see when would be the best time for some of you forum junkies so there is no withdrawl pains! LOL! :D It will probably be down for about 4 hours so I thought sometime just after Christmas, when you...