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  1. B

    OKC Vmaxers - synch tool

    Hi all. I am wondering if any of the Vmaxers in/around OKC have a carb synch tool they would be willing to share? I can travel to you. Nearing the end of my journey to bring my 97 out of its long slumber, and the home made tool I am trying to use isn't working - they are too far out and I keep...
  2. NHVmaxpower

    Synch tool

    Does anyone have a synch tool they are willing to let me use? I don't want to buy one I can't see spending the money on a tool I'll need 1 time. If you have one & wish to lend it to me I would appriciate it. Thanks .
  3. Fire-medic

    synch restrictor

    What is the size hole on the carb synch hose restrictor? I lost my restrictors and am thinking of getting some brass or copper tubing to fit the hose, soldering one end shut, and then drilling a small hole in the soldered end to make my own. I could experiment, but decided I would just ask. I...
  4. S

    synch question

    I did a search and didn't find anything real similar. I am synching my carbs with the vacuum guage style tool, I can get the left carbs in synch with each other and the right side carbs in synch with each other but the left side guages are readings 15-17" and the right side guages are reading...
  5. mattmullins

    carb synch problems

    Ok put in the morely kit went to synch the carbs, Carb 3 and 4 went to adjust and the idle changed but the Gage does Nothing, switched hoses around same thing
  6. nwilliams2112

    Carb synch kit

    Can anyone refer me to a good carb synch kit? Thanks, have a good one
  7. 2

    Carb Synch Nightmare!

    I own 2 Vmax's. I've had one of them for 16 years and the other, more recently. I have rebuilt and synched the carbs a couple times in the past and each time, the bikes ran good enough with the choke off to be able to effectively synch them. This time, however, it's a nighmare. They synched...
  8. Rusty McNeil

    Exhaust temp, Carb synch

    Here's an observation of mine from the last couple of days. Something to file in the "Diagnostic file" After installing my UFO exhaust out of curiousity I used an infrared thermal gun (left over from my car drag racing days to check tire temps) to check the pipe temps on all four pipes a...
  9. B

    Stage VII Synch Question

    I hear it is almost impossible to synch the carbs w/ the boost open, so how do stage 7 guys synch their carbs?