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  1. Fire-medic

    Tony Soprano takes the long dirt nap

    Only 51! If you aren't in-shape, start now so you don't end-up at the Big Strip Club in the Sky (or, is it in the other direction?):ummm:
  2. dannymax

    Bad storm takes biker's life

    Police investigate fatal motorcycle accident in Berkshire County HINSDALE, Mass. - A motorcyclist is dead after an accident on Route 8 in Hinsdale, Massachusetts. Police say it could be connected to the storms and that there was a tree and wires down on the road. Police tell WNYT that at this...
  3. A

    1998 vmax revs up ok but takes a while going back to idle

    iv just got a vmax 1998 model, and it revs up ok but seems to take a while to go back to idle when you shut the throttle the throttle cables are fine no sticking any ideas what this could be , the bike runs excellent otherwise thanks in advance
  4. J

    Help me win a trip to Texas...it only takes 10 seconds!

    Aloha from Hawaii folks! My brother is up for the title in a photo of the year contest! If he wins, we both get to go on a hunting trip in Texas! :punk::punk: If you could help us out by voting for the October picture, that would be awesome! :eusa_dance: Here is the link. It only...
  5. dtoebaert-5311

    They say he takes after me...

    ...especially the eyes...:biglaugh: http://www.elas.be/vmax/vlad op vmax.jpg
  6. S

    Political Takes

    I like to see what people send in to the Fox site under 'What's your take'. Some people have some talent with with ideas and photo shop. There's always something that gives me a good laugh.
  7. desert_max

    Mr. Max takes a fall - by himself

    I feel pretty stupid. I have had lots of bikes, but I have never had one fall off the stand. Here's how it went: Started bike, had it idling on the sidestand (like always) while I geared up. I hear a crash and then silence. I see GASOLINE GUSHING!!! Bike rolled off the stand and fell onto...
  8. GREEN light BLITZ

    The "Cruise Missile" takes its next step

    Alright guys, Its done! I FINALLY got around to ordering and recieving my one seater conversion from Exactrep in England! I think it really put the brass knuckles on my "street fighter" (definitions of street fighter vary) and I got to put on my license plate holder finally too! So heres my...
  9. S

    New VMax takes on Rivals - MCN March 4th

    See link to report in the current MCN - Vmax 09 V Hayabusa V R6 V Old Vmax on the drag strip - http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/News/newsresults/mcn/2009/march/2-8/mar0309-new-mcn-march-4/
  10. Jayhawk

    Darwin takes another

  11. G Man

    Rider freezes and takes ditch

    Classic... H-D rider makes the big pass, then gets scared and freezes causing them to simply drive into a DEEP ditch. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4206826673549984946 Hope they were o.k..