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  1. Fire-medic

    time to get dirty

    An appointment in the ultrasonic tank tomorrow, awaits. Which carb bowls are on the kickstand side?
  2. fmcandrew

    Time to say goodbye

    Well, after 7 years of ownership it is time to say goodbye to my 1995 Vmax. I reluctantly sold it yesterday, the first person to see it snatched it up at full asking price (I was kinda hoping they would try to lowball me and I could hold onto it a bit longer, but unfortunately not). I want...
  3. Fire-medic

    School students cannot tell time nor easily use pens, pencils

    In another sign of 'changing times,' schools have been replacing analog clocks with digital clocks, because students cannot tell the time. It gets worse: they complain they cannot effectively use a pen or pencil because they cannot hold it properly...
  4. capymotiv

    Time to ask the experts.

    Her is the situation. Bought used 88. Popped, sputtered and sometimes stalled at low rpm's but pulled like a horse after 2k rpm. Did the "shotgun" method. Engine seemed to loose throttle response and was just blah afterwards. Not quite a miss but almost as though a dead cylinder. Pulled carbs...
  5. K

    85' right where I want her and time to sell... LOL

    Finished up my 85' to get it to look how I wanted and I think it is time for a new project! LOL... I have all the original parts as well. What do you think it is worth? 29k miles. Runs amazing. Tires are BRAND new (50 miles?), new battery, new filter and carbs just cleaned up.
  6. Regular Guy

    Have some time to kill? This guy HATES the VMax

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5kPOKseyjk Read the comments by "Yamaha SR650". I know some people are not a fan of our beloved Gen1's and 2's but DAMN! This guy acts like Yamaha done took his lunch money, shot his dog, stole his car and took his wife. It's quite entertaining. I...
  7. Fire-medic

    time for a donation

    Hi fellow members, I just made a modest donation to the site, to help Gary keep things up & running. If you haven't in awhile, may I suggest that you also consider contributing whatever you can? Being able to participate in the discussions, seeing members sort-out their issues, and getting...
  8. Fire-medic

    professor vs student at exam time

    Funny! As a college educator, I am familiar with both types of people shown here. The student is clearly a quicker 'on his feet' thinker than the portrayed professor. I hope the scratch-off was a winner. Spring commencement for us is tomorrow, I have a week off now before the summer semester...
  9. Poolio

    First time

    I've got the new galfer clutch line, looking to purchase a all in one bundle. Factory steels, good fibers, pcw spring. Is there anything else I need? How tough of a job is this? Any help is appreciated. Would like to order everything from the same spot
  10. TB99Max

    I think it's time to dump this POS!

    After NUMEROUS attempts at getting this thing running right to no avail..... IM DONE! :bang head: I've had the carbs off and gone through 3 TIMES and it'll run good for a bit and then back to the same old bulls**t! The first time I had the carbs crone through it ran good for 800 or so miles...
  11. Rollie

    Xmas Time

    Seen on I-285 this morning in Atlanta...
  12. steamer97

    A year wait to have time for the max

    I have a gen 1 that I purchased one year ago. It has been fun to ride but sounded bad at slow speeds as if it had a set of large overlap camshafts It popped and coughed at idle until it warmed up something fierce. I thought about a cops conversion but always had thought it was just running...
  13. Bill Seward

    It's time..

    After a 39 year run, I decided to finally hang up my work boots and retire. We got the finances settled in the divorce, and she's filing next week. I've got Medicare, Social Security, and a small pension. My car is paid up 6 months ahead and I don't owe any credit cards or other loans. 3 guys...
  14. vwaxxed

    First time at the track

    Ran my 86 last night. I was only able to get 2 passes. I had never ridden a bike down the track before and have only had the vmax about a month. Best pass was 11.63 @118mph with a 1.93 60ft. I need to get that 60ft down. Not too bad for my first time and an pretty much stock bike! [/URL][/IMG]
  15. Shredder

    Lost a long time friend today.

    A good friend of mine just started riding this year. He rode a yamaha r6. I went with him earlier this year to look at the bike. I told him to buy it. There was snow on the ground so i even put it in my truck and hauled it home for him. I warned him from the beggining to mind his p's and q's on...
  16. blaxmax

    Long Time friend passes at Bonneville-Sam Wheeler

  17. Fire-medic

    Another shooting of police in Baton Rouge this time

    Wow, terrible news, police in Baton Rouge shot, fatalities: http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/17/us/baton-route-police-shooting/index.html Victims include sheriff's officers and police.
  18. radley

    Time for a handgun?

    Is it time to own a few guns and start stocking up on ammo? $500 will buy me a Glock m19, and I just got my rent deposit back....
  19. rusty

    He ducked just in time

  20. Falaholic

    New 1/4 time

    Went to the track last night. Heard rumors of this; back to back runs. By the time I picked up my time slip I was immediately back on the staging line. In a matter of 30 min, I completed 9 passes. My bike never had a chance to cool down. This time around I took off my windshield and saddle...