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  1. H

    Valve clearence kit

    Hello friends!! Guys, i need to know how i can get valve clearance kit to work on my vmax because i think my engine has some valve without the correct clearance. The biggest problems is that im in Brazil and this is my "Big Yellow" 94 vmax! Thank you for your help!!!
  2. Supercharger

    Cooland thermostat valve

    Hi everybody. I'm wondering the thermostat valve is really nescessary. Because i not ride in the "cold season" time. What will happen for the engine if the coolant system always are 100% open? :ummm:
  3. G

    Vmax valve shim tool

    Anyone have the valve shim tool they would be willing to loan? Will cover shipping to and from. Only 4 shims that need swapping. Or is they a way to swap without the tool? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. O

    Valve cover gasket source

    I've been searching this for an hour unsuccessfully. I need one for my 04 and can't locate a vendor. Could someone post a link? I tried Partzila and got frustrated with their website. Thanks. Jack
  5. Lotsokids

    Valve Cover Gasket Change - Step By Step

    Step 1: Buy a rope Step 2: Hang yourself Actually, just pull the engine out. It might be easier. The inner cover bolts could only be accessed with an allen wrench. 1/4 turns at a time all the way out. Then the timing chain pulled the new gasket off when I tried to install the cover over...
  6. S

    coolant drain valve confusion

    Getting ready to change coolant. Started searching for how-to's since the service manual pics leave something to be desired. Came across a pic online that says the position shown is for draining the radiator...which is interesting because that's the position it is in right now. Bike runs fine...
  7. 9

    Valve adjustment shims

    Hello all, 1st post. I have looked over the entire site and actually found a great write up on doing a valve adjustment.. The problem is, is that it mentions nowhere what diameter shims to use. Does anyone have this info?
  8. D

    Valve cover

    Good afternoon guys, Question I have been noticing that the valve cover seems like its letting oil seep out very light but it has me worried. Do i need to put another valve cover gasket?
  9. davidon

    Valve shim strategy

    If a measurement is right at the edge of a range what is the best policy? Better to be on the loose end of the range for exhaust and tight for intake or other way around?
  10. B

    Race Tech Gold Valve FEGV S3801

    Sold Fits 85-92. Purchased these used PO put them in, tried them for around 500 miles then went a different direction. I made mistake and purchased them won't fit my 96 nor 99.
  11. Barry barker

    Chrome Gen 1 valve covers

    Sold Chrome Gen 1 valve covers Sold You know you want the Bling! Its not show chrome, but it is pretty shiny $160.00 delivered to the lower 48 or best offer. Not sure what these are worth. 501-520-8211 [email protected]
  12. bkuberek

    Coolant leaking from drain valve

    Hello, My vmax started leaking coolant from the drain valve and I was wondering if there is anything special about fixing it. If I take it apart what will I need to put it back together? Thanks
  13. B

    Valve Adjustment

    Doing my first Valve Adjustment on my 1990 VMax and I found 7 tight valves, 3 intakes measuring .003, + 4 exhaust measuring .009. I have the service manual and I'm thinking the cross reference chart is not correct? One Exhaust measured .009- .223mm with a 268 shim installed and the chart calls...
  14. VMAX2006

    Valve adjustment/Pre detonation

    I need some wisdom from you old salty vmax lovers.. Ok I bought a stupid clean 06 max with 4500 miles, had a lot of popping so I have gutted the carbs and she is clean and sounding well.. There a little stutter between 2500-3500. I keep checking the plugs and 3 look perfect.. A nice light...
  15. L

    manetizing valve shims??

    Hi everyone, I wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were on a small issue I noticed in part #2 of the valve adjustment thread. In "g's" description of Sean's shim kit he mentions a magnet to remove and position the shims. Then shows the shims in another pic being held by the magnet. ok here's...
  16. R

    Valve adjustment

    Hi guys I was wondering how much it might cost to have the valves adjusted on my Vmax .I think they may be making a little noise.Thanks.:ummm:
  17. B

    valve cover wrench

    I got tired of trying to get at the valve cover bolts only to be able to turn them a little at a time with an Allen wrench. So I cut a piece of Allen wrench found a ratchet wrench and pressed to sae nuts into the metric wrench. Drilled the nuts to the right size and using the vise pressed the...
  18. M

    Brass plug missing for needle valve seat

    Anyone know where to get a brass pressed plug that goes into the carb housing where the needle valve sits? The previous owner knocked it out while trying to rebuild the carbs and I can't see them on the parts listing. Attached a pic to see the gaping hole left behind after his handywork. :bang...
  19. J

    Valve clearance measuring method

    Thanks to Sean and his shim kit and NaughtyG and his thorough "how-to", I'm doing my valve clearance adjustment this weekend. However, I've been thinking about the method used by NaughtyG to check the valve clearance vs the Service Manual method. Why did the Yamaha engineers come up with such...
  20. S

    Valve shims

    Can valve shims be ground to a certain size using a surface grinder?