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Jul 9, 2023
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Panama City, FL
Hello, I'm wrapping up the year-long restoration of my 1985 1200 in original Dark Amethyst. I've come a long way with this bike; at first, I really didn't like the color and considered switching to Deep Scarlet. I figured the pinstripes killed the originality anyway. I also bought a set of carbon fiber tins from exactrep, to give it an updated look. Long story short, now that I'm at the tail end of this, in its original garb it has gone from ugly duckling to spectacular. Even the pinstripes don't bother me, and my bodyman suggested I leave then alone versus paying him to paint over them. He said they're a vestige of a "lost art" in the vein of Von Dutch and others.

I would like to paint the faux tank cover, though. Looks like brake fluid dripped on the starboard side and damaged a small section. Paint man says no problem, but would like the code to enter into his software. Worst case scenario, he said he can manually mix paint to match, but that it would be a lot easier to have the code and we'd get a better match. So:

1. Does anyone have the paint code for Dark Amethyst?
2. Does anyone know where to get the 1.5" Yamaha tank emblems?

I like the blue so much that I think I'll sell the Exactrep carbon fiber tins, which are new in the box, never mounted. But that will be a separate post. Thanks for your help!


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Colorite has always been the “go to” source for factory paint matches. Being a 85 “snob” I always wanted that first year color. I always thought of it as a shade of purple. It is the one color never available from them. I don’t know f their color code will give you the info to take to your jobber to mix. I’d want to take a formulation in grams of base color, plus whatever grams of the various tints and metallics. That would give most shops a fighting chance to get close.

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