Muffler delete sound only? Anyone do just slip on mufflers??

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May 23, 2022
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Hi, I'm very new to the community and I'm looking to simply change the mufflers for cosmetic reasons and also for slight sound increase. I am aware that most people just de-cat as that creates the most restriction of sound. However, for me, the look of the bike without the cat doesn't appeal to me. I don't like that empty space under there. So, I'm thinking the easiest thing would be to simply remove the two mufflers and to fabricate my own pipes or slip ons that appeal to me better.

My question is, does any have a video of just the mufflers removed and a start up, idle and rev? I thought I found a video a while ago but all I can find now are de-catted videos with stock mufflers still on or new replacement systems.

Thank you for your help!!!!
I should mention that I just found a 2020 out of state and it will be delivered next week. I'd like to get a jump on this modification. I don't have the bike yet to take them off myself to get a listen. Thank you for willingness to help.
Thank you so much, that's helpful. How does it sound while riding when you get on it a bit under load? I'd like to keep the cat due to cosmetic reasons but not for sound/performance. When it's removed, I think there's too much empty space under there. I just want to change out mufflers, or in this case, just custom fabricate a small pipe/tip since the mufflers don't muffler much.
Also, do you mind posting a side pic from about 8-10 feet away?
I really can’t tell if there is much difference in sound at all, under load or idle. These pics are some I found online when I was initially thinking of running without the mufflers. IMG_7380.jpegIMG_6019.jpeg
Perfect, thank you so much. That dual tip pipe was exactly what I was just wondering if I should do or not. That single pipe looks good too.
Anyone else have pics of just swapping out OEM muffler cans for aftermarket or just tips?

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