My first riding video. I need to invest $11....

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Jun 30, 2021
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I guess it will take 1h. or so to upload on youtube.
1.Cellphone holder was on one of my bikes. ($20 from ebay????)
2.Cellphone, I have cheap one, but will use one of my old phones anyway next time.
3.Half way memory was full, I am going to buy 1 tb SD microcard for $11 from ebay. I already bought one for my desktop, it works fine.

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I'm wondering how you managed to ride and at the same time play the guitar but probably not that hard if the road had no bends.

Oh, be careful with cheap SD cards, particularly Sandisk and Samsung fakes especially if the data saved is important.

One way you used to be able to tell was genuine have white edge, fakes black. ... doesn't help that the fakes are able to reproduce the holographic sticker, oh those sneaky Chinese.
'Fraid you need to work on the plot and dialogue, Spielberg will be sleeping easy in his bed.

Apart from offering evidence against the dick head that pulls out in front of you the only other use for dash cam footage is as a cure for insomnia.
Price of cellphone holders on youtube starts from $4 shipped and you can buy new phone for $25 just to shoot videos. Cheap cameras have low resolution.
I installed missing nut of cellphone holder, vibration should decrease, nut is better than electrical tape... I am so smart! ;) :)
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Riding VTX1800 video (not mine), just checking shaking
Notice how the telegraph poles are planted so that the wires cross the road.

There seems to be no pattern or reason for this.

I would have thought it would be best so the wires do not cross the road should for example a pole fall down else if they do, the poles are planted to minimise the amount of cable required to cross bends in the road.
Harleys have crank with single connecting rod journal(more shaking), VTX1800 has 2(ignition is 180 apart, less shaking). It means poles are more likely to fall, when Harley passes by... ;)
My family got me the new GoPro Hero 10 for Christmas and I am blown away by the quality of the video and camera. It has wind cancellation, anti-shake and when you walk in the house it automatically uploads all the day's footage to the cloud. These clips are raw footage right off the camera just trimmed to size and linked to my online library for sharing. If you want to get great video it costs a little more than a cell phone mount but the quality is amazing.

Harley Roadglide with audio from bike (Notice no wind noise): GoPro Hero 10 and HD Road Glide

Yesterday on the Vmax. (Great section of sweeping curves at the 1:10 mark.) I just had new tires installed and all brake calipers re-built so we weren't going balls to the wall. 1990 Vmax on backroads in NC.

I have a new suction mount for the bike but I share my rides on FB and my non-cycling friends like to see the first person view of what my hands are doing, etc.
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My family got me the new GoPro Hero 10 for Christmas and I am blown away by the quality of the video and camera. It has wind cancellation, anti-shake
Wow! Your videos are "slightly" better than mine... About 1 mln. times! Can I post your videos on youtube? Super clear picture. Great Christmas gift you got! Now you have to open youtube account and record your every ride. Camera looks like it is attached to your shoulder. Is it really shoulder mount? I'll just buy everything you have, same camera, same mount. Bike should be in the picture to complete virtual ride!!!!!! Very impressive!
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I'm using the standard adhesive mount that comes with the camera kit and it is attached to the side of my helmet halfway up. We got the bundle that has a battery, SD card and case. The SD card holds about 2 hours of video which has been more than enough.

I also bought this remote which I strap to my handlebars so I can turn the camera on and off and start/stop recording without having to use my phone. The "Quik" app for the camera is really slick. The camera creates it's own Wi-Fi and then the app and remote synch up to it so everything is seamless.

I paid $50 for an annual GoPro subscription so I get unlimited cloud storage, online video editing, etc. Very pleased with everything so far.

The camera really makes it simple to get clear, crisp video without wind noise.

This was the first video I ever recorded and this footage is raw right off the camera. (I learned to tuck my collar out of the way after this video.) HD Road Glide

These are the two bikes in the videos. The VMax now has an H4 LED headlight bulb which makes a TON of white light for better daytime visibly to oncoming traffic.

I built a business for the past ten years via social media, including youtube but I don't have any desire to do that with cycling. I'm nearly retired at age 48 and want to RELAX and enjoy life.Vern with RG.jpgVmax Stone Mtn.jpg
Shrimp, I love your business, you get something for free and sell it! You and your wife are definitely super business people! Was it your wife's idea? She looks very smart and intelligent. 👍
No matter what, man, it’s all worth it because your bike looks gorgeous! I wish I had seen it earlier. As for storage, you could buy 500GB of storage on Google Drive. It doesn’t cost much, and you’ll always be sure that your data is safe. So, I don’t think there’s much sense in paying $50 for a GoPro subscription. Unless you use GoPro all the time, literally. Personally, I’ve bought 500GB of storage and downloaded a free video editor here. We all have different purposes, so the choice is up to you. Anyway, keep us updated!!
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