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  1. VmaxVboost

    Parting out a 2000 Gen 1 Max

    I created a web site to manage this part out. The web address is http://www.austin-ent.com/Vmax-sale/ If I do not get right back to you, I plan on checking this once per day. My email is [email protected] Please reply with item number and price from the web page. Many thanks to Sean...
  2. B

    Starter noise 2000 vmax

    Rode today and every time I started it I heard a clunking sound. If it was a car I would say the starter solenoid was not fully engaging with the flywheel and is going out. Looked around on the forum and it looks like I have to pull the side covers off and inspect the starter clutch. Does it...
  3. D

    Sold 2000 Custom Vmax for sale

    SOLD...It is with great reluctance that I am putting my customized 2000 Yamaha Vmax up for sale. I have to make room in the garage so my loss is your gain. Mileage is at 11K. This bike has absolutely no rust or scratches. It’s the only bike I have that’s carbureted and it isn’t ridden very...
  4. wilsonishere

    2000 stock bottom end

    This is my old max first time on a dyno. I have done all the work in my one car garage and this is just my baseline for tuning.
  5. D

    2000 vmax for sale

    bike is sold. thanks for everything guys!
  6. naughtyG

    2000 Vmax - Perth Australia

    2000 Vmax - Perth Australia *SOLD* **BIKE IS SOLD** I am selling my Vmax, please email me at [email protected] for all details and additional pictures. It is in awesome condition with only 5100kms on the clock. I imported it to Australia from the US in 2010. Here are all the mods / extras...
  7. vmax2extreme

    2000 vmax part bike

    Still have many parts left from a parts bike: LETS MAKE A DEAL!!! ALL PENDING SALE Front/rear Calipers Front Wheel Radiator Front end Instrument panel wire harness Left/Right brake/clutch masters Rear brake master stock sets Frame w/clean title PENDING SALE Ignition w/key (gas cap too)...
  8. vmax2extreme

    Parting out 2000 vmax

    Recently acquired a 2000 vmax with 45,000 miles. PARTING ALL OUT with a Clear title. All prices do not include shipping: Superbrace $75 Complete Seat $100 (SOLD) Stainless front brake lines $60 (SOLD) OEM Sissybar $175 (SOLD) luggage rack (SOLD) Sissybar bag $20 (SOLD) Large Fairing...
  9. W

    how to fit 2000 R1 forks to vmax,i

    hi brothers, i just got a set of r1 forks from a 2000 model,i have got a set of yokes machined up ,is there any pitfalls to fitting them with original wheel and i also have a set of blue spots,im going to rebuild this fronend to have it a bolt on bolt off,was going to fit new mastercylinders...
  10. C

    2000 vmax in iowa -SOLD-

    http://desmoines.craigslist.org/mcy/4975543401.html I just bought a gen 2.
  11. rifleman

    2000 VMAX in Iowa -SOLD-

    Also posted on CL, http://desmoines.craigslist.org/mcy/4941969269.html, but reducing the price for forum members to $3900 since this forum has been awesome to me. Please mention the forum when responding. Great bike, excellent condition, only 15??? miles. Only had a VMAX for about three years...
  12. J

    2000 suzuki rm250

    sold.....delete http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/mcy/4823730334.html My bike. Figured I would post it here too. Need to fund project "pipe dream"! Northwest Indiana....... Rensselaer 47978
  13. D

    2000 VMax 16700 miles for 2500

    Just as the title says. Selling my VMax. It hasn't been ridden for a little over a year. It needs its carbs rebuilt and at present doesn't run because they are removed. I can put the carbs back in but they will need to be rebuilt before it will run again. I started the rebuild my self and...
  14. dekberg

    Highly modified 2000 VMAX For Sale

    2000 Yamaha VMAX with tons of extras/modification ($6,000 OBO) Bike runs, sounds and rides great. 122 Rear Wheel HP (RWHP) Approximately 29,000 miles Clear title Bike has as won first place in two bike shows for best metric cruiser. Engine was pulled last year, transmission was completely...
  15. V

    2000 for sale

    Yes the time is here. You may remember I just joined not to long ago... I bought this bike as a pure commuter for some military training.... So it's time for me to go and the bike as well. I'm purely trying to get back what I have in (a lil less actually). You can find the details here...
  16. G

    2000 Vmax FS

    2000 Vmax FS **SOLD** Bike is sold and thread can be removed. Thx
  17. J

    2000 Carbon-Fiber V-Max for SALE

    Mods include: Jetted and piped with a Hindle Carbon Fiber pipe, BoxenStopr, custom seat, single "EYE" break and turn light, Oil pressure guage and a SuperBrase. New Batt with tender hook up and a Garmin 750/850 hookup. Sorry the GPS unit is going on the new bike. If intrested txt...
  18. P

    Question about 2000 forks

    Hi, in in the process of dissassembling my forks. I can't find the air valve to remove air pressure. Is there a difference between my 43mm forks and the one in vmaxoutlaw service manual? Do i really need to remove air pressure? Thanks!
  19. C

    2000 V-Max in Moorhead MN

  20. D

    Car tyre on rear of 2000 vmax

    G'Day, I have a side car on my Vmax 1200 and was wondering if anyone knows what size car tyre will fit. Thanks Derek