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  1. poppop

    finally got a new to me bike a 2008 vtx 1800

    i know a few of you guy's know i sold my max around 3 years ago.not a thing wrong with it,for me it just wasn't my true cup of tea. always will hold a special place in my heart.iwatched it leave the drive ,the walked to the end of the drive and watched it go outta sight,Im 62 now and just...
  2. Lotsokids

    Merry Christmas to me!!! - 2008 Corvette

    My family is disintegrating before my eyes. Kids are going astray. Divorce will be final by early April. So I bought a nice distraction - a 2008 Corvette - 6.2L 6-speed. What a ROCKET!!! I didn't intend on buying it, but I have been shopping for quite some time now and I'm very familiar with the...
  3. maxcruiser

    Looking for feedback on a 2008 Suzuki Bandit 1250s

    Been considering buying a sport touring bike lately. I will still keep my Vmax, but my old bones are telling me that I need something more comfy for long rides. Been looking mostly at used FJR1300, but have not found one yet. I came across a 2008 Suzuki Bandit 1250s that is factory equipped...
  4. radley

    Power Steering Leak on 2008 Honda Pilot

    so the lady i been hanging with for a while, well, of course I end up diagnosing/researching/fixing her ride, 08 Pilot. Been a good car, but recently sprung a bit of a power steering fluid leak. Thought maybe a bad seal in rack, like my Malibu had. Took a peek under hood, looked at pump, could...
  5. F

    2008 vmax fs

    15k miles. Dual headlight, aftermarket turn signals, drag bars, newer tires n brakes. Just registered n inspected. Runs very good. $3700
  6. donnelly317

    2008 yamaha venture?

    What your guys opinions on a 2008 venture with pipes and other accessories? I was thinking about getting rid of the 03 Vfr the wife doesn't think it's comfortable at all. I went to get my bike inspected by my local yamaha dealer buddy he has this on consiment it's a 2008 with 31k asking 8600...
  7. 1967vmax

    2008 Yamaha Roadliner/Stratoliner Deluxe

    Selling my strat she has 14k all star accessories and Tsukayu fairing/ stereo and hard bags i have a ultima touring seat with the star lockable detachable back rest with luggage rack it has the cobra fi2000 auto tuner and K&N air filter Hard Krome pipes star driving lights lindby crash bar with...
  8. M

    2008 Yamaha FJR for sale or trade

  9. Biker Dash

    2008 Venture Swingarm/diff

    I found a listing for a complete 2008 Yammie Royal Star Venture swingarm/differential. Will this fit my 03 Max, or are there differences that will make it so it will not work? This is the listing here: 2008 Royal Star Venture swingarm/diff on Ebay
  10. N

    How do I wire up a 2008 R1 R/R? 3 wires + second connector..

    I heard of people swapping out the R/R for the R1 version.. I got the 2008 R1 R/R, but cant find and write ups on how to install it. I see it has 2 plugs- on the left plug it;s 3 wires of all the same color, and the other plug is a red and black wire. So adapting it to my 91' max', do I just...
  11. F

    2008 Zuk SV650S

    2008 Zuk SV650S ( SOLD ) Hi all. We have decided to sell my son's SV650S. Going to get back into the dirt bike thing. Please see craigslist link below and e-mail, call, or text me if interested or if you may have some questions. Thanks, Rick...
  12. 1967vmax

    2008 Yamaha Roadliner/Stratoliner Deluxe

    Selling my strat it has Tsukayu fairing with 6x9 speakers am/fm ipod mp3 port,cd player sounds awesome fairing has a 12v charing port. Bike has star driving lights, Lindy crash bar with Kuraykyn pegs has the cobra autotuner with k&n filter has the 3" Hard Krome road burner pipes with removable...
  13. mattness

    Obama searched WAY more than peepees in 2008

    http://www.google.com/trends?q=obama%2C+penis&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0 lol anyone ever played with this? its called google trends, basically what you do, is you take a word(or 2, or 3) and search them like this obama or obama, peepee obama, ron paul etc etc and it shows you a chart of...
  14. RagingMain

    2008 fjr ae

    Looking at one What do you guys think???:ummm:
  15. Heretic

    Almost bought a 2008 FZ1

    I stopped by a small family owned Yamaha dealer in Bellevue, NE (small town south of Omaha) today to see what they had available. On the floor they had a red 2008 FZ1 with the gold wheels and forks. 0 miles, they don't test ride them until they have a buyer. They only wanted $8400, and I made...
  16. Santa

    Santa's photo contest giveaway 2008!

    :newyear0:YAWN!!!! Well my alarm just went off. I just checked my list and it looks like we have quite a few naughty memebers here on the ol' forum. Now remember Santa only posts here cause I love the Vmax just as much as you mortals. So in celebration of the Christmas season. It is time...
  17. Thevmaxrider

    Manitoulin Ride 2008

    All, Just got back, actually sitting here with Redbone & ALMTY getting ready to eat, from our meet up on Manitoulin Island with Maxcruiser. Here are some pics from me, ALMTY will post more when he gets home.... some time on Tuesday LOL. We had a great time, thx Maxcruiser for tour guiding...
  18. rhoke

    2008 cordova world series

    First of all The world series was awesome. Anyhow, 10.85 @ 124 1.7 60ft The bike keeps getting faster and faster Started with 10.96 and ended with the 10.85. Still need to work on the 60 ft and keeping the front end down but looking forward to the slick and bars for OCTOBERFEST (maybe)...
  19. A

    09 VMAX pix at Sturgis 2008

    Got to take a good look at one at Sturgis. All I can say is wow!
  20. K

    Sturgis 2008

    I haven't seen anything posted here about it. Is anyone else planning on going to the Sturgis rally this year? My wife and I (along with another couple) should be arriving Sunday evening, August 3rd. We're looking to hook up with anyone interested in getting together! Kent.