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  1. pikipikos

    A/f screws on 94 carbs

    Hi vmaxers...my 94 max, is smelly...i think is too reach..carbs have been rebuild last year..where are the a/f screws anyway?? If are the ones under the diaphragm covers, they don't seem to turn, like preset think...wet level is a 1mm under the 17mm line on clear tube... Please hekp to tune my...
  2. J

    New A/F screws seem aweful tight.

    Hello, last year I Bought a 05 that had stage 7 installed. It had a crap idle off choke from sitting for a year so attempted shotgun clean. Cleaning went OK till I got to right rear carb and found the A/F screw missing. I Ordered a replacement and bike idled better so I rode it and was too...
  3. fmcandrew

    Dual A/F Meter - what cha runnig?

    Was thinking of adding a dual (Holeshot exhaust) wideband A/F meter kit. A see a few options...was curious what folks were using and their set-up? Thx Frank
  4. N

    A/F screw has no effect

    Hi guys (& girls), quick question... if I can screw one of the A/F screws all the way in with no effect to the rpms, does that mean the cylinder isn't firing? The bike seems to run fine (albeit normal erratic vmax behaviour). All other A/f screws make the revs fluctuate, except for cylinder...
  5. mundmc

    Shotgun complete, A/F (sorta) adjusted, carb syncing question

    Where I left off, the "shotgun" fixed my bad idle/ low power question. Today I decided to try to sync the carbs and to futz with the air-fuel screws. 1) Even if I tightened the screw for carbs 3&4 all the way, they still wouldn't go to the same vacuum. Thoughts? 2) Tightening the air-fuel...
  6. B

    A/F mix screw stuck. Will a 1300 Venture carb fit?

    I've been reading and trying to get the A/F mixture screw out of the right rear carb. Can't get it out. My question is this: can I buy a 34mm carb from a 1300 Venture, dusassemble both carbs, swap the jets and replace just one carb?
  7. TB99Max

    A/F adjustment questions

    My 99 had a full two brothers (4-1) exhaust but I removed the slip on a put a single universal supertrapp with a open end. I kind of got screwed up when doing the peashooter.... Well interrupted I should say and messed up my settings. I was going to go back to stock settings #1- 2.5, #2- 2.75...
  8. B

    A/F ratio vs jet size

    Ok, all you guys that put your bikes on a dyno, on average changing one jet size changed you air fuel ratio by......how much? I know its not going to by the same for every motor, pipes and engine mods will effect it, but it should be able to be used as a ball park figure.
  9. blaxmax

    How to set your a/f mixture screws manually

    'They should be set as lean as possible . Set up your carbs...then take a ride and adjust one carb at a time. With the engine at operating temperature start with one carb and turn in the mixture screw a very very small amount at a time ....turn it in a hair..then ride it . Turn it in some more...
  10. E

    A/f screw extraction results

    Has anyone successfully extracted a frozen air/fuel mixture screw out of the carburetor? I have seen a lot of people post about their future attempts but I have not seen any results or follow up on the technique used with exception to Sean's. I currently have one stripped and frozen screw...
  11. jagco1

    A/F screw came out of sync

    Sometime my A/F air fuel screws will came out of sync. I was trying few ways to make them hold up longer with out using something on the a/f screw to stay longer. I tried a few different things and this is what I came up with and it works for me. I been riding the bike hard and took to the...
  12. jwood

    A/F Needles

    I am getting ready to replace my corrosion infested AF needles, do i need to drain the bowls first? If the needles don't come out I know I can blow some air down the PAJ to set them free, but can this be done "without" disassembly of the diaphragm covers and removing the slides first?
  13. R

    Air / Fuel ratio gauge. Tune carb A/F?

    Hi, I come across this product on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTORCYCLE-52mm-Racing-Gauge-Air-Fuel-Ratio-WHITE-Back-light-/321032174453?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4abf023b75&vxp=mtr Anyone uses this before? Can I use this to tune the carb?
  14. R

    Setting all four A/F blindly to 2 1/4 turn. Is that OK?

    Setting all four A/F screws blindly to 2 1/4 turn. Is that OK? Hi Appreciate your comments and suggestions. I'm really not knowledgeable enough about carb. Anyway here's the story. Stock carb, custom exhaust. The PO messed up. Carb setting was way off. On idle the bike seemed to be...
  15. texas-ss-tornado

    A/F question

    So on this last set of carbs I rebuilt, the A/F brass plugs had been taken out, and 3 of the 4 holes were EMPTY. I had some spare carbs laying around and was able to insert them into 3 of the 4 holes, but on the forth hole, the A/F won't start threading? Looking into the hole, it doesn't look...
  16. M

    A/F screw function?

    I've searched and searched but I cannot find the answer? Does our A/F screw increase/decrease the air mix at idle or the fuel mix at idle? Also, I read that the mikuni choke actually enriches (adds) fuel to the carbs for cold start. Stage 1 jet, UNI filter, and UFO 4-2 street pro exhaust...
  17. P

    another A/F carb tuning thread

    Hi, I wonder whats the difference in doing: http://vmaxforum.net/showthread.php?t=3847&highlight=tune+needle "Main jets have little or nothing to do with fuel mileage unless you are riding above 7500 rpm all of the time . Fuel mileage is mainly a result of..... in order of importance...
  18. Blurr

    A/F Meters

    Hey guys, thinking of picking up a A/F wide band but with the chooses it can be a bit bewildering. If you had a good (or bad) experience with a particular brand I'd love to hear about it. I've learned over the last couple of years that some one in this group has probably already done what I'm...
  19. S

    A/F screws ( help )

    Took my carbs apart and cleaned them . The a/f screws ,carbs on the right of the bike are completely striped and there is no way of getting them out. My question is can I drill them out ?? How do I get them out so I can replace them ??? Thanks !
  20. K

    Destroyed A/F Screws

    Ok the previous owner went to town on my A/F screws and they are stripped beyond salvage- anyone have any good tips to try and get them out and replace?