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  1. P

    Brand new adjustable clutch/brake levers.

    Brand new, never installed. $35 shipped to cont us.
  2. P

    Voodoo lowering link/ W adjustable Kickstand

    Both Brand new in Box from Voodoo, 2'' Lowering Link and the Black adjustable kickstand , These fit 09 and up Gen 2 Vmax, will sell both for 110 shipped, Like I said new still in box never installed.... thanks
  3. S

    Chinese adjustable brake lever

    Ordered a clutch/brake lever but I use a different brake MC. $15 delivered to conus.
  4. vmax2extreme

    VooDoo adjustable kickstand

    New VooDoo Gen1 black adjustable kickstand. $70 shipped.
  5. B

    Adjustable slide needles

    I had 4 sets of slide needles laying around that came from Vmax/venture carburetors that were of course non adjustable. I had a set that showed promise when I tried them but a little to rich and no way to drop them 1 clip. I made a tool the thickness of a snap ring and added two clip settings...
  6. R

    Quality adjustable levers?

    I'm trying to find a nice set as my stock levers have way too much throw, especially the clutch. I found a few cheap ones on ebay but I want some that feel the part. Anybody know of any?
  7. B

    adjustable needles

    Cant find the specs on FJ1200, XJ1200, XJR 1300 carb needles. I found a place that had adjustable needles for that model. Carb looks something similar to the max carbs. Anybody have any specs to see what they measure? thanks
  8. S

    Stock adjustable needles?

    So I was looking on bikebandit, and they have the california needles, or the 49 state needles. Are the California needles adjustable? If so, is that the only difference?
  9. R

    Cheapo Adjustable Levers?

    Any levers I can buy for the stock master cylinder? Found some cheap ones on ebay, supposed CnC cut aluminum, just wondering if anybody has installed these. Don't want to spend $300+ on levers. The throws on my levers are just too much and would rather not change MCs. Let me know, Thanks all.
  10. m-cman

    Another Adjustable Lever Question

    I have a set of adj levers from wxtracing on eBay for Gen 1 Maxes. They are now almost twice as expensive as when I bought them. Does any other vendor sell them? I have a friend wanting them but would like to spend less then $80.
  11. S

    Anyone tried these adjustable levers? I have a set on my fz1 but noticed they are hard to come by on the gen1 Vmax. I hate the stockers...
  12. Diablotin

    Interesting adjustable handlebar A bit pricy but interesting adjustable pullback. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  13. vmax2extreme

    GEN1 Adjustable levers?

    Has anyone seen these or tried them? This is the first seller I have seen to sell adjustable levers for all GEN1's. I'm wondering if they replace the OEM stock ones perfectly? They state they come in several colors and short or long length. Any and all input wanted.....pros/cons...
  14. VmaxRider85

    looking for adjustable levers for an 85

    hi guys my name is mike im 21 new to the site been riding an 85 vmax that was my dads from new back in 85 got a tattoo of the bike on me diehard max fan! i had a question was looking for adjustable levers for the 85 and i only seem to find some on ebay which is this site ------>...
  15. T

    adjustable levers

    does any know of after market clutch and brake levers for gen 1 vmax? cannot find any on ebay or USA sites. lever seems very far and not adjustable. thanks
  16. J

    Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers

    Does anyone know where to purchase adjustable brake and clutch levers for first generation V-Max. I believe TITAX and TRW make some, but these are only in the UK. Is there anyone in the US that handles these? Thanks in advance. Jim
  17. WVxNitemare

    Is the shift lever adjustable?

    Just bought the 2005 Vmax, however I have big feet. Seems I really have to angle my foot to change the gears up, was wondering is it adjustable, and if so what is the stock setting? Want to make sure that it's not adjusted already for the previous owner. Thanks, Ron
  18. F

    Adjustable Clutch & Brake Levers

    I have been searching for a set of adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers for our 2000 V-Max. I can't find anyone that makes a set that is specifically made to fit the V-Max stock clutch and front brake master cylinders. Does anyone know of a source for this much needed item? My wife's hands...
  19. G

    Adjustable levers

    anyone seen those levers before ? Where can I get those ?
  20. B

    adjustable preload fork caps

    hello everyone, modern bikes have adjustable preload on the top of the fork tubes which controls sage on the front end and prelodes the springs . does anyone know of a aftermarket setup or a yamaha part from a different bike that would fit on a late model vmax stock front end? thank you.:a014...