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  1. M

    Key power around battery area

    Anyone know where the best place to tie into key power under seat or battery area on a gen 2.? Gps installation...
  2. R

    looking for a Vmax mechaniuc in Sarasota / bradenton florida area

    Recently moved to Sarasota / Bradenton area and looking for a Vmax mechanic. Any suggestions would ne appreciated
  3. treycefus

    Newport News area Virginia

    Looking to possibly refinish the scoops and carb covers myself and looking for experience ? Also anyone on here (besides Scott C.) in Newport News, Gloucester area with a Gen 1 Max ? Trey
  4. V

    Denver area VMax mechanic?

    So, I'm at my wits end and am actually contemplating taking my bike in to get fixed (or at least troubleshooted). I've never used a mechanic to service either of my bikes before, so don't know anyone. Does anyone have a recommendation for a mechanic who is knowledgeable on 1st gen vmax? I'm...
  5. J

    Los Angeles/Long Beach area help

    I have a kid in a bind out there. Not sure he wants the help, but I'm trying to get ahead of the game. Making bad choices. Took off without telling anyone. Wound up in Long Beach. Can't send money or travel tickets because his wallet was stolen, and I can't trust him right now. More than...

    Anyone else in the houston metro or gulf coast area

    I suspect my bike has a lower temp tstat or a stuck open - no tstat at all , being the temp gauge only moves 10% at full operating temp at highway and heavy traffic speeds needle never goes more than just a bit 5-10% instead of 1/2 way wich I would think is norm op temp of course the fan dosent...
  7. kozy

    Need help in Phoenix area

    I blew a hole (don't ask how because I have no clue lol) in the top side of the transmission case. I've pulled the motor before to install Sean's overdrive 5th gear and vowed never to do that again, especially now that I don't have space or the right tools. Does anyone know where or who I...
  8. tothemax93

    a little fire action in the Buffalo NY area

    a Building at the old Bethlehem steel plant started on fire, Wednsday. It was 6 city blocks long. The news said it was being used as storage, cars, boats, etc. The smoke showed up on weather radar because it was so thick. The air smells like the fire, within 10 miles of the site. They still have...
  9. Fire-medic

    WA state area Pacific Ocean elderly resident

    An orca in the Pacific that's probably older than WW I, the Titanic, and most of us: She was in ocean waters before the Titanic made its voyage across the Atlantic. She’s lived through two world wars, and is even older...
  10. E

    Anyone here from the St. Lous area?

    Looking for some to ride with!
  11. C

    Anyone in the North East Texas area?

    Well it is a great time to ride and i usually have about 2 weeks off a month and always looking to get out and ride. Looking for anyone in the N.E. Texas or North Texas are to ride with. Give me a holler if interested.
  12. adambweird

    New bike in the area

    I was coming home from a playground with my son and saw a max with what i think were supertrapps filling up at out local BP here in Oak Harbor OH. Looked like a fairly clean bike. Was wondering if the rider is on the forum as I only know of 2 maxes in town, lol. If this description matches...
  13. tothemax93

    2009 Vmax buffalo area Not mine.

    who's in my area ??

    It's been a while since I was here ( not counting the last few day) and I thought I would ask if anyone is close to me. I live on the border of Minnesota and North Dakota. It'd be easier to just say I am from Fargo ND, Just checking out possible riding buddies Ron
  15. Fire-medic

    Miami FL area bike thief blames mom-"arrest her!"

    Sebastian Dirtbag Blucher who was out on bond for motorcycle theft was being hunted by Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO) after they tracked a stolen bike to his mom's home, where they found seven other nearly-new sportbikes stockpiled in the backyard, reports the NBC local news affiliate. Now, if...
  16. davidon

    Need help/favor from anyone in Michigan/Lansing area

    Ready to purchase a bike in Eaton Rapids. Requesting someone to possibly help facilitate the deal. Thanks. Tom
  17. davidon

    Anyone in Seattle area?

    Need someone to look at a bike for me if possible, thanks Tom
  18. davidon

    Anyone in St Louis area?

    Never mind, sorry
  19. U

    VMAX Mechanic in Baltimore/DC area

    Does anyone know of a good VMAX mechanic in the Baltimore/DC area?
  20. VMax-Mike

    Is anyone riding ohio michigan area on 9-13-15

    Look like the weather is going to be nice a great day to ride. So fare I'm the only one riding and I would like meet up with other riders if anyone wants to ride let me know. I will be leaving the house at 8am and I can ride all day.