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  1. Fire-medic

    Oct 13 Wisconsin vintage bike auction

    Auction, lots of good bikes, most vintage . Appleton WI Oct. 13. Wish I was closer.
  2. Fire-medic

    Like vintage cadillacs? Auction 4-21-18 Longview TX

    Looks like a great place to pick up your 'boat' and to start spending a ton of money! Not-only Cadillacs. Below: "K Mart sucks!" "Two-hundred forty-seven pick-up sticks." "V-E-R-N!"
  3. CustomMax

    UFO auction

    Does anyone have any info on what happened at the UFO auction? I know Sean Morley bought Jons 8 second record setting VMax (which I'm sure Jon is turning in his grave over that one!) but who better to have it now than his rival and nemesis in business but both had a common love for the same...
  4. CaptainKyle

    UFO Auction
  5. rusty

    World record motorcycle auction
  6. a113ycat

    An Auction worth being at

    Take a look at this! It is a collectors dream! there are so many bikes that I would personally love to have in my collection that it makes my head spin
  7. D

    1985 at a salvage auction

    Found this today at one of my stops....
  8. Rick_in_IN

    Auction score!!!!!!!!!!

    I have wanted a table lift for years, last week I went to an auction at a closed down factory with hopes of getting a knee-mill and drill press but I came home with this, a rotating table lift for less than 100.00....... sux that this factory closed and put so many out of work but huge score...
  9. Fire-medic

    Miami FL Seized vehicles auction 10-18-12 Somebody w/lots of illegal disposable income likes Barracudas, Mustangs, and Camaros, besides a bunch of other desireable stuff! Be sure to pick a few favorites, 49 to...
  10. Fire-medic

    Auction of GM A-body muscle car parts

    There is to be an auction of GM muscle car parts, it is supposed to be Wed. in Hollywood- Ft. Lauderdale FL. I spoke with a friend who*has bought probably $30 K+ of motorcycle accessories, parts, & supplies from the liquidated business. He said the asking price for the inventory was $10K for the...

    2 days left on my Ebay auction

    I must be crazy but I just lowered my reserve to $7000, someone will get a good deal. Ron
  12. Heretic

    Fastest, most powerful Production H-D up for Auction!!!

    Fastest, most powerful ever, production H-D up for auction...
  13. gunrunner

    Silver 09 at auction in Japan .

    Having imported mine from Japan , this is the first 09 gen2 Vmax i have seen come up for auction there . Grade 5 condition (showroom) , only 3000kms starting at 110000yen (2400USD)
  14. Neil-3446

    2009 VMax Light Damage Auction

    Will be a nice buy it it stays around this price. I hope it is not the one from VA where the couple passed away. The damage looks too light to be a killer, more like a wheelie gone bad.
  15. B

    ROTFLMFAO look at this auction...

    --- ---