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  1. gunrunner

    look whose back

    Well what can I say its been awhile . For those who don't know me I will give you guys all a recap . From an early age I had always wanted a Vmax but my dad would always say theres no way in hell I will let you get 1 of those you will bloody kill yourself .In july 2009 I imported a 92 full power...
  2. Regular Guy

    Looking to get back in the saddle!

    Hey guys, as some of y'all know, I sold both my Max and my wife's bike to take care of some bills and a sudden thing that popped up which made me sell off the toys to facilitate dealing with it. Also I am looking to move and wanted to do some home repairs. In the middle of all of this, I can't...
  3. jdeitz1979

    Gen1 Back Rest

    Anyone have one they'd like to sell? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. A

    Original back rest for gen 1

    I have a nice backrest that is O.E.M. for sale. I removed it recently. Bike always stored inside garage with bike cover. No rips/tears. $400 plus cost of shipping. I can send pictures. Located in N. Illinois. Call or text me if interested. (815) 739-2818 Sent from my GT-N8013 using Tapatalk
  5. Saint

    I went down last fall, need help getting back to 100%

    Hey guys I was cut off last fall and laid her down. I'm ok, thought the bike was ok... I probably forgot to stabilize the fuel after my accident so I'd like to blame the gas. I've siphoned and now I'm running the bike dry so I can start fresh. I did the shotgun method with the carbs on the bike...
  6. Eugene Brad

    Passenger back rest

    I'm wondering if there is a lower profile back rest that can bolt onto my existing? I'll get a closer pic later but it appears to me the top portion of the back rest could be unbolted and maybe a much shorter, like stock grab bar style could maybe replace it. If so I could swap it on and off...
  7. A

    Well im back again~!

    Ello ello peeps of the forum, seems i stumbled back into owning a Vmax after selling my '05 max 5 years ago! I joined this forum back in '09 when i bought a bank repo that was just broken in at 2300 miles. Rode her all through college and across the usa a few times visiting family. But alas i...

    Glad to see the forum back up

    For a few hours maybe longer I couldn't get the forum to load. I hope it was Gary doing some work on it and not a hack.
  9. K

    Im back, what a year.

    Ok i'm relatively new to this site. I had only been on a couple of months when life took a turn. I discovered the 1/4 mile and how my gen 1 loves it. Ive been going to as many meets as possible. Started off really ragged, Doing everything wrong. But having a ball. Started getting consistant...
  10. A

    1986 sissy bar (back rest)

    Want to sell or trade for the normal one. Don't like this look. Any one interested shot me an offer.
  11. derwood

    240 rear wheel back to stock

    Ok if I switch the 240 wheel and tire back to the stock wheel and tire do I need anything special bearings etc?? Thanks :punk:
  12. Bill Seward

    Got the Max back from the shop.

    Thankfully, the weather held off, and Tim got the Max done this afternoon. I was planning to ride straight home, but the weather held off, and the bike ran so damn well I had to go for a ride. With the new tires, brakes, shocks and tires, the bike rides, stops and handles great! The steering...
  13. Conman

    Long Distance Back Pain Fix?

    Anyone have any suggestions for how to alleviate upper back pain on long (+2hr) trips? I tend to get burning pain in my lats the worst, with some pain between my shoulders, but definitely the worst in the lats, and usually only on one side or the other for some reason. It happens on both the...
  14. Falaholic

    Oil analysis back from Blackstone Labs (Pic)

    Well my results came back from Blackstone. This is the second oil analysis. The first one contained the oil from the PO, and could only assume it was Yamalube. The oil results from the 1st screening indicated alot of wear and silicon (bad or loose air filter) in the oil. Chaulked it up to...
  15. S

    Cobra Exhaust back to Stock

    I just got my first Vmax 2003. The past owner changed the Stock exhaust to a cobra 4-4 Set up. I have read poor things about the set up and loss of horse power and am looking at changing back to the stock system that was supplied with the bike. The past owner put different jets in the carbs...
  16. Lotsokids

    Back From Germany (Pictures for Patriots)

    I recently returned from a 3-week business trip to assist a program at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. It was a great time, and on my time off I visited a couple WWII American cemeteries. It's quite a somber moment. Many of you know I'm retired US Air Force. I spent a few hours at each cemetery...
  17. dannymax

    10,000 CA Nat'l Guardsmen ordered to pay back $15K+ enlistment bonus
  18. D

    Right exhaust is slightly louder/has more back pressure than the left

    Could this be jetting or bad synchronization, or am I looking at something worse? When the bike is cold its a lot more obvious, but when its warm its still the same; I have factory headers with a 4-2 supertrapp open ended exhaust and the right side pipe has more back pressure/is louder than the...
  19. frank5079

    Just got my scooter back last Tuesday....

    from the bike repair shop. I dropped it off two weeks ago to have that pesky oil leak fixed. Also, the carbs were in dire need of synching because they were backfiring especially at low speeds. Now Mr. Max rides like a new bike!!!:eusa_dance: Where I hadn't ridden in almost six weeks, I felt...
  20. jagco1

    Hi guy's me back 2006 vmax fork leaking

    I pick up 2006 vmax with low miles very clean all stock, wfie don't no. "O" to I pick up fj1200 to she did find out about this bike though. Vmax fork oil started leaking and got on the rotors. I did try cleaning them seals with plastic but still leaking. Is there a easy way of replacing the...