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  1. Q

    Vmax Backrest

    I have an OEM backrest and pad for sale in great shape that was occasionally used on my 1985. $295 shipped from 40014 to the lower 48. Make sure to email me. I did not see the requests on the forum.
  2. S

    Throttle body sync question

    Service manual says to stand the bike on a level surface by putting on a stand to sync. Why would the bike need to be level to check this?
  3. S

    Check your throttle body vacuum plugs

    I've had the constant stumbling/surging at cruise since I bought the bike. Found this this morning.
  4. CaptainKyle

    Body sets

    I did not want to officially post these for sale before Thunder because I wanted people to see them in person. The blue and silver set is sold ! I still have the others the red & silver set is $ 500 exchange plus shipping & paypal fees. The green set is $ 400 exchange plus shipping & paypal...
  5. CaptainKyle

    Body set

    This is a fresh painted body set ( not by me) good paint was used but the prep work could have been better. It looks nice but not up to my standards. it doe snot have tabs under the fender so is good for the CBR light mod. $ 200 exchange plus shipping.
  6. OKCVmax

    Dark Amethyst body work

    Hey all. I've been searching high and low for Dark Amethyst body work, haven't had any luck yet. I don't even need the full set, just one good piece that has enough "clean" paint that I can get it matched down at the paint shop. That's the color I want my bike but if it ain't the toughest color...
  7. CaptainKyle

    Fresh painted body set

    Fresh painted body set $ 600 exchange plus shipping. All exchange parts must be in good shape as far as broken tabs dents etc. If any parts are damaged their will be at least a partial charge depending on how much damage. Parts included are fenders,faux cover, teach cover, speedometer housing...
  8. CaptainKyle

    Fresh painted body set

    Fresh Painted body set for exchange $ 450 exchange plus shipping and paypal fees. All exchange parts must be in good shape no dents ,cracks, missing or broken tabs under rear fender. If you have dents or missing tabs there will be an additional charge. please email instead of pm [email protected]
  9. henrysgmc

    Body Set

    Paint and Body Parts are in great condition. The black stripes are not good. There are some bubbles and wrinkles in them. These were removed from a parts bike I had. They will fit 85-07 Gen 1 Vmax. $350 includes shipping in the US only.
  10. CaptainKyle

    Custom paint body set. -SOLD-

    Custom painted body set has not been on a bike since being painted. The colors are not completely traditional colors it has lots of pearl over it. It only looks complete black when not in the sun when the sun hits it turns black gold & the yellow has lots of flake in it. I tried to get a picture...
  11. Fire-medic

    A real sleeper: C4 'Vette w/an old VW beetle body I think the fun factor and stealth value would make this worth the asking price. The police would ignore it unless you did a burnout under their noses. :punk: From the ebay motors ad...
  12. Fire-medic

    Officer shot and dies, AZ body cam

    A 24 y.o. rookie Flagstaff AZ LEO fatally shot by felon: The...
  13. H

    aney body fited an 86+ venture gear indicatour to a vmax ?

    aney body fited an 86+ venture gear indicatour to a vmax ?:ummm: should be a straetford swop
  14. leecifer

    body parts

    Just browsing the forum and ra n across a link to this site. What do you think about this faux tank cover and this rear fender never saw them before. I think the fender is cool need a better pic.
  15. lawman504

    Body Paint

    I am thinkimg about painting my '85 an orange-ish or burnt orange-ish color. I am interested in some opinions on what brand of paint to get. I am definately not a body man so I dont know much about this stuff. I do have an auto body shop that is gonna give me a good deal but he wants me to...
  16. C

    Carbon fiber body parts

    Do any of you fellers have any experience with Exactrep's carbon fiber body work? They look pretty sharp to me, but I emailed the company asking if they are real carbon fiber or the phoney plastic like a lot of 'Maxs (mine included) have and never heard back. Whatchyu guys think?
  17. F

    any body in salt lake city utah

    My brother my dad and myself have vmaxs anybody want to hookup and ride in Utah salt lake city area?
  18. Stingray230sx

    flatside carb body issue

    i am running the vgas setup, and last fall i somehow knocked the velocity stack out of the base on the right rear carb with my knee. when i removed the base of that stack i found that rear mounting "point" for a better word [raised circle of the carb body that the base ears sit on, and are...
  19. D

    body parts?

    Hey guys I have always like the look of this tail section on the vmax but in my searches have never found one. Anybody know who makes them if anybody?
  20. F

    Body Work, 200 rear tire, etc.

    Hi All, I want to share some pictures of my 99 VMAX after a few modifications I have done on it such as a 17" rim and 200 mm tire and some body work with composites. I will probably get to the details later sometime if there is any interest here but I would really like to know what you...