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  1. T

    Oh Boy, fighting the jetting fight......:(

    My bike is a Venture and Vmax Hybrid. In a nutshell: Vmax engine in a Venture. Compression is good (160-170 psi) and valve clearances set. carbs are clean (ultrasonic bath). Airbox is a flat panel insert since the VBoost manifold made the stock venture airbox too tall to fit under the...

    Boy did I get screwed

    On April 1, 2016 I drove from ND to Montana to buy my 2015 Vmax. I paid him in cash he took the title and signed it over to me and had it notarized. I left with the bike and title but after a week I still didn't get the release of lien. To this day I have been told that it's in the mail on it's...
  3. VmaxingPauly

    DALE WALKER 10' Bad Boy Comp Cans

    Hey All, Hope all has been well - Just wanted to share that I changed my cans from 14 to 10 and very happy with the change. Since I am a repeating customer - I was granted a discount - If any forum member is a Dale Walker exhaust owner and would like to change - contact him he'll work a small...
  4. maxcruiser

    That's my Boy!

    Son came home and showed me my Father's Day gift. Wasn't sure what to expect and really wasn't expecting this. But what I saw was definitely a touching gesture. Mike
  5. lawman504

    How to separate a Bad Boy horn?

    I recently bought a Bad Boy horn and cant find a way to mount it where it looks decent. I saw several where it was mounted on the side of the motor but that's not for me. I also have read where you can separate the compressor from the horn itself but I cant find anything that shows how. A...
  6. C

    Check out this bad boy. I like old bikes like this. Probably the reason I still have my 73 Honda. Todd
  7. N

    its a baby boy

    Well guys my fiancé gave birth to a healthy baby boy 20 3/4in and 8lb 7oz yesterday at 4:58pm mom and baby are doing great get to go home tomorrow
  8. desert_max

    Boy did I screw up. Could use some ideas.

    Before you guys blast me, I know I screwed up. Don't know why I was successful on three carbs and I failed on one. What did I do? Several years ago, I removed (3 of the 4) mixture screw plugs in my '94. I was only partially successful on the 4th. Yeah, I now know the proper technique...
  9. R

    Bad boy horn

    Hey guys I am thinking of putting a Bad Boy horn on my max and was wondering if anyone here has one on their bike.Harbor freight has them for 33.00 with tax and 20% off coupon.
  10. vegetta58

    Big boy on a Vmax

    Just sold my 2004 Duece and bought a 2001 VMAX w/ 1700miles on it. Love it!!!!!!! Only problem I'm 6'1" and 240. I need some some highway/crash bars to stretch out with while cruzin. Any suggestions where I can get something preferably in black. Tanks
  11. D

    Gonna be a a boy

    Well I haven't posted about his before but i can't help myself right now. My wife is about 4 months prego and we just found out it is gonna be a boy. Would have been happy either, but a boy is awsome. The grandparents are the funny however. I tell my Dad it is a boy, his response is, "Good...
  12. Heretic

    A new baby boy

    Alrighty V-Max folk I am happy to announce that as of December 16 at 5:07pm I became a father for the first time. I'm already looking forward to teaching him how to ride a motorcycle. Mom and baby are both doing great. Here are some pic of Brenden James Ryan with his 'old man'.
  13. Shuriken

    Has anyone posted a link to this bad boy yet?

    Ebay: 140297967551

    Boy, Did I ever screw up

    Long story (Sorta) I was about out of gas last night when I got home frmo work and didn't feel like stopping at the station. So I figured I would put a gallon in her this morning and get more gas at lunch. Anyway, I have this "no spill" gas can that has this spring loaded nozzle that has this...
  15. ROB06

    silly ninja boy

    so there i was just minding my own business, cruisin down 119 in indiana county @60-65mph and what do i see .. its ninja the slow lane ,not wanting to intimidate anyone,:whistlin: i give max a squirt as we go by,and with great joy,i hear him drop a gear,(was i waiting for this?)as i see...
  16. Jayhawk

    I have officially been a good boy...

    Just ticked over 1,000 miles...and resisted the VBoost urge until break-in was officially over. I think the guy a couple of lanes over (riding the CBR600RR) was a little surprised. He pulled up next to me at the next light...grinned and asked, "How many CCs is that?" :rocket bike:
  17. B

    New Boy

    Hi all Just thought I would take a look at your site, Looks quite good, hope it takes of for you all. It's about time there was a decent American Vmax site I'm English and have only found one good site for the Vmax that is take a look. Just one small critisum of your site...