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  1. T

    Aftermarket levers?

    I kept getting a pain in my left hand on long rides. Today I measured the distance from the grip to the back of the ball of the levers and the brake was 80mm space and the clutch 130mm space! So im guessing one is an aftermarket one (but which one?), or is this normal? Either way the clutch one...
  2. Traumahawk

    ABS light blinking

    I just replaced the rear tire on my 2011 and now the abs light is blinking. Everything went back easily. What am I over looking? One of the rear pads did fall out and had to put it back. Is that it, and do I just need to take the bike down the road?
  3. 93max

    Front brake help

    Ok it does work BUT when I pull lever in it goes fine the seems to bind or stick then it seems to get past it with more pressure the front will dive under hard braking. What should I look for? A piston maybe sticking in the caliper or maybe something in the MC ? Any help would be appreciated ?
  4. P

    Clutch and brake master cylinders. -SOLD-

    Off my 05 with 6800 miles. $40 each shipped to cont us.
  5. D

    Braded brake lines

    I have the 20 year old OEM lines on my 98. They seem ok but I'm changing out my front pads and will be flushing the fluids and getting new braded lines at the same time. I have blue dot R1 calipers with a xjr1300 master cylinder. As a side note I have been very Happy with the feel, performance...
  6. B

    Front brake lockups

    The front brakes on my '06 have locked up twice in the last 6 months. First time was in September. Before it happened I noticed that the brake lever had very little travel. So I changed the brake fluid and took it to a slow residential street to test. After several uses the brake got tight...
  7. A

    Front brake caliper diaphragm

    Front brake reservoir diaphragm Front brake reservoir diaphragm ,,lost after rebuild ,, needed asap pleeeease
  8. TB99Max

    Brake rotors

    I got some of the ebay Chinese rotors so I'm getting rid of mine. They are stock 1999 front rotors and some of the little buttons will not move. A lot of you on here have helped me over the last two years so I will give them away for free! All you have to do is cover the shipping cost. My guess...
  9. S

    14mm front brake master cylinder

    Master cylinder is from a 2006 Kawasaki EX500. Flawless condition with adjustable short lever. Works great with a single 6 piston caliper setup. Asking $50 shipped to conus. Use [email protected] to contact.
  10. K

    what size brake pads?

    I bought these Sumitomo 6 piston calipers off eBay in Japan. The lister only put "YAMAHA YZF750SP SUMITOMO 6POT 100mm Front Caliper Set XJR1200 XJR1300 FZR1000 ss" as the subject and no other description. The company pretty much buys bikes, and resales parts and I doubt I can get further info...
  11. 93max

    Front brake "feel"

    How "should" my front brake feel at the lever? I have new braided lines to install but it feels pretty weak. I have to give it a lot of pull to get anything out of it. I'm not use to this feeling and I'm using the rear quite often. Coming off my 06 cr 250 which will stand up on the front...
  12. A

    Front Brake Light has me baffled.

    So the brake light comes on with the rear pedal. I have power to the front brake revoir micro switch. I also have power to the Y where the front and rear brakes meet. The factory crimp was in bad shape so I re soldered and it looks good. I get power from the front brake switch all the way...
  13. TB99Max

    brake and clutch master replacement question

    I'm looking for some options for both. I prefer the OEM looking ones and not the sport bike looking ones that have the big circle reservoir sticking up. I'm also wanting some replacement levers, the thick ones and wanted to know what kind as far as figment because there are so many universal...
  14. Fire-medic

    brake bleeder syringe to make

    Here's a brake bleeder syringe you can make from easily-obtained parts. What you need: a large capacity syringe, I think the bigger the better. 60 ml medical syringe or a 1-1/2 fluid oz (approximately) general purpose syringe. For this, I used a syringe used for injecting juices into a...
  15. Lotsokids

    Hole in Clutch Cover From Rear Brake Lever - Repair Options?

    I recently bought V-Max #4 (in my lifetime). Last weekend I discovered some black sealant on the clutch cover just behind the rear brake lever. Apparently the bike had been down before on the right side punching a hole into the clutch cover with the brake lever. The cover itself is discontinued...
  16. K

    Brake Pads

    Sorry to ask, but I need to order REAR brake pads for my 1986 Vmax. My local parts dealer needs a part number? He says he doesn't have any kind of parts catalogue. Anybody ?
  17. K

    Brake master cylinder issues

    Last week, I changed to sumitomo 6 pot calipers and all was good. Today, I went ahead and swapped out oe brake lines to galfer lines, the 2 separate cables. I can't get any fluid to the master cylinder using the reverse bleed method. It feels like the banjo bolt at the master cylinder is...
  18. J

    Brake light/tag combo

    bought an brake light tag holder from ebay. I really like it
  19. S

    Stock front brake master

    Currently running a 14mm master. Looking to put stock 5/8 back on. The 14 was nice with the 320 rotor/6 pot caliper conversion but it's a tad bit spongy with dual brake setup.
  20. F

    Gold Front Brake Rotor Paint

    Does anyone know of a paint that closely matches the gold center of '98 front rotors? Nothing I've seen in the local hardware or box stores is even close. TIA