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  1. intruder

    beware LED instrument bulbs.

    Hi, my last post had me pondering on the verge of pulling out my gas tank to fix the permenantly on reserve fuel light and switch, HOWEVER!, I read a thread on here saying that the fuel res light is part of the circuit, so I thought about it and wondered if the voltage difference using led...
  2. G

    Indicator Bulbs

    Changing indicators lenses to smoked ones...rear bulbs are single element with normal pins but front ones are twin element with staggered pins...is this normal ? Canadian import 1998 model
  3. U

    Speedo bulbs

    1985 - how do I get into speedo to replace bulbs? Only have the supplemental manual and can't find a anything. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  4. R

    LED blinker bulbs in stock housing

    Does anybody know where I can get LED bulbs to replace my stock ones? I just ordered some smoked lenses and do not want to alter the stock look. They need to be amber colored too. Thoughts?
  5. N

    Speedo bulbs

    Hi guys, I'm new here, just bought a 9000 mile '85 Max and am completely rebuilding her. First question (of what I suspect will be many) is how do I get the speedo bulbs out? I've removed the speedo so that it's just connected by the speedo wire but can't work out how to pull the bulbs out of...
  6. timscues

    LED 74 bulbs?

    What LED 74 bulb are you guys running in your gauges, mainly the temp gauge? Getting ready to place a order for some green ones. Thanks
  7. Kenom

    Custom LED turn signal replacement for stock bulbs.

    As some of you know, I've the infatuation with LED's. I've got about a dozen projects in the fire right now for LED upgrades on my Vmax. The most recent being a replacement for the stock turn signal bulbs on the front of my motorcycle. I plan on replacing the rear break light and turn signals...
  8. N

    tail light bulbs

    so i wanted to order me some new bulbs that resided inside the tail light housing. its raining cats and dogs and the stupid hayes manual doesnt specify what bulb to get. does anyone know what the bulb numbers are so i dont have to go play in the rain
  9. V

    ACC/Gauges light bulbs????

    Hey guys looking for the aftermarket part # for these bulbs neutral,turn,high beam,etc they are 12 volt 3 watt.I believe T10 is the part # but only a guess looking in the electrial section but either blind or no dice info not there.Yamaha part # is 42X-83517-00-00 if that helps looked on the net...
  10. CustomMax

    Can't find mini amber dual filiment bulbs

    I have the mini turn signals on my max and one of the front ones burned out and when I finally had to order from a Harley dealer their 12/23/6cp instead od the 12/21/8w bulbs that were in there and now they blink way too fast and keep burning out. Does anyone know where I can find 12/21/8w bulbs...
  11. yukonerdave

    Bright Gauges Step by Step

    So I read up on Cop Runner?s light mod and decided it was a great idea. The install was easy, but somewhat more complicated than I anticipated, so I thought I?d add a step-by-step with pics just in case anyone has had this on the backburner. It takes less than half an hour and is totally worth...
  12. OU812

    Tach-temp colored bulbs

    gonna tear into the "tach-temp" cluster to add the carbon fiber look on a 98' Vmax and thought I would change up the back-light glow to red. Would anyone know what size bulb go's in there before I tear into it and have to begin the search ?
  13. dannymax

    Signal light bulbs

    Made an interesting find yesterday...the amber signal light bulbs from an '06 will not work in a '99...the locking posts on the amber bulbs are not opposite each other, as they are with the clear bulbs, therefore the sockets for the amber and clear are configured differently also. So, if...
  14. gamorg02

    Mini-stalk directional bulbs

    hey all... so one of my bulbs went on my from what the previous owner called "mini stalk directionals" and i can't find replacements, can someone give me a hand? I believe they are "the original mini directions" as listed here...

    Halogen bulbs

    has anyone ever used # h1157 halogen tail / brake light bulbs in there stock tail light ?
  16. mabchewy

    Mini-turn bulbs

    I need a new bulb for the front mini-turn on my Max. The bulbs that they came with are amber "23". 23 being the model like 1157. 1157s are to big to fit in the housing and I am not having any luck finding these bulbs. Anyone know where to get them?
  17. D

    Mini Turnsignals and LED Bulbs..

    Here's another mod I did that kind of evolved on me. I bought the clear lens Mini-turnsignals off Ebay (the Lollipops had to go!) and when I saw that the entire set of 4 was wired for 1157 bulbs I thought great, I'll set the back ones up as running lights, just like the front. Of course...

    Red bulbs in stock directionals

  19. Tom_Owens

    OPINONS: Sylvania Silverstar Bulbs

    This is NOT bike related for me (yet), but I was wondering if anybody uses these high dollar bulbs and if anyone is having a problem with them not lasting more than about a year and a half at best. I replaced all my BMW's bulbs with them, and I must say they are awesome. The only problem is...
  20. clintard

    Best Replacement Headlight Bulbs

    Hey guys i had my headlight bulb go out on me. I Was wondering what the best replacement bulb is? Ive seen these plasma, krypton, super white extreme bright etc etc bulbs on ebay and was wondering if they are cheap junk like a lot of stuff? Anyone have experience with bulbs etc? Thanks p.s. i...