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  1. Fire-medic

    How to clean your gas cap

    I have a bike that had a stuck-on gas cap. No spray penetrating oils would allow the cap to release. I had to cut off the gas cap/tank neck to release the cap. A new one (gas cap) lists for $160+ at, and probably considerably more at your friendly dealership. If you do have...
  2. Traumahawk

    Bolt caps for painting

    Does anyone know where I can find caps that will fit over the cap screws on the engine (so when i paint the engine, paint wont get on the cap screws) or is it even needed? Thanks Eric
  3. M

    1998 V-max gas cap key not turning sometimes

    New to me V-max, just getting started. Key doesn't turn in the gas cap sometimes. First time it happened I hit it with silicone spray and thought I had fixed it. Then it happened again. Seems like something is catching at 12:00 near the top of the keyhole. Maybe the first tumbler catches...
  4. M

    Coolant bottle cap needed.

    Hey guys, Just need a coolant bottle cap for a 1200 V Max 1989. Just a cap needed, let me know if you have one for sale? Thanks
  5. Fire-medic

    Gas cap cleaning

    I had a problem removing a gas cap on a project bike. I was able to remove it finally, but the detents that move when you work the key in the gas cap were reluctant to move, so I decided to remove the cap innards and clean it. I used a #1 Phillips and an impact driver to loosen the screws, I...
  6. B

    Gas cap woes

    Alright folks, here we go. Going to try and keep this as non convoluted and simple as possible. Bought my 99 max in April. Been loving every twist of the throttle. The bike came with a Corbin seat installed. It's very comfortable but I can't stand the aesthetics of it. I purchased a stock...
  7. K

    Missing expansion tank cap

    My bike is missing its original radiator (overflow)expansion tank cap. The previous owner had been using a regular plastic screw cap, that has come from a 1 liter bottle of engine oil. The screw thread matches, but it obviously doesn't seal the system, which should be pressurized. I am never...
  8. S

    Fuel Tank Cap

    Is it possible to re-key the fuel Tank Cap, or make it so it will work with any Key?
  9. J

    Gas cap seal

    Anyone know what the part number for the gas cap seal on 97 vmax or a link to an after market one? Thank you for looking. Tony
  10. S

    Gas Cap Stuck

    I can't get my gas cap off. After a bit of wiggling, the key does turn a quarter turn clockwise, but it won't come off. The whole cap does rotate slightly both clockwise and counter clockwise, but it won't open. I've tried a little WD-40 as well as lightly tapping with a rubber mallet. I've also...
  11. dannymax

    Anyone had a gas cap apart?

    Where does the round disk with the square hole go? Every place I try it it throws the order of things all off....if I leave it out the cap works fine. But I know it's s'posed to go inside that friggin' cap somewhere.....:ummm:
  12. 8

    Speedo drive cap?

    I'm going the GPS route for my speedo, gonna order from Sean when I have the funds. I just ordered a cheapie to get me going until I can order from Sean. So I've removed the stock speedo and drive cable. What's the best option to do with the stock speedo drive? Is there a cap available? Or...
  13. Rick52

    Gen 2 Vmax Billet Cam Cap Covers

    $185 Jeff Pahlegy Customs Rick
  14. rusty

    Vmax logo base ball cap

    I always wear a baseball cap, had a Vmax cap for 12 years that I got from the VMOA store that no longer exists. It got so dirty I put it in the washer & ruined it. Couldn't find one with the original logo, so I bought this black one instead. If anybody ever comes across the Original Vmax logo...
  15. Conman

    Exhaust End Cap Question

    Hi, I'm looking to buy an '07 used exhaust from a nearby CL add to replace my dinged up left side muffler on my '88. As I'm sure you know the end caps on the '07 exhaust are black whereas mine are chrome. Knowing very little about how the exhaust is put together, it appears that I cannot...
  16. K

    Gas cap replacement

    Does anyone know if there is a non-locking replacement gas cap for our VMAX? Mine, the key is sticking and thats after I have applied WD-40. I figure one day, I will probably snap off the key in the lock and be screwed.
  17. F

    Strange fuel problem Gas Cap

    Occasionally when I come to a stop and then try to take off again, the bike will cut off like it has run out of gas but it will start and idle just fine. As soon as I give it some throttle, it will die again. I then have to cut the motor, take off the gas cap (tons of suction) put the cap back...
  18. S

    mayo under the radiator cap

    hello fellow vmaxers. I have an issue with my 89 vmax (previously shown as the golden shower). I opened the radiator cap to see a filthy mess, looks like someone wacked off into it. :punk: but seriously it looks like a teaspoon of mayo with oil in it. i cleaned it out, and rode around the...
  19. D

    Anybody put in a different gas cap?

    I'm wondering if anyone has put a sleeved screw-type gas cap in our tank...
  20. P

    Help! Stuck UFO end cap.

    Hi, I got the UFO megz and when i was repacking the exhausts, one of the end caps got stuck really hard. It's a bit angled. You guys have any suggestions on how to remove stuck end cap without damaging the finish? Thanks!