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  1. S

    Front Fork Care

    Hi all, As winter ebbs and spring approaches, I cannot but help notice the toil the years past has taken on my ‘88 VMAX. The from the forks are pitting - she’s spent last 2- months in the garage because of personal issues but previously was washed and cleaned weekly. Any recommendations for...
  2. J

    I don't care who you are...

    That's funny right there. Insomnia isn't always a bad thing. :rofl_200: Why does she laugh when she says "responsibility"?
  3. WonkoTheSane

    Take care when cleaning your bike...

  4. X

    Obama Care, Isn't it Great?????? NOT!

    And, I used to be Upper Middle Class.:rofl_200::bang head: ObamaCare is Imploding Okay folks, I know you think the C-Span Channel that broadcasts all those Congressional hearings is boring, but, really, you should have been around to watch the Senate Finance Committee's hearing Wednesday on...
  5. Redbone

    Carrozzeria Wheel Care

    Carrozzerria recommends Pledge polish for their wheels. I've rubbed on 3 coats on my black anodized wheels which look good but wondering if their is something better? I haven't had mine on the road very much yet and I'm concerned on how the Pledge will react to moisture, brake dust, rock/...
  6. Garbilizon

    I want the ugliest bike made today and I don't care.

    An old riding buddy of mine (Eli "Fungas" Fengas, An Israeli motorcycle journalist) Got back recently from Valencia Spain testing the new Aprilia Tuono V4 R. He said it's like they made it specifically for my riding style. The perfect Track machine/hooligan-bike combination with some...
  7. rebar

    seat vinyl care products.

    Did a little searching and found allot of people using this stuff on vinyl. On plastics too. They make a good leather product called lexol also. Any feed back or other recommendations?
  8. kaboom

    Health Care Bill.....

    Looks like it passed.....:bang head::damn angry::bang head:
  9. Birdoprey

    1/8mi times on 08 Busa??? Care to guess?

    Hey guys, Not 100% yet, but i may get to make some 1/8mi passes on a stk 08 Busa. Thought it might be fun to see what kinda times ya'll think it might run w/ an old fat guy on it?(me) Guessing the DA at the track will be 2000-3000ft(have seen it over 6000ft!). The bike is lowered in the...
  10. Nicki66

    Take care of your back rest.

    I was watching this on ebay and I just seen that a new Yamaha backrest sold for $710.00 Yamaha must have stopped producing these also. This is crazy!
  11. M

    Taking care of your SPLINE

    Having worked at a dealership and changed many rear tires on shaft driven bikes it was clear to me that proper lubrication of the splines is a maintainence item that is often over looked by owners. Everytime that rear wheel comes off the splines should be greased. This goes for the...
  12. E

    Anyone concerned or Care if?

    The dealership mechanics seem to put up some extra ride time in the "dealer prep" Think about it this is going to be a new limited opportunity for them as well. I believe some mechanic out there is going to take advantage. I dont want to have 50 miles on it when I pick it up.:ummm:
  13. Jayhawk

    Seat care

    So, what are you guys doing to keep your seat soft (no, not that seat) and protected from UV? Lexol has some conditioning wipes, but that's all I've been able to find. Any other suggestions?