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  1. Eric Cunningham

    Motodynamic cbr light wiring question

    Just bought the cbr light and am trying to figure out which wires to connect. I have included a few pictures to help identify which wire goes where. 1st shows thecwhole light and resister patch cord with bike wire cluster. Please explain what wire connects where. TIA
  2. P

    CBR tail light and inner fender.

    Went a different direction. Light is brand new and inner fender is already cut (so you don’t have to cut your original). $65 shipped to cont us.
  3. B

    non CBR Brake/Turn Signal Combo

    I did the CBR conversion on my last VMAX and I needed the turn signals and brake light combined on my second gen 1. The CBR is a nice solution but I had to find someone to weld up the inner fender for the setup I did. I wanted something this time that I didn't have to weld and this is what I...
  4. effingidiot

    CBR tail light

    Thinking of doing a rear light upgrade,is this the one i want.http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182535253714?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  5. mundmc

    CBR tail light, LED's, diodes, oh my

    Sorry in advance if this should be in the electrical sub-forum. After reading many, many posts about LED turn indicators and tail light mods, I noticed a lack of electrical work in installing, say, a CBR or cat eye tail light. I suppose my question is this: (prelude) I want to have an...
  6. J

    '09 Honda CBR 600RR LED tailight

    Hello, I ordered the wrong tailight to custom install onto my '06 vmax. I was supposed to get an '06! LOL Anyways, I decided to go ahead and use it. I'm very impressed with how it turned out. Here's a few pictures of it installed onto my bike. I only paid $20 for it off of Ebay. Sent from my...
  7. B

    CBR Taillight

    After discussion, and some encouragement from Scott Rollins from the VMAX Forums FB Page, I finally decided to do the CBR taillight Mod. Looks sharp, looks stock and have received numerous compliments. Mod wasn't exactly as per the PDF guide that is floating around. Mind you, I had tools and...
  8. Shredder

    Cbr tail light fail

    Installed a cbr tail light on my bike. It was awesome. You could see it well and loved the integrated signals. Well me and my gf left the house to meet up with her parents to ride to a bar in northern michigan to grab a burger and a beer. On the way to meet them we hit a big pot hole. Got to...
  9. D

    Considering selling for a CBR Blackbird

    Opinions? I love the vmax but I'd like fuel injection and fairings. Honest opinions? I wouldn't take any less than 3750 for the Vmax if I did sell it because I do love it and feel it's worth about that with the new rims.
  10. dmax1

    CBR taillight mod. Smoked or clear

    I am contemplating the CBR tail light mod on my 85 max. I was wondering who has this mod on their bike and what color did you use the smoked or clear lens and why. Does the color of your bike make the smoked or clear look better on your bike. :ummm: Mine is red (the faster one :biglaugh: LOL)...
  11. NHVmaxpower

    cbr tail light

    So I decided to go with the cbr tail light. My? Is is there a specific year tail light I need? Also can I hook up the integrated turn signals on the tail light to my turn signals that are on the bike? Anyone have one they want to sell? I see em on eBay but figured I'd ask you all first that...
  12. KJShover

    Honda CBR 1800RR

    :clapping: http://thekneeslider.com/archives/2012/09/21/honda-cbr-1800rr-by-cedric-smith/ :clapping:
  13. midmoraider

    CBR light mod

    Hey all, was thinking about painting my bike, but instead I'm pulling the trigger on some Tyga stuff. I currently have a chopped rear fender w/o a tail light. The cbr mod looks like the way I want to go, but have a couple of questions. 1. Can you get this light w/o the integrated turn...
  14. misiek93

    my old cbr rat ride

    I was looking through some old pictures on my camera today when I came accross some pictures of my old CBR 900. I had the bike few years ago, I traded my jetski for it. I must say this was one of more enjoyable bikes I've owned so far. Originally it was a nice maroon color (not original), had...
  15. J

    Integrated CBR LED Tail Light Mounting

    Alright, Big shout out to jacoviii for bringing my attention to the possibilities of this light! Made for an 03-06 CBR 600rr/ 04-07 CBR 100rr, its actually a perfect fit for the max and only cost about $65 shipped. I received it in 4 days and it looked like a well made unit. The included...
  16. Jules

    CBR forum blows...

    Yeah so I may no longer have Maxine but I think I might be coming back to the vmax forum. I found a few CBR sites but they want you to pay a fee to become a member. Um...no thanks. I spent all my money on a Fireblade. I finally found a free forum that had a good number of members but no body...
  17. GREEN light BLITZ

    what do we think? CBR 600 fender

    My buddy has a 07 CBR 600 R/R and a spare fender for it that I decided to toy with. I can easily make this bad boy fit and mount cleanly...Either way I will probably end up doing it... Im slowly turning it into a "street fighter",slowly being the key word here... SO WHAT DO YA THINK? I got a...
  18. mabchewy

    2004 Cbr 600rr

    I have a wrecked 2004 CBR 600RR in my shop that the guy wants to part out. He has the title. Frame is bent, front fork uppers are bent, front wheel and front barake rotors are bent. Most of the plastic is trash as well as the sub frame. If anyone is interested in anything else, PM me and I will...